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I believe that book reviews help sell books. So I run a voluntary Book Review Team to help authors reach a wider audience.

Rewan Tremethick says this about us;

Yet another fantastic review of Fallen on Good Times by Rosie’s Book Review Team (they’re like the Avengers, but with books).

Author Patricia Sands says are reviews are, “articulate, thoughtful, observant and relevant”.

Just some of the many authors who appreciate all we do.

Group 1

Any reader can ask to take part as long as they will read the books in a reasonable time frame, (Within a month of getting the book), write a review and post it on Goodreads, Amazon Uk and US plus send a copy of the review to me to post here on the blog with full recognition going to the reviewer.

There is no minimum or maximum number of books.

Authors who have books for reviewers, will offer books in e-format such as e-pub, Mobi, or vouchers for Smashwords, Amazon, or Gift copies from Amazon. They will tell me the number of copies they can make available.

See the Rosie’s Book Review Team Booklist Tab at the top of the blog for a list of books and reviewers can request a copy of books they like from the book descriptions.

New reviewers can ask to join the team at any time and reviewers can come and go as time and life restraints permit. From January 2017 we will be no longer be accepting books written by members of the review team themselves, however they may approach reviewers who accept submissions separately. This is to keep our reputation for “honest” reviews that readers may rely on. Author/reviewers on the team will still benefit from our social media exposure and team ethic which may drive traffic to their own books.

Lastly tell me why you want to join the team and your preferred reading genres. Write all this in the form below, confirming you can post reviews as stated above, add links to your Goodreads and Amazon reviewer pages and your book blog if you have one.


Twitter Hashtag #RBRT

Posts from the popular Book Review Challenge offer tips and advice from authors, book reviewers and a publisher on the importance of book reviews, click on the links.

Day 1 How I write a book review. The importance of book reviews from Melissa Newman of Martin Sisters Publishing. Easy tips on writing a review.

Day 2. Book Reviewing by Bodicia. Downloading a PDF file to your kindle. Writing a review for a non-fiction book.

Day 3 The importance of Book Reviews by author Terry Tyler. Goodreads and Bad Book Reviews.

Day 4 Book Reviewing by Diane Coto at FictionZeal. Shelfari. Book reviews – Going in Deep.

Day 5 Book Reviewing by Ionia Martin. The Importance of Book Reviews by author Adrienne Vaughan. Posting a review on Amazon. Gearing up to write a book review.

Day 6 The Importance of Book Reviews by Lizzie Lamb. Authors should step around to the book reviewers side of the fence.

Did you know that you can upload a PDF file  or a mobi file of a book to your kindle?

1) Every Kindle has it’s own e-mail address which is different to your personal e-mail.

2) Find yours easily. Go to Manage my Kindle on your Amazon account.

3) From the drop down bar, choose Personal document settings

4) The name of your kindle and it’s own e-mail address will appear. You can edit this address if you want.

5) Add the kindle e-mail  address to your contacts in your own personal e-mail.

6) If someone then sends you a book in PDF or mobi file, save it. Then compose a new Mail to your kindle’s address, Type “Convert” into the subject line. Attach the PDF or mobi document and send. Leave the main body of the e-mail completely blank. You can only upload one book at a time.

7) In just a few moments the book should appear on your device. Be patient!

Important: I reply to initial contact to join the team asap, if you don’t think you’ve heard back from me in 48 hours, please check your spam, I do come across some feisty spam filters. Please make sure you get all e-mails from me about book reviews, add me to your contacts list and check spam if you think things have been a little quiet lately. Thanks.

Meet Members Of The Review Team

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47 thoughts on “Join Rosie’s Book Review Team

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  33. This is such a great idea and especially heflpful for indie authors. I always try to review where and when I can, as I know how important it is in making a book a success. At the moment I review only books that I have edited but would like to expand this in the future. As an aspiring author too, it’s good karma to review others work I think 🙂


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  40. Wow, you have a great review site, great that others can join in and be part of a team of reviewers :). Wish I could join but I’ve got a 3-4 month wait on my book reviews :o. I shall enjoy reading the various reviews though 🙂


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