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Many authors and publishers submit books of a wide assortment of genres to the review team every month. I’m always looking for new reviewers to help out, to make sure I can offer the best possible service to authors and avid readers everywhere. It’s a supportive, non-competitive and friendly team – some of us have even managed a few meet-ups!

~ *Please see end of article for testimonials from satisfied authors* ~

You could be a member of Rosie’s review team if:

  • You are able to take at least one book per month to read and review, though you may take as many as you wish as long as you have the time to read and review them.
  • You can make a commitment to review that book within a month of receiving it.
  • You have an email address to which your review copies can be sent.
  • You have a Kindle, or a tablet on which you have the Kindle app downloaded, or are willing to download it if you don’t have it already (it’s free, on Amazon – please ask if you don’t know how).
  • You are willing to post a balanced review of a reasonable length (average 200-400 words) on, Amazon UK and Goodreads, and your blog if you have one, though a blog is not essential.
  • You are willing to write honest reviews. I do not run a 4/5* only blog, and we pride ourselves on our reviews being honest, but balanced and constructive. Half stars are admissible, though I do not allow less than 3* on the blog, as I do not like to ‘trash’ books; if you take a book and honestly feel that you can’t give it 3* (which means ‘it’s okay’ on Amazon), we can talk about it. I don’t encourage reviewers to reject books once they’ve been taken, but understand that this is sometimes unavoidable.

Authors will offer books in e-format, usually mobi, but sometimes e-pub or vouchers for Smashwords or Amazon, or Amazon gift copies. 95% of authors supply mobi format. If you don’t know how to download a mobi copy to your Kindle, there are instructions below. When there are new books available I email all the team members. If there is one you would like to read, you tell me, and I then ask the author to send you the review copy.

When you’ve read the book, I ask you to send me the review in a word doc at the same time as you post it on the other sites, so that I can schedule it for my blog. Running the review team is time consuming, and this really helps. I prefer you to send your very first review to me before posting on the public sites, in case there are any problems.

New reviewers can ask to join the team at any time, but please do make sure that you fulfil the criteria outlined above. There is no commitment other than to abide by these outlines for your time in the team; sometimes people leave, as time and life constraints can change. You might like to look at some of the reviews by members of the team first, and have a look at our review team book list (via the tab at the top of the page).

Please note: some of our reviewers are writers themselves. We have agreed that review team members cannot submit their own books, as we want to make sure that this blog never becomes one of those back-scratching author-author review sites to be found elsewhere on the internet. On the other hand, joining the review team will put you in touch with other book bloggers that you may not have known about otherwise; there is nothing to stop you submitting your books to them directly, and your presence on the review team can only strengthen your online visibility.

Still interested? On the form below, please tell me why you would like to join the team, and what your preferred genres are. Please also confirm that you have read my requirements, and that they suit you; I ask that you don’t apply if you have a problem with them, or we can have a chat about any you’re not sure. I’ve had problems in the past with readers taking books and not reviewing them, or posting particularly destructive reviews without sending the copy to me first; I run this blog unpaid, in my limited spare time, and need to have it as smooth-running as possible!

How to upload a mobi copy to your Kindle:

1) Every Kindle has its own e-mail address which is different to your personal e-mail.

2) Find yours easily. Go to Manage my Kindle on your Amazon account.

3) From the drop down bar, choose Personal document settings

4) The name of your kindle and its own e-mail address will appear. You can edit this address if you want.

5) Add the kindle e-mail  address to your contacts in your own personal e-mail.

6) If someone then sends you a book as a mobi file, save it. Then compose a new Mail to your kindle’s address, Type “Convert” into the subject line. Attach the mobi document and send. Leave the main body of the e-mail completely blank. You can only upload one book at a time.

7) In just a few moments the book should appear on your device. Be patient!

Important: I reply to initial contact to join the team asap, if you don’t think you’ve heard back from me in 48 hours, please check your spam, I do come across some feisty spam filters. Please make sure you get all e-mails from me about book reviews, add me to your contacts list and check spam if you think things have been a little quiet lately.

Meet Members Of The Review Team

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What authors are saying about Rosie Amber’s Review Team:

‘I rely on Rosie’s review team for honest and thoughtful reviews. I know they love reading and the reviews they post express both that love and their opinions of my (and other writers’) novels. Long may they continue. Their support has been invaluable.’  Carol Hedges, author of Victorian murder mysteries and YA

‘As well as introducing me to talented authors in other genres, I’m grateful to Rosie’s review team for helping raise awareness of my books to new readers.’  Tony Riches, Amazon best-selling historical fiction author.

‘Without doubt the best book review service I’ve used. Always a quick turnaround, always honest reviews, and as an author you can’t ask for more than that.’  Dylan J. Morgan, author of horror, Sci-Fi, dystopian and post apocalyptic fiction.

‘Rosie Amber and her team of reviewers/bloggers are professional, dedicated and fair minded. As an author, I know that I will receive a fair critique of my novels from them. I am happy to use them as go-to reviewers for any new novel I publish. I am also happy to recommend them to other authors.’  Lizzie Lamb, author of romantic comedies

‘Rosie’s team bring authors and readers together in the nicest possible way.  Reviewers who care about books – what more can an author ask for?  David Ahern, mystery author

“I have used Rosie Amber for my last two new book releases. The efficient well-organised sytem has helped to raise my visibility and find new readers I wouldn’t have been able to reach alone.” Diane Febry thriller author

‘…..the result was not one but two really nice reviews that seemed to understand the book and explain why people should read it. Books reviewed here also get a lot more visibility because Rosie’s team are social media fiends, so expect loads of people to see the reviews. A review from Rosie is not a magic bullet (would that such a thing existed) but it’s a valuable way to promote your work.’  Tom Williams, author of historical fiction.

‘Amongst the many book review sites on the Internet, Rosie Amber’s book review team stands out for the care, honesty and attention they give to the task. As an author, I am delighted to get any positive review for a book. Yet there is no doubt some sites offer enthusiastic reviews more from the hope of future business than honest appreciation. I have never felt that with Rosie’s reviewers. They take their task seriously, read the book with care and offer comments based on a full consideration of strengths and weaknesses. However much I have bridled at first at some suggestion of a problem, calm consideration has convinced me it was justified. I have found as much benefit from these reviews in helping me improve my writing as in selling more copies.’  William Savage, author of 18th century murder mysteries.

‘I’ve been submitting my work to Rosie’s Book Review Team for several years now. They provide a good honest book review, and do it in such a way as to really benefit potential readers. I’ll be submitting my future works, and you should consider them as part of your next release too.’  CS. Boyack, author of fantasy and experimental fiction

‘As a self-published author, I am very grateful to Rosie Amber and her Book Review Team for agreeing to independently review my novel. Their professionalism and critical appreciation resulted in very fair and insightful reviews into my work, which the reviewers were kind enough to syndicate widely. I provided e-book copies to reviewers free of charge, but some bought the book directly off the shelf.

The independent and professional reviews were provided free of charge, which I found extremely generous and for which I am very grateful. I would encourage any self-published independent author to submit their work to Rosie’s group, with the caveat that it is not a free advertising service – be prepared to have your work honestly evaluated by experienced and critical readers!   I can’t overplay the benefits I have had as an indie author from having my work reviewed in this way. Thank you Rosie and the many reviewers who gave their time and expertise to review my work for free.’  Carl Rackman, thriller author

‘Rosie’s team comprises readers in all the genres you would expect, and they offer comprehensive, often bitingly honest, but eminently fair reviews.  I send my books to Rosie’s team in with no little trepidation, but the reviews have always been supportive, clear, and valid.  This review team is brilliant, they don’t give away 5* reviews unless they are earned!’  Kerry J Donovan, author of crime thrillers.

Having approached Rosie Amber’s review team on four occasions now, I can honestly say that my book sales would not be as successful without the honest, helpful and in-depth reviews I was given by the team there.
As an independent author, reviews are crucial to me in attracting readers, and so the help I had from the review team was invaluable. Perhaps most helpful of all is that they are honest reviews, and the reviewers do not hold back from detailed critique of the books they review even if they enjoyed them. As an author, I really believe it is helpful to listen to criticism and take on board what is said, both on the strengths and weaknesses of your writing. Rosie’s team give honest and detailed reviews, helpful for gaining new readers and for improving as an author.
I recommend this service to anyone and I certainly intend to keep working with them in the future.
G. Lawrence, author of Tudor historical fiction

I am immensely grateful to Rosie Amber and her team of enthusiastic, knowledgeable book reviewers for their response to my novel ‘Ghost Variations’. Several of the team read and reviewed it for their own blogs and Rosie’s central site, and their colleagues helped to spread the word on social media. They also posted their reviews to Amazon and Goodreads. These reviewers appear to live and breathe books, clocking up hundreds of reviews between them, so their good opinion meant a lot to me personally, as well as being enormously helpful to the book’s visibility. I feel very lucky to have found them. Thank you a thousand times! Jessica Duchen author of historical fiction.



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  33. This is such a great idea and especially heflpful for indie authors. I always try to review where and when I can, as I know how important it is in making a book a success. At the moment I review only books that I have edited but would like to expand this in the future. As an aspiring author too, it’s good karma to review others work I think 🙂


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