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What authors are saying about Rosie Amber’s Review Team:

“I’ve achieved my target sales for the year in one month and I’m sure reviews from Rosie’s review team have contributed significantly to this.” Rachel Walkley, women’s fiction author

“Any author with faith in the strength of their work understands the importance of honest, critical reviews. As an author and reader, I trust in Rosie’s Book Review Team, knowing the reviews are written with genuine criticism, and praise given only when warranted. Authors seeking reviews that hold weight with and impress readers should look no further than Rosie’s Book Review Team.” H.A Callum, author of Literary Fiction

‘I rely on Rosie’s review team for honest and thoughtful reviews. I know they love reading and the reviews they post express both that love and their opinions of my (and other writers’) novels. Long may they continue. Their support has been invaluable.’  Carol Hedges, author of Victorian murder mysteries and YA

‘As well as introducing me to talented authors in other genres, I’m grateful to Rosie’s review team for helping raise awareness of my books to new readers.’  Tony Riches, Amazon best-selling historical fiction author.

‘Without doubt the best book review service I’ve used. Always a quick turnaround, always honest reviews, and as an author you can’t ask for more than that.’  Dylan J. Morgan, author of horror, Sci-Fi, dystopian and post apocalyptic fiction.

‘Rosie Amber and her team of reviewers/bloggers are professional, dedicated and fair minded. As an author, I know that I will receive a fair critique of my novels from them. I am happy to use them as go-to reviewers for any new novel I publish. I am also happy to recommend them to other authors.’  Lizzie Lamb, author of romantic comedies

‘Rosie’s team bring authors and readers together in the nicest possible way.  Reviewers who care about books – what more can an author ask for?  David Ahern, mystery author

“Smaller authors don’t have the same publicity budget as the big publishers and it is a struggle to reach potential readers. Rosie and her team provide an invaluable service not only with providing good quality revews but also with sharing those review on social media to reach a larger audience.” Diane Febry thriller author

Rosie's Book Review team 1


When you submit a book to this blog, you can choose to have it reviewed by me, or added to the list for my team to choose from.  Please see the contact form at the bottom of this page, but please read these specifications first.  

First, I’ll tell you about Rosie Amber’s Book Review Team (#RBRT on Twitter)

RBRT comprises around 20 reviewers, some of whom are writers themselves, some are editors, active book bloggers or just avid readers. Please note: if you wish your book to go on the team list, you may obtain several reviews.   I do try to make sure that every submission gets picked up by at least one reviewer, but I cannot guarantee this. It is, therefore, important that you make your blurb as appealing as possible. Please see the tips on getting your book accepted, below.

Authors should decide how many copies of their book they could donate for a review. Accepted formats are e-formats;  Mobi , epub, (sorry no PDFs) vouchers for Amazon, Gifted books from (please note UK reviewers can no longer accept gifted e-books from to their Uk Amazon accounts for kindle readers. Do check Amazon’s latest rules on vouchers. Especially if you are thinking of using them to show a verified purchase with a reviewer) When I have accepted your submission, I post the book on the review team list. If a reviewer chooses it, I let you know and give you her email address so that you can email your copy to her.

Reviewers will post the review on a minimum of 2 sites such as their blog, Amazon or Goodreads, etc. They also send me a copy, so that I can post it on this site. Please note:  Due to Amazon’s ever-shifting policies, we can no longer guarantee that a review will be posted on Amazon UK or, without a minimum spend. Also, some of my reviewers who live in the UK or other countries outside the US can no longer post on, and it seems that reviewers in Europe, Asia and the US can no longer post on Amazon UK.

Important: We do not offer a 5* only book service. It is unrealistic to expect to receive only 4 and 5* reviews; if you look at any of your favourite books you will see that they, too, have a range of ratings. We pride ourselves on giving honest, unbiased, balanced reviews, which means that we do not guarantee that all comments will be positive; however, any criticism will be constructive. I do not allow reviewers to trash books, and for this reason do not allow less than 3* on this blog. If a reviewer feels unable to give a 3* rating, they will decline to finish the book, and I will let you know.

Please do not ask me not to post a review because you don’t like its content. If you submit a book, the review will appear on this blog. Before submitting, it may be a good idea to read a range of posts from my reviewers so that you know what to expect.

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Tips to help get your book reviewed by the review team

  • Get my name right on the contact form. (To whom it may concern, Hey There, or not bothering with any name, rarely work for bloggers)
  • Don’t do a copy and paste request across many book blogs. You should look at every book blog individually, and write your request according to the blog’s submission guidelines.
  • Don’t make the blurb too long, and ensure that it gives a good representation of the book’s genre. The best book blurbs have 2-5 short paragraphs, give an overview of the story and leave questions in the potential reader’s mind – a blurb should not be a synopsis of the plot. Think about what makes you want to read a book. Please state the genre clearly. If it crosses genres, let us know what they all are.
  • When you send your review copy to the reviewer, please don’t hard sell it. The reviewer does not need to know what other people have thought of it, or about any awards it’s won, or your previous work; she will judge this book for herself. Just a polite, short, introductory email is enough.
  • Don’t hard sell, full stop – it puts potential reviewers off. A short paragraph about why you’ve chosen to submit to me or my team is enough.
  • Don’t forget to say what format you can offer the book in and how many copies you can offer. Tell us the book genre up front.

On occasion, I will be unable to accept a submission for the Review Team list.  This may be due to the standard of the content, or because of the genre; my reviewers all have busy lives, and it may be that those who might normally take your book are not currently able to review.  I aim to reply to each submission, but running a book review team of this size is extremely time-consuming, and sometimes it is simply not possible.  If you have not heard back from me within two weeks of your submission, it is likely that I have been unable to accept it.


My Personal Review List

If you would like to submit your book for reviewing, here are a few guidelines;

I read books across a range of genres, both fiction and non-fiction.

I DO enjoy romance, paranormal, humour, murder mystery, mild thrillers, spiritual, a bit of fantasy, reading about other cultures and places all over the world and YA/NA books.

I Do Not Read hardcore erotica, political or strongly religious themed books, nor do I enjoy a book with a lot of violence. I’m afraid poetry isn’t my thing and I can only take a little sci-fi. No short stories.

I prefer to accept books in paperback, but I’m also happy to work with Mobi files. Ask me about sending a gift certificate, perhaps.

Before I accept a book a few lines about it should be sent along with your details via the contact form at the bottom of this page, plus a link to where I can find the book so I can have a look at it; for instance, the Amazon link. The final decision to review the book is mine. Upon acceptance I will provide a mailing/e-mail address if necessary. I live in the UK.

What you will get from me;

You’ll get, hopefully, a new friend in the book world.

My book review will be succinct and honest. I’ll never try to degrade an author or their hard work, but we all have our own tastes, so please RESPECT MINE.  Please remember that if you submit a book to a book blogger, you cannot tell them how to read it, or how it should have been read. Each person reads a book differently.

Once reviewed, your book may appear on this blog and my Twitter. I post reviews on Goodreads, and Amazon (please note I can no longer guarantee that Amazon will accept my reviews.) The review will read the same on all sites. How much you get out of this is up to you; if you interact with readers who “like” and comment about the review on my blog or the other sites, it all helps. If you’re proud of your review, from either me or the team, it helps if you re-blog, re-tweet and share on all your social networks sites.

Incidentally, once a post goes live on my blog it’s “hot” for no more than a week or so; do not ask me to add a line or link to a post older than a week as it probably won’t get visited again. If you have something new going on with your book or its promotion and you’d like me to help you out again, why not write your own post on the matter which I can copy and paste into a post for you? I’m happy to help authors who continue to support me, and we’ll build a small working relationship. By supporting me, I mean taking an interest in the blog, and helping to share the posts.

I may also be able to promote your book on book review pages I have in 2 local monthly magazines, however that choice will be mine and the magazine editor’s.

Please remember that I do not guarantee that a submission will result in a bunch of positive reviews. Sorry to keep repeating this, but it does need saying. The first step is to get the book accepted, and this will be based on genre, quality of writing, blurb and your method of communication. The fact that you are reading this at all is good – some writers just fire off requests without bothering. Bad move!

I try to answer all my contact mail – if you haven’t received a reply, do check your spam box in case my reply gets filed there!

Thanks for reading this page,


please state whether you are submitting to my personal reviewing list or the book review team‘.

How to get a copy of your Mobi file from Amazon (for self-published authors)

To get a mobi file, sign into your account on KDP which will take you to your bookshelf.

Click on the book, this takes you into another page. (example here)

Scroll down to 7 –‘ Preview your book’ and click on ‘download book preview file’.

This will download the mobi file.

On my computer, it is then automatically saved to ‘downloads’ and when I want to send it to someone via email, I just click ‘attach file’, go into downloads and click on it.

Hope that helps.

or Try This, Calibre is free to download. It enables you to upload a Word file and then convert it to various digital formats including mobi, epub, pdf etc. Here’s the link:


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