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The book review team gives you access to a wide range of reviews. I have reviewers from around the world who would like to read and review books, posting reviews on several platforms.

Authors should decide how many copies of their book they could donate for a review. Accepted formats are e-formatsMobi , e-pub, vouchers for Smashwords or Amazon, Gifted books from Amazon. I then post the book details on my team book list. They will request a book and I will then get you to send them the book direct in their chosen format.

Reviewers have been asked to post a review on a minimum of 2 sites such as their blog, Amazon or Goodreads, etc. Plus they are asked to send me a copy of the review which I will post on this blog.

If a reviewer has taken the time to read and review a book I shall post a copy of the review on my blog, Please DO NOT ask otherwise, we don’t offer a 5* review only service, we write as we see a book in our own personal reading experience. If you put a book out in the public domain, expecting only positive 5* reviews from all readers is unrealistic, the top authors all get a range of star ratings, your book will fair just as well with several different opinions.

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Tips to help get your book reviewed;

Getting my name right on the contact form helps your request, I’m Rosie, not Amber or anything else.

Whilst a mass copy and paste review shows you don’t think we are human, so it will be deleted.  A hard sell of your book won’t work either, let us decide if we will like it.

Take a good look around my site and get to know us, look at the books we review, and what we say, are you ready to accept a less than glowing review and take something away from it? If you believe you have the perfect book and everyone will love it, then this isn’t the blog for you.

Read the instructions above and tell us what format you can offer the book in and how many copies you can offer. Tell us the book genre up front.


P.S I try to answer all my contact mail, do check your spam box in case my reply gets filed there!

IMPORTANT How to get a copy of your Mobi file from Amazon

To get a mobi file, sign into your account on KDP which will take you to your bookshelf.

Click on the book, this takes you into another page.

Scroll down to 7 –‘ Preview your book’ and click on ‘download book preview file’.

This will download the mobi file.

On my computer, it is then automatically saved to ‘downloads’ and when I want to send it to someone via email, I just click ‘attach file’, go into downloads and click on it.

Hope that helps.

or Try This, Calibre is free to download. It enables you to upload a Word file and then convert it to various digital formats including mobi, epub, pdf etc. Here’s the link:

Posts from the popular Book Review Challenge offer tips and advice from authors, book reviewers and a publisher on the importance of book reviews, click on the links.

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My Personal Review List

If you would like to submit your book for reviewing, here are a few guidelines;

I read books across a range of genres, both fiction and non-fiction.

I DO enjoy romance, paranormal, humour, murder mystery, mild thrillers, spiritual, a bit of fantasy, reading about other cultures and places all over the world and YA/NA books.

I Do Not Read blatant erotica, political or strong religious themed books, nor do I enjoy a book with a lot of violence. I’m afraid poetry isn’t my thing and I can only take a little sci-fi, please no short stories.

I prefer to accept books in paperback, I love their feel, but I’m also happy to work with Mobi files which I download to my Kindle. Ask me about sending a gift certificate perhaps.

Before I accept a book a few lines about it should be sent along with your details via the contact form at the bottom of this page, plus a link to where I can find the book. The final decision to review the book, is mine. Upon acceptance I will provide a mailing/e-mail address if necessary, I do live in the UK.

What you will get from me;

You’ll get, hopefully, a new friend in the book world.

My book review will be short and honest, I don’t go in for long essays. I’ll never try to degrade an author or their hard work, but we all have our own tastes, so please RESPECT MINE. Should you dislike my review, then we will have to agree to disagree. Any further ranting about it especially on any of my social sites will not help your cause. Sorry but it seems I need to underline this for the benefit of some people.

Once reviewed, your book may appear on this blog and my Twitter. I post reviews on Goodreads, and (For those who need this explaining further, the review will be exactly the same on these sites, just how much of my blood do you want for free?) How much you get out of this is up to you, if you interact with readers who “like” and comment about the review on my blog or the other sites, it all helps, if you re-blog, re-tweet and share my posts on all your social networks sites it really does help.

Once a post goes live on my blog it’s “hot” for no more than a couple of weeks, there is little point in asking for me to add a line or link to a post older than 2 weeks, it just doesn’t get re-visited much. If you have something new going on with your book or its promotion and you’d like me to help you out again, why not write your own post on the matter which I can copy and paste into a post for you. I’m happy to help authors who continue to support me and we’ll build a small working relationship, it’s better all around rather than bleeding my “Free” service dry and leaving me grumpy.

I may also be able to promote your book on book review pages I have in 2 local monthly magazines which have online editions, however that choice will be mine and the magazine editor’s.

I can’t guarantee a review, but I will read your request. If I or one of my book review team have read and reviewed your book I reserve the right to post on my blog, we’ve given our time freely and this blog is about books, we don’t run a 5* only book review service. The blog post is hardly going to ruin your life, if your book is out in the public domain it will get a range of reviews and different star ratings actually make the book more realistic than just a set of glowing 5*’s.

Thanks for reading this page,


16 thoughts on “Your Book Reviewed

  1. Dear Rosie, Thanks for the clear outline of your realistic reviews policy. Your blog does brilliant service, all voluntary — your generosity amazes me. I’m a writer of a certain age (74, to be precise). My books have mostly been published in New Zealand. Two novels had a brief life as bestsellers in a tiny market. Now I’ve retrieved the rights and have republished them as Kindles. Hello world! I’m hoping you’ll find one of my novels interesting enough to review. Both are already on Kindle. Farewell Speech has no reviews at all! All details including covers are on this web site is especially for you and other reviewers and bloggers. You’ve helped me decide to start doing reviews of all the books I read on Kindle from now on, especially brand new or lesser known books. Many thanks for your attention! Rachel McAlpine.


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  10. Sassy, smart, and mature guidelines. The tone alone makes me long for a book review from one of your team, or perhaps you, Rosie, yourself! I will be submitting my info and will patiently await your response. Thank you for your service to authors everywhere. :0)


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