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Today’s team review is from Liz. She blogs here https://lizannelloyd.wordpress.com/

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Liz has been reading The Blitz Bus by Glen Blackwell

The Blitz Bus: A children's time travel adventure by [Glen Blackwell]

If I could have taken my class back in time when I was teaching history to Key Stage 2 children, how useful it would have been! Jack and Emmie are learning about the Second World War and their teachers expect them to have empathy for the children who were alive in 1940. On the way home from school on a double decker bus driving through east London they spot a mannequin in a shop window with a gas mask. When they leave the bus, everything is slightly different. Stumbling into Bethnal Green Underground station with crowds of others, they believe a film is being made, but the bombs are real and they can’t find their way home to their families.

This is an exciting story which would be great as a class reader or as an adventurous read by fluent readers. Most of the first chapter is unnecessary and could put off some from continuing with the story, but once Jack and Emma meet Jan, a likeable Polish refugee, and start to investigate a mysterious figure they think might be a spy the adventure gains momentum. Will they solve the mystery without being arrested by the police, can they ever get home to present day London?

An authentic picture of events during the Blitz shown through the eyes of young people who explore the city observing the devastation. I enjoyed reading this story and I am sure many middle grade children would find it a worthwhile read.

4 stars

Desc 1

Emmie let out a huge sob – “It’s not a film set”, she cried. She held onto Jack for a moment, then took a step back, closed her eyes and shouted – “WHERE AM I?”

When Jack and Emmie suddenly find themselves transported back to London in 1940, they find a world both familiar, yet very different. As they dodge falling bombs and over-zealous policemen, they befriend Jan – a lonely Polish refugee. Together, they must work out if the shadowy figure they keep seeing is a spy and unlock the secret of getting home again…

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The Blitz Bus: A children's time travel adventure by [Glen Blackwell]

RED SOCKS GO WITH ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING by Darla Woodley #KidsLit #TuesdayBookBlog @RedAnything

Red Socks Go with Absolutely AnythingRed Socks Go with Absolutely Anything by Darla Woodley
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Red Socks Go With Absolutely Anything is a quick read inspirational book about the power of wearing red coloured socks. How it can make you smile, give you confidence and how a family wearing them for each other shows their love and support.

Written to be read to children it follows the growth of a child and some of the moments in life which cause stress and anxiety and uses the red socks to show how a parent and loved one can bring a smile to your face even in moments of fear.

This would be an ideal book to read in the classroom or in a group like scouts/ brownies/ cadets etc and is an multi award winning book.

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Book Description

This book “…will speak to youngsters from their earliest and most intimidating moments, and will carry them throughout their lives in a wonderfully empowering way.” You’ll be inspired!

Sometimes it is hard to find exactly the right words to show that you are sharing your encouragement and support. This uplifting story demonstrates that a simple pair of red socks can give someone special a boost when they are feeling down or out of their comfort zone. You’ll find yourself smiling when you see how red socks go with absolutely anything! 

About the author


Red Socks Go With Absolutely Anything is DARLA WOODLEY’s first book. Darla is a self-proclaimed shutterbug, with her camera never far from arm’s reach and a goal of capturing the many activities of her two boys, she is always on the lookout for how to capture magical moments. Many of these special moments are recorded in this book. She lives in Edmonton, Alberta.

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Rosie’s #Bookreview Team #RBRT A MOST RELUCTANT PRINCESS by @JeanCogdell #KidsLit #fridayreads

Today’s team review is from Liz, she blogs at https://lizannelloyd.wordpress.com/

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Liz has been reading A Most Reluctant Princess by Jean Cogdell


A Most Reluctant Princess by Jean M Cogdell


This is a simple, pleasing story in rhyme about a small girl, whose father calls her his little princess which is illustrated with cute drawings of a no-nonsense child. Quite logically, as children often are, she believes that she can’t be a princess because Daddy isn’t a king, so what can she be? She thinks of a variety of professions to which her mother, lovingly comments, “Don’t worry. What will be, will be.” I was little unsure of the rhythm and vocabulary in some verses, such as “Don’t speak without permission,” but I loved the moral of the story, that she shouldn’t grow up too quickly while she can enjoy being Daddy’s little princess.

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Today’s team review is from Shelley, she blogs at http://shelleywilsonauthor.com/

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Shelley has been reading Monkfish Maggie and the Bungalow Stairs by Catchphrase Dan


Author: Catchphrase Dan, Illustrated by Berg Norcross

Category: Children’s Fiction

My Rating: 4 out of 5 stars


Not your traditional children’s story but Monkfish Maggie and the Bungalow Stairs has a certain unique charm that captivates the reader.

The illustrations are beautiful and flow very well with the story; my favourite has to be ‘The End’ piece with the weathervane. 

Maggie is not a child protagonist, as is normally the case in children’s fiction. Maggie is, in fact, a seventy-year-old pensioner with a passion for gardening. Her husband, Nesbitt, is her soul mate, and it’s his unexpected disappearance that starts Maggie’s journey to rescue him.

I liked her fiery spirit and determination; she sets a fine example for any child reading this book that perseverance is a good thing.

There is a light humour running through the book that will amuse children and appeal to any adult audience who might be reading along with their child. Catchphrase Dan has a certain way with words that will charm his target audience. My favourite has to be ‘hornswoggled’ and I intend to use it in a sentence every day from now on.

From an adult’s point of view, I chuckled my way through this book and stopped to appreciate the illustrations. A beautifully quirky tale that will appeal to young and old alike.

I received a copy of this book from Rosie Amber’s Book Review Team in exchange for an honest review.

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Rosie’s Book Review Team #RBRT Ian Billings’ Lost Property by @mrianbillings #comedy

Today’s team book review comes from Suraya, find her here http://www.thestorymint.com

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Suraya has been reading and reviewing Lost Property by Ian Billings


Book Review

Lost property

By Ian Billings

This is a delightful children’s book. I can imagine children giggling over some of the craziness like Insect a side football.

This is a collection of witty short stories and poems supported by drawings. It is spirited and loads of fun.

Just when I thought I was getting to grips with the misspelt words, the weird things the characters did and the variety of typefaces something else would come up and I’d do another double take. It was a thoroughly entertaining piece of writing.

For example who could but smile when they read this:


Our school caretaker, Mr. Mole

Didn’t take care – so he fell in a hole.


When your job’s about taking care,

If there’s a hole in the ground you should beware.

The drawing of two skinny legs in big shoes and attached to a very round body falling into a black hole just rounds the piece out.

What a wonderful play on words in the poem and the drawing just adds further laughter value. There are examples of this throughout the collection.

I loved Dame Peggie Slops who was seventy two and still had all her teeth…

in a jar by the bed’.

Sometimes I missed the play on words as in the use of the name, ‘Misstress Gallopp’. The story ends with ‘ What an Opportunity! What appalling spelling!’ and in invitation to read the transcript of the Clapham Police Interview with Missstress Gallopp over missing toe nails.

He plays with topics that make adults squirm. I imagine young people would think tales like ‘The Gruesome Yarn of Mummy’s Nail Clippings’ hilarious. The same goes for the very funny description of ‘Lady Fopp’s beauty spot, which was on her nose, and disappeared after someone squeezed it out.’

However, I can well imagine young people in a group hooting with laughter when they read, ‘From The Septic Tale of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Sheen.’

Here is an extract:

‘Instead he saw something surprising, so surprising in fact, his wig nearly leaped of his head and hid behind the curtains.’

Delicacies are included in this compendium of what many might call bad taste. For example I imagine every reader will be clambering for prawn ice creams.

This is a lot of fun!

Four stars.

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The Slapstyx by @Anabel1Franklin #ChildrensBook #Kidslit #Bookreview

The SlapstyxThe Slapstyx by Annabelle Franklin

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The Slapstyx is a children’s book set in England. Zachary Zigstack is a successful businessman. He has created Zigstack Zoom, super-powerful cleaning products. His products a very good cleaners but are not environmentally friendly.

Geoffrey Penworth is the top salesman for Zoom cleaning products. He marries a second wife and with his son and Grace’s twin daughters they move to a house by the sea. The house is old and dirty and in need of a good clean, but rumours say it’s also haunted.

Gem and Georgie soon discover creatures in the night who put dirt and cobwebs all around the house. They find that these are Goblins and members of the Slapstyx tribe who are part of the Zagstick project.

Worried about gallons of toxic waste poisoning the sea from the Zoom cleaning products Gem and Georgie try to put a stop to the Goblins and Zachary Zigstack.

A good storyline involving Goblins, Mermaids and clever children.

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Rosie’s Book Review Team #RBRT James Bone and The Italian Job by @FBellAuthor

Today’s team review comes from Alison, she blogs at alisonwilliamswriting.wordpress.com

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Alison has been reading children’s book James Bone and the Italian Job by Frank Bell


‘James Bone and the Italian Job’ by Frank Bell

The queen’s been kidnapped and there’s only one dog that can save the day – James Bone of CI6 (that’s Canine Intelligence, of course!).

This adventure for children is introduced by Winston, a Very British Bulldog who lives at 11 Downing Street with the Chancellor of the Exchequer. He hears the story from Humphrey, the Downing Street cat, who is the first animal to learn of the kidnapping. Humphrey goes straight to James Bone and the race to save the queen is on.

With a host of human and animal characters, including Sherlock Holmes and a Mafia Don, this is an exciting and entertaining read. It’s well-paced and has enough going on to keep the most demanding reader happy.

Some young readers, however, might need to ask Mum or Dad who a few of the characters are based on and I’m not sure that they will understand all the James Bond references. So be prepared for plenty of questions!

Four out of five stars

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Rosie’s Book review Team #RBRT The Slapstyx by Annabelle Franklin @Anabel1Franklin #kidslit #SundayBlogShare

Today’s team review comes from Amanda, she blogs at https://ajbookreviewclub.wordpress.com/

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Amanda chose to read The Slapstyx by Annabelle Franklin


The story features greedy businessman Zachary Zigstack, who is working with the grubby Slapstyx goblins to make sure everyone buys his disgusting detergent. This putrid product ends up in the sea, turning it into toxic slime, and the sea spirits are frightened for the creatures they care for. Astral-travelling twins Georgie and Gem must spy on the Slapstyx and find a way to stop their dirty dealings with Zigstack before all the sea creatures are destroyed.
I loved this book i would like to thank Annabelle for letting me read and review as part of Rosie Amber book review team
This book 185 pages so a nice size for children to read i say it be good for children over 6 years old a nice bed time book or for older children to read themselves sophie is 12 she read for me to and she said it was fab she really enjoy it
This book very modern i say most days in my houses were all this mess and dirty come from well now i know it a great fun idea but also helps children to understand just what harsh cleaning products can do to the environment it put across in a great fun way
I really like the family and the twins were so nice children i felt for them getting the blame for all the dirty each day
I wish I could dreamwalk it sounded so much fun but sometimes it get them in a mess or trouble but this does not stop them it a game to them a bit of fun  i liked how they dealt with their mum and dad
This book seem to catch Sophie attention she sat and read in a night after i read it she enjoyed reading it she 13 so great for any age she like the goblins and how they made the dirty it made her smile she enjoyed all the action that was going on she seem to enjoy the magical concept of the story it worked so well it just makes your imagination go into overdrive your there with them Sophie wanted to help the twins she like all the characters she loved the book
I would like to see this book as a film or cartoon it would be fun to see the characters come to live on tv  but as you read you can see the characters and creatures in your mind
The story just flows so well i loved all the characters they seem so real and likeable but one or two were not so nice but this just add the humour and fun of the book
The dad was so lazy  but what a great job he did or did he?
I really enjoy this book i look forward to read more of Annabelle books
A great fun read for children  but i enjoy it so much too
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Indigo’s Dragon by Sophie Croft #ChildrensBook #Fantasy #Bookreview @croftdragon

Indigo's DragonIndigo’s Dragon by S. Croft

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Indigo’s Dragon is a fantasy book for readers from around the age of 9 years old and upwards. It is set in the Lake District of England and the Polish mountains. Indigo is 13 years old. He gets an unusual parcel from his Grandfather Opi. It contains a book with tales of mystical beasts and a medicine chest, but it is soon stolen by a strange creature.

When a large bat drops the gift of an egg for Indigo he discovers it is a cockatrice with a deadly death stare. In the hills Indigo’s Mum is helping a Dragon called Graphite which is waking after a 20 year sleep. When they get news of his Grandfather’s disappearance Indigo must travel to Poland to help his Grandmother. High in the mountains Indigo finds many creatures living in a sanctuary created by Opi, but with his disappearance trouble is brewing.

This is the first book in a planned series and would suit readers who like Unicorns, dragons and mystical beasts.

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James Bone and The Italian Job @FBellAuthor @SRF_PR #wwwblogs #Kidslit

James Bone and The Italian JobJames Bone and The Italian Job by Frank Bell

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

James Bone and the Italian Job is a children’s book most suitable for junior school children around the ages of 8 – 11 years old. James Bone and his friends are all animals. It opens with an introduction from Winston, a British Bulldog who lives with the Chancellor of the Exchequer at Number 11 Downing Street, London. He tells us about one of the adventures of secret agent 007 James Bone.

Humphrey is the Downing Street cat and he is the first to hear about the kidnapping of the Queen on a particularly fine day in May. He rushed to inform his good friend James Bone. James works for CI6 (Canine Intelligence) and is soon summoned to headquarters and given the responsibility of finding the Queen.

At Buckingham Palace James questions the palace animals and receives useful information from Henrietta mouse, who saw a suspicious bundle being taken away by a Pizza delivery company.

With the help of Sherlock Holmes they believe the Mafia have taken the Queen and a daring rescue mission is organised.

This is a fun read and if children know the famous characters who are mirrored in this book they should really enjoy the storyline.

I received a copy for review from Frank Bell’s PR agency, SRF Integrated Communications Ltd.

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