Rosie’s Book Review Team (RBRT) – Booklist

The Trial Show: The Resistance Rises by Konstantina P. (287 pages)
The Trial Show: The Resistance Rises by [Konstantina P.]
Forced into the shadows while waging war on an oppressive regime intent on controlling those born with unnatural powers, the Resistance feels like a family. And although all families harbour secrets, theirs are world-shattering.

When Ava Moore foresees the death of her sister Brooklyn and Resistance leader Parker Quinn is forced to appear in a televised trial accused of murder, the web of lies begins to unravel. For not only is Resistance’s second-in-command, Jay Frazer, fighting a guerrilla battle with deadly consequences, he’s also trying to bury his deep-seated love for Parker.

With Parker and Jay temporarily out of the picture, double-agent Trent Reese is left responsible for leading the Resistance. Trent is willing to adapt his moral code to any situation, but what—or whom—does he believe in? As for innocent Ava, who’s plagued by unsettling visions, it’s becoming clear that everyone she loves is in peril. Given, however, that Parker is concealing a mighty gift of his own, one that could change the entire course of the rebellion, the future of the all-seeing state is on the line too.

When the web of secrets is untangled, who will survive?
If you’re looking for a gripping science fiction, filled with enticing fantasy and spy thriller elements, as well as an LGBTQ+ romance, then get ready to meet your next favourite book!
Genre: Scifi / speculative fiction
Format: Mobi / epub
Lake Of Echoes by Liza Perrat (346 pages)
61372318. sy475

A vanished daughter. A failing marriage. A mother’s life in ruins.

1969. As France seethes in the wake of social unrest, eight-year-old Juliette is caught up in the turmoil of her parents’ fragmenting marriage.

Unable to bear another argument, she flees her home.

Neighbours joining the search for Juliette are stunned that such a harrowing thing could happen in their tranquil lakeside village.

But this is nothing compared to her mother, Lea’s torment, imagining what has befallen her daughter.

Léa, though, must remain strong to run her auberge and as the seasons pass with no news from the gendarmes, she is forced to accept she may never know her daughter’s fate.

Despite the villagers’ scepticism, Léa’s only hope remains with a clairvoyant who believes Juliette is alive.

But will mother and daughter ever be reunited?

Genre: Historical fiction

Format: epub

Legacy Of Witches by Cass Kay (ARC now for October 11th )release.
Coming from a long line of murderous witches hasn’t exactly been sunshine and rainbows for Vianna Roots. When she inherits the family’s haunted house after her mother dies, she decides flipping the rundown dump is her smartest move—but the ghosts that haunt her have a different plan. When Vianna finds the ghost of her childhood friend Nancy, she’s drawn into the mystery surrounding her friend’s death. Her meddling attracts the attention of the oldest coven in Salem. In order to get her out of town, they make an offer on the house, but Vianna hesitates. She’s no longer sure she wants to abandon the demon familiar who possesses her home, the transgender outcast witch—who may just be the best friend she never knew she needed—and her high school crush, who now wants her in his life. Vianna must find a way to solve the case of her murdered friend, stay out of the hands of the most powerful coven in Salem, and face the past she’s so desperately tried to run away from.
Genre: Urban fantasy
Format: Available to download from netgalley
The God’s Of Sanibel by Brian Cook (348 pages) 
59608295. sy475
Kak doesn’t mean to go backwards in grief. She tells herself to start at denial. It’s logical. It’s the beginning. Normal people start there and pay the price.


But Kak isn’t a normal person. She jumps the line, past denial, anger, bargaining and depression, to the end: acceptance. In doing so, she launches herself into a reverse journey through grief that will speed her toward destruction.

Genre: literary fiction
Format: Gifted e-copy from AmazonUS only
Easy Street by J Gregory Smith (The Reluctant Hustler, Book 3) 262 pages
Easy Street: The Reluctant Hustler, Book 3 by [J. Gregory Smith]
Walking the Tightrope
Nearly two years after the death of his friend, Ryan, Kyle Logan finds himself the unlikely leader of a group of misfits who operate outside the law as they target crooks and scammers. In the past, Kyle had to rely on his friend’s shady contacts just to survive violent competitors and complete prior deals.
Now he’s starting to realize that these connections earn him power and respect but also drag him deeper into the life. Every favor he receives comes with strings and cutting those strings usually involves fresh obligations.
In order to help others who have nowhere else to turn, Kyle sometimes works with criminals like the Philly Irish Mob but he tries to avoid getting involved with the gangster’s more intense activities.
When not running his hustles, Kyle has taken the opportunity to leverage his connections to finance and acquire a legitimate (if dull) import facility at the Port of Philadelphia. The port represents a great opportunity to rebuild his life but he’s about to learn the hard way that shady friends come with enemies who see Kyle as one more obstacle to be crushed.
Genre: Thriller (Can be read as a stand alone)
Format: Mobi
Price’s Price by Chris Maden (260 pages)
Stanley Price has dreamt since childhood of exploring the world. But, when the army posts him to Hong Kong in the 1960s, this officer, scoundrel and rake falls for the glamour, the girls and the gung-ho attitude. Swept along and seduced by this free-wheeling city, he is sucked into a delightful vortex of beer, women and bribes. His dreams remain ever-present but out of reach. Until, that is, he falls for a young lady who could be his redemption – or his nemesis.
Genre: 1960s Hong Kong Histfic
Format: Mobi or epub
Call Of The Blue Heron by Sarah Hill (376 pages)
Call of the Blue Heron: A Novel by [Sarah Hill, Heather Carter]
After receiving a life altering phone call, Allie Gerard leaves her life in California and heads to the small country town of Hagerman, Idaho. The only explanation she leaves for her family and friends is that she’s finally getting the chance to try her hand at photography and refusing to let them know where. As Allie explores the beauty of Idaho through her camera lens she gets to know some of the locals, including Cash and Kat Brown, a father and daughter duo with whom she begins to spend her free time. Allie finds herself seated at the Brown’s dinner table a little more often than she’d expected and begins to fall in love with more than their simple way of life. As time passes, she finds herself struggling with the burning inside her heart and the echoes of her past, knowing she must make some hard decisions that could end up hurting more than her pride.
Genre: Contemporary romance
Format: Epub or gifted kindle copy (US only)
Adventurer’s Overture by Lynette Bacon-Nguyen (ARC now for Oct 28th publication) 352 pages
Adventurer's Overture (Song of the Broken Book 1) by [Lynette Bacon-Nguyen]

Pondril is a majestic city full of adventuring opportunities. At age 15, Amber arrives at Pondril, eager to start her official adventuring career at the Adventurer’s Hall. Many things stand in her way, from vicious cats to prejudiced fellow adventurers.

But something evil is stirring- something that threatens everyone. People go about their business, happy and content, unaware of the danger lurking beneath their feet, something coming out of the water.

After saving the life of Arabella, a girl training to be a priestess of Aoiria, the two girls will join forces to save the people of Pondril.

Shambling, splashing, snaring.

Haunting, horror, howling.

Cursing, crawling, creeping.

The Restless Dead have awoken!

The saga begins in Adventurer’s Overture.

Genre: Ya fantasy

Format: Mobi

The Forever House by Linda Acaster (200 pages)
The Forever House by [Linda Acaster]
Resisting family pressure to sell the too-big house Carrie and her late husband began to renovate, she is determined to carry through their shared project to prove she can manage alone. And she can, until a discovery beneath old wallpaper chills her to the bone. As her need to know more becomes all-consuming, Carrie’s family fears she’s tipping into irretrievable obsession. Can she be dissuaded, or must she take that final step? How far is too far to right a wrong?
Genre: Suspense
Format: Draft2Digital mobi 
The Peaceful Village by Paulette Mahurin (252 pages)
The Peaceful Village by [Paulette Mahurin]
Based on actual events as told by survivors, The Peaceful Village is the story of the unfolding of the events that led up to one of the biggest World War II massacres on French soil. But it is not simply a story of Nazi brutality and the futility of war, it is a story of love. The love of family. The love of neighbor. The love of country. Compassion and courage burn from the pages as the villagers’ stories come alive.
Genre: Histfic
Format: Gifted kindle copy from AmazonUS
When Emma Came To Stay by Cheryl Waters (346 pages)
61157531. sy475
Emma’s just turned thirty. She’s just lost her job. And she’s just as single as she always is. Fortunately, her beloved Aunt Maude – a fun-loving septuagenarian – lives in the south of France. It’s just what Emma needs: time to swim in the sea that sparkles, let the sun kiss her skin, and to work out what she wants and where she’s going.


When yacht-owning Marc comes sailing into her life, Emma can’t believe her luck! But there is something she just can’t work out about him…

When her fun-loving aunt ends up in hospital Emma learns that Maude has her own secrets. Just how did her aunt come to have a masterpiece in her attic?

As this delightful corner of France wraps Emma (and us) up in its charms, we wonder if Marc is all that she wants – or is true love somewhat closer to home?

Genre: Contemporary romance
Format: Gifted e-copy to UK reviewers only
Cauliflowers Through The Catflap and Other Tales from a Solitary Lockdown by Cassandra Campbell-Kemp (162 pages)
Cauliflowers Through The Catflap and Other Tales from a Solitary Lockdown by [Cassandra Campbell-Kemp, Jill Bissenden]
This is the story of a solitary Lockdown…a story of bloody-minded self-preservation replete with moments of anxiety, resignation and sadness but also with joy, hilarity and above all dogged determination. Cassandra – sixty-five years old, single and somewhat immobile – struggles with myriad new challenges as she watches herself – and the world – change from within her self-imposed fortress.
In November 2019, she had a terrifying nightmare which warned of something very bad emerging from China. In early January 2020, she had a subsequent and similarly disturbing dream in which she found herself in an empty and deserted Italian castle, furnished solely with a single ventilator tent.
Forewarned by these dreams she threw herself into a frenzy of logistical planning, laboriously turning her spare bedroom into a store cupboard stuffed with many (rigorously disinfected) boxes of sensible, nutritious, long-life and probably disgusting dehydrated foods – ready for whatever The Fates had in store.
On the 3rd March 2020, notwithstanding the dithering of the UK government, Cassandra unequivocally shut herself away, refusing to open the door to anyone and using a newly acquired pink megaphone with which to communicate, through the closed window.


This updated version brings her story up to date – January 2021 – through two more Lockdowns and the promise of a vaccine.

Genre: memoir
Format: Mobi or epub
Inhuman Acts by Brooke L. French (310 pages – ARC now for Sept 29th publication)
A deadly, incurable disease creeps silent through Chattanooga. And its victims aren’t random.


When inexplicable human rabies cases appear in Tennessee, disease ecologist Letty Duquesne jumps at the chance to trace the virus back to its source. But the closer Letty gets to finding the outbreak’s origin, the further someone will go to stop her.

With an unwanted promotion threatening to take Letty far from the field work she loves, this outbreak feels like her last chance to make a difference. It’s not something she can ignore, especially now. The spillover of zoonotic diseases to the human population is on the rise and violent animal attacks — like the one that killed her sister — are becoming all too common.

Something in nature has gone very wrong.

Local authorities would rather she go home, but Letty can track a source animal like no one else. With the help of disgraced detective, Andrew Marsh, Letty follows the virus’s epidemiological trail. But her every move is watched. And the source animal is closer than she thinks.

Genre: Suspense thriller
Format: Mobi/ epub
Golden Healer by MJ Mallon (The Curse of Time #2) 326 pages
60216858. sy475
Book 2 in YA paranormal fantasy series: The Curse of Time Series – Golden Healer


Amelina Scott’s destiny is to be a Krystallos: a magician of light, chosen to learn the ways of crystal magic on her 16th birthday. Located on a river pathway in a mysterious part of Cambridge, the Crystal Cottage is guarded by mythical beings.

Unfortunately, there are those who seek to harm this haven of light. Learning of Ryder – a Shadow Sorcerer with hypnotic powers – Amelina discovers that her own magic is now threatened, and that the Curse of Time might be unleashed again.

As secrets abound and the creatures of the Chronophage come alive, can Amelina become the true magician she needs to be?

A unique, imaginative mystery full of magic-wielding and dark elements, Golden Healer is a riveting adventure for anyone interested in fantasy, mythology or the world of the paranormal. NOTE: this book contains mention of self-harm, mental health issues and alludes to the potential dangers of sexual attraction, which may trigger younger/sensitive readers.

Genre: Ya fantasy
Format: Mobi
Whispers Of Innocence by Natasha Simmons (272 pages)
60904613. sy475
The baby is quiet. Too quiet.


When Madeline checks on her seven-month-old daughter, she discovers the reason for the baby’s silence. Abigail is dead. Madeline is soon living every mother’s worst nightmare amid a cacophony of sirens and police interrogations.

Accusations and old resentments can’t stay contained under the pressure of guilt, tears, and the horror of picking out a baby-sized coffin. A line is drawn through Madeline and Brian’s marriage, and a battle begins.

But defining heroes and villains is as difficult as untangling the truth from the web Madeline and Brian have created to protect themselves. Abigail’s killer isn’t the only monster hiding in the shadows. And among the dark secrets, everyone will crumble under the consequences.

Genre: Thriller
Format: Mobi
It Never Rains But It Paws- A Road Trip Through Politics And A Pandemic by Jacqueline Lambert (217 pages)
60779079. sy475
Five years after giving up work to travel full time, Dog-ma Jacqueline (Jackie) and Dogfather Mark race against time to leave the UK before Britain exits the EU. If Brexit happens, their four Cavapoos (Cavalier/Poodle cross) Kai, Rosie, Ruby, and Lani will lose their puppy passports, and the Lambert Family will be unable to travel together. But Brexit isn’t their only obstacle. A few months into their adventure, the pandemic suddenly shatters their plans, and leaves them trapped in the epicentre of Europe’s No. 1 coronavirus hotspot.


The fourth road trip Europe adventure in author Jacqueline Lambert’s “inspirational and hilarious” series of true travel memoirs invites you to join the couple as they discover even more amazing and little-known places, this time in France and Italy. However, this isn’t just a priceless escape travel story filled with humorous mishaps and mountain adventure. The coronavirus pandemic separates the family from their loved ones at home, and leaves Jackie stranded alone during a blizzard in a remote Italian village, with Mark thousands of miles away, back in the UK.

Between terrible weather, political mayhem, and a global pandemic, Jackie and Mark try to take lessons from each hardship. Yet, even with a positive attitude, a sense of adventure, and a caravan full of loved ones, you can’t stop all the obstacles life rolls your way. These “amusing and informative” travel stories are certainly proof that It Never Rains… But It Paws!

Genre: Travelogue /memoir /humour
Format: Mobi / epub
A Parthenon on my Roof by Peter Barber (ARC now for summer publication)
A pathenon
A Parthenon on my Roof tells the humorous story of my introduction to Greek culture by way of my marriage to a fiery Greek woman. We meet the relatives, our war hero grandfather, the bigamist sea captain, the wonderful Mama of us all, my mother in law. I take the reader to beautiful Aegean islands, and surprising areas of the Greek mainland. The scene is set during the demolition of our much loved family home in a seaside suburb of Athens, and replacing it with a brand new apartment block with daily fights with the builder who used every bit of his cunning to steal as much of our property as possible with hilarious results.
Genre: Contemporary
Format: Mobi / epub
Eat the Poor by Tom Williams (167 pages)
Eat the Poor (Galbraith & Pole Book 2) by [Tom Williams]
A werewolf is on the loose in London.


Chief Inspector Pole, the vampire from the mysterious Section S, teams up once again with his human counterpart to hunt down the beast before the people of the city realise that they are threatened by creatures they have dismissed as myths.

Time is short as the werewolf kills ever more recklessly. Can Galbraith and Pole stop it before panic spreads through London?

Galbraith and Pole start their search in Pole’s extensive library of the arcane, accompanied by a couple of glasses of his excellent malt whisky. All too soon, though, they will have to take to the streets to hunt the monster by the light of the moon.

But the threat is even greater than they think, for in its human form the werewolf is terrifyingly close to the heart of government.

This is Tom Williams’ second tongue-in-cheek take on traditional creatures of darkness. Like the first Galbraith & Pole book, Something Wicked, this will appeal to fans of Ben Aaronovitch’s Rivers of London.

You never know when the forces of darkness may be released and there will be no time for reading then. Buy Eat the Poor before it’s too late.

Genre: Urban fantasy
Format: Mobi / epub
Raleigh by Tony Riches (336 pages)
61016647. sy475
Tudor adventurer, courtier, explorer and poet, Sir Walter Raleigh has been called the last true Elizabethan.


He didn’t dance or joust, didn’t come from a noble family, or marry into one. So how did an impoverished law student become a favourite of the queen, and Captain of the Guard?

The story which began with the Tudor trilogy follows Walter Raleigh from his first days at the Elizabethan Court to the end of the Tudor dynasty. 

Genre: Histfic
Format: Mobi
The Way The Light Bends by Lorraine Wilson (ARC now for Aug 2nd publication)
60500751. sy475
Sometimes hope is the most dangerous thing of all.
When their brother dies, two sisters lose the one thing that connected them. Then on the anniversary of her twin’s death, Tamsin goes missing.
Despite police indifference and her husband’s doubts, Freya is determined to bring her sister home. But a trail of diary entries reveals a woman she barely knew, and a danger she can scarcely fathom, full of deep waters and shadowy myths, where the grief that drove Tamsin to the edge of a cliff also led her into the arms of a mysterious stranger…
A man who promised hope but demanded sacrifice.
Genre: Dark folkloric mystery
Format: Mobi
Ending Forever by Nicholas Conley (167 pages)
60846703. sy475
Axel Rivers can’t get his head above water. Throughout his life, he’s worn many hats — orphan, musician, veteran, husband, father—but a year ago, a horrific event he now calls The Bad Day tore down everything he’d built. Grief-stricken, unemployed, and drowning in debt, Axel needs cash, however he can find it.


Enter Kindred Eternal Solutions. Founded by the world’s six wealthiest trillionaires and billionaires, Kindred promises to create eternal life through mastering the science of human resurrection. With the technology still being developed, Kindred seeks paid volunteers to undergo tests that will kill and resurrect their body—again and again—in exchange for a check.

Axel signs up willingly, but when he undergoes the procedure—and comes back, over and over—what will he find on the other side of death?

Genre: Scifi
Format: Mobi / epub
The Mud Man by Donna Marie West (332 pages)
The Mud Man by [Donna Marie West]
When anthropologist Veronica Booth is called to consult on a dig in northern British Columbia, she expects to discover the usual remnants of early indigenous life. She never imagined finding a man preserved a metre deep in a thawing bog. More shocking still—he’s alive, albeit barely. The mud man, as Veronica initially thinks of him, matches no missing person reports, and his DNA is like nothing on record. Radio-carbon dating of his clothes and items found with him suggest an impossible age of 9,500 years! As he slowly recovers, the mysterious man reveals a host of surprises, stunning Veronica and those growing close to him. But can a man who lived a millennia ago adapt to life in the modern world?
Genre: Anthropological scifi
Format: Mobi
Little Wolf, Little Warrior by Kelley Phelan (173 pages)
Little Wolf, Little Warrior by [Kelley Christine Phelan]
With a gifted imagination and artistic soul, Kelley Christine Phelan was led down a path of intimate creative writing. A number of events led to a sudden shift in consciousness while she was at one of her lowest points, with a broken heart: self-realization, a Kundalini awakening. For a split second, she was brought into union with the creator and felt nothing but pure nirvana. During her dark night of the soul and transformative healing process, the only way out was in. Writing down her life experiences was a way to release the burdens of the ego and purge the darkness she had been carrying. Not only in this lifetime, but others as well. All poems in this book are her truth.
Genre: Poetry
Format: PDF
Abolish The Rose by Alanna Irving (312 pages)
60386223. sy475
“Surely I have better things to do with my time.”


Camille Addison resents the hand life has dealt her. Enrolling in an evening class to distract herself from memories of frustration, she finds herself instead turning to face the tumult of relationships, loss and love that has led her to where she is.

Abolish the Rose, by Alanna Irving, takes us on a journey through the past in search of meaning in the present. Through a vivid catalogue of heart-warming and harrowing life experiences, we are drawn to question, along with Camille – how much control do we have over the path our lives take? Would we change the past if we had the chance? What is a life well lived?

Genre: Contemporary Fiction
Format: Mobi
The Crooked Little Pieces: Volume 1 by Sophia Lambton (ARC now for May 25th publication)
60856257. sy475
Lost are the creatures destined never to be understood.


1926. Professor Josef van der Holt obtains a post at an all women’s college overseas. Stuffy London suddenly becomes the site for the unseemly exploits of his half-Dutch and half-German daughters Anneliese and Isabel. When tragedy carves out a hollow in their lives, a severed soul sends the sororal twins along a jagged path: while Isabel takes flight in sensual hedonism Anneliese skirts danger in her role as sleuth. Elusive are the sentiments they seek: swift stopovers of fleeting feeling. Lopsided loves and passions scarcely probable veer each away from the predictable.

And when the obvious appears unstoppable the opposite may achingly be true.

Spanning the twentieth century’s five most volatile decades, The Crooked Little Pieces is a series about inextricable entanglements. Perverse relationships pervade a glossary of scenes. Plots criss-cross over a rich tapestry of twists and tension-fuelling characters: some relatable, others opaque and many “crooked”.

It is television drama. Novelised.

Genre: 20th century saga
Format: Mobi
Forest of Forgotten Vows by Grace Carlisle (411 pages)
60689417. sy475
After returning to her isolated childhood home to care for her aging grandmother, Tamsin thinks the make-believe games and imaginary friends of her youth are far behind her. But she soon discovers the past has been waiting, and that the dangerous and enigmatic world of Faerie is bleeding into her world, forcing Tamsin to contend with forgotten friends, foes, and creatures pulled from deepest nightmares in order to reclaim what she didn’t know she’d lost.
Genre: Urban fantasy
Format: Mobi
The Cottage On Winter Moss by Allie Cresswell. (ARC now for July 1st publication)
Burned-out author Dee’s search for fresh inspiration brings her to Roadend. a remote village on the shores of a wild estuary, overshadowed by a ruined pele tower. There, she rents Winter Cottage and waits for a story to emerge.
The bleak beauty of the whispering dunes, the jacquard of colour and texture that makes up the marsh and a romantic tree in a secluded glade—The Trysting Tree—all seduce Dee. Nevertheless, the secretive behaviour of a handsome neighbour, lights across the marsh and a bizarre, moonlit encounter all suggest there is something odd afoot at Roadend.
Local gossip, crumbling graveyard inscriptions and her own imaginative fancy give Dee the beginning she needs, brief hints about the tragic history of a local family, feuding brothers and a fatal fire. The tale spools effortlessly onto the page—clamouring to be told. Dee feels more like its instrument than its instigator. Her story turns out to be unnervingly close to fact, and, as it unfurls, much too close to home. Is she being guided by echoes of the past?
The Cottage on Winter Moss is a book about the nature of fiction. Peppered with literary allusions, it follows the creative process of writing as Dee’s novel—the book within the book—takes shape. 
Genre: Duel time line histfic
Format: Mobi
Leviticus – Dictates of the Servators: Book 1 by Kallen Samuels (340 pages)
Leviticus: An alternative reality, world's end, science fiction adventure (Dictates of the Servators Book 1) by [Kallen Samuels]
In a high-tech antediluvian world, the prophecy of a coming flood drives a conflict between two ancient organizations. Several graduate students are drawn unwittingly into the intrigue. Their lives are forever altered as they discover the world is a very different place than they thought.
One of them is a gifted computational engineer whose perceptions are unique and powerful. As he learns more about his abilities, it becomes apparent that he will play a pivotal role in preventing the coming cataclysm.
The group will have to set aside personal conflicts and work together in an attempt to prevent the end of everything they hold dear. The decisions they make could lead the world to safety, or hasten its doom.
Genre: Ya scfi / fantasy
Format: Mobi / epub
The Only Exception (Love in the Comptons 2) by Claire Huston ARC now for June 7th publication
Lucinda Green knows something is missing from her life. But what? Her catering business is enjoying modest success and she loves her cosy house, even if she does have to share it with her irritating ex-fiancé.


Whatever’s making her unsettled and edgy, Lucinda’s certain that a lack of romance isn’t the problem. How could it be when she doesn’t believe in true love?

But Lucinda’s beliefs are shaken by a series of electric encounters with Alex Fraser, a newly notorious actor who gradually proves himself to be infuriatingly funny and smart, as well as handsome.

Not that any of that matters. Because Lucinda doesn’t believe in all that ‘The One’ nonsense. That’s the rule.

But doesn’t every rule have an exception?

Genre: Contemporary romance
Format: Mobi / epub
Dead Man’s Stone by T. G. Reid DCI Bone #3 (343 pages)
59773224. sy475
Some secrets are worth killling for…


When DCI Duncan Bone is contacted by a terminally-ill psychiatric patient and given clues linking a thirty-year-old unsolved murder to high-profile public figures, he finds himself locked into a conspiracy at the very heart of the Scottish criminal and political establishment.

With his bosses stonewalling the investigation, lives under threat, and his career on the line, Bone faces a race against time to hunt down a group of men who will stop at nothing to cover their murderous crime.

Can DCI Bone catch the killer before the killing starts again?

Set among the dramatic hills and glens of Scotland’s Campsie Fells, Dead Man’s Stone is the third in a series of edge-of-your-seat crime thrillers that will keep you guessing right up to the nail-biting, heart-stopping climax.

Genre: Crime Fiction
Format: Mobi
What Once Was Home by B.K. Bass (346 pages)
59636248. sy475
When his world is suddenly torn apart, one man must learn to survive in What Once Was Home.


Jace Cox’s life is changed when an overwhelming alien force invades the Earth with no warning or provocation. In the years that follow, he must not only fight to survive, but also learn what it means to be a man and a leader. As the situation grows more dire and the weight of loss bears down on Jace, he realizes his greatest challenge isn’t the alien invaders or even his fellow man.

It is holding onto his own humanity despite living in a world gone mad.

Genre: Post Apocalyptic / scifi military
Format: Mobi/ epub
My Corfu Love story by Effrosyni Moschoudi (60 pages)
60659426. sy475
Spyri forever lives in the past, haunted by old memories. This summer, she meets a man she once loved, and he is about to change everything…


Spyri, a half-Greek restauranteur in her early thirties, is back on the island of Corfu, staying in her grandmother’s village home for a few days to decompress from her busy life in London. Her nostalgia for the good old summer days hit her upon her return. When she hears that Markos, the one she never forgot, is staying at the village, she becomes excited.

Sparks begin to fly when they meet, but Markos has his own hurts of the past to deal with…

Do you love Greek romances? How about clean love stories about second chances with a happily ever after? This novella will take you straight to Corfu, to experience the warmth of Greek summer, and the sweetness of rekindled love from old summer days of innocence. 

Genre: Clean romance novella
Format: Mobi
Ash Tuesday by Ariadne Blayde (304 pages)
Giving ghost tours on the decaying streets of the French Quarter isn’t exactly a high-profile career, but the guides at Spirits of Yore Haunted Tours are too strange and troubled to do anything else. They call themselves Quarter Rats, a group of outcasts and dreamers and goths who gather in hole-in-the-wall bars to bicker, spin yarns, and search for belonging in the wee hours of the night after the tourists have staggered home.


Through the ghost stories they tell, their own haunted lives come into focus. Like the city they call home, these tour guides are messy with contradiction: they suffer joyfully, live morbidly, and sin to find salvation.

Weaving together real New Orleans folklore with the lives of eleven unforgettably vibrant characters, Ash Tuesday is a love letter to America’s last true bohemia and the people, both dead and living, who keep its heart beating.

Genre: Magical realism/ horror
Format: PDF
Fantasy Short Stories: From the worlds of Visions of Zarua and Silent Sea Chronicles by Suzanne Rogerson (84 pages)
Fantasy Short Stories: From the worlds of Visions of Zarua and Silent Sea Chronicles by [Suzanne Rogerson]

A collection of stories featuring favourite characters from Visions of Zarua and ‘Silent Sea Chronicles’, plus a glimpse into the new series, ‘Starlight Prophecy’.

The Guardian

Garrick the Protector

War Wounds

Genre: Fantasy short stories

Format: Mobi

The Courier’s Wife by Vanessa Lind Arc now for April 28th publication
60728296. sy475
A heartrending novel of courage and resilience inspired by the true story of a female Civil War spy.


September 1862. Hattie Logan is a restless young woman with a strong will and an effervescent spirit. When war ignites, she escapes her privileged family and prim finishing school to join Allen Pinkerton’s spy agency, burning to make a difference for the Union. As one of Pinkerton’s mailroom girls, she uncovers secrets that could change the course of the war. Still, she longs to do more. Dispatched as the courier’s wife, she ventures behind enemy lines, where her passion for the man posing as her husband deepens. But from the shadows of Hattie’s past, a secret threatens their plans and their lives. A sweeping story of courage and resilience, with rich historical detail and unforgettable characters who will tug at your heart. Book One of the Secrets of the Blue and Gray series featuring women spies in the American Civil War.

Genre: Histfic
Format: Mobi
The Blue Bar by Damyanti Biswas (396 pages) ARc now for October publication)
On the dark streets of Mumbai, the paths of a missing dancer, a serial killer, and an inspector with a haunted past converge in an evocative thriller about lost love and murderous obsession.


After years of dancing in Mumbai’s bars, Tara Mondal was desperate for a new start. So when a client offered her a life-changing payout to indulge a harmless, if odd, fantasy, she accepted. The setup was simple: wear a blue-sequined saree, enter a crowded railway station, and escape from view in less than three minutes. It was the last time anyone saw Tara.

Thirteen years later, Tara’s lover, Inspector Arnav Singh Rajput, is still grappling with her disappearance as he faces a horrifying new crisis: on the city’s outskirts, women’s dismembered bodies are being unearthed from shallow graves. Very little links the murders, except a scattering of blue sequins and a decade’s worth of missing persons reports that correspond with major festivals.

Past and present blur as Arnav realizes he’s on the trail of a serial killer and that someone wants his investigation buried at any cost. Could the key to finding Tara and solving these murders be hidden in one of his cold cases? Or will the next body they recover be hers?

Genre: Crime
Format: netgalley download
Murder at Buckskin Joe by JVL Bell (#3 of the series) (337 pages)
59011272. sy475
Territory of Colorado, 1865


Millie knows the raucous mining town of Buckskin Joe is no place for children, but when Dom’s Uncle George shows up needing help, the whole family reluctantly heads to South Park. George has been accused of murdering his mining partner, Wandering Will, and although Millie questions his innocence, she finds there are many suspects who wanted Will dead.

There’s fancy-girl Queeny, Will’s ex-wife, and dancehall-girl Kate, who wanted to be Will’s next wife—until he dumped her. Mountain man Kootenay despised Will enough to have dispatched him and the Odd Fellows have seized George and Will’s mine, claiming the gold inside for themselves.

Millie’s investigation heats up when Dom volunteers to visit the local saloon for some hands-on investigating of Queeny and Kate. Interruptions from hostile Utes, the children’s devilment, and the local schoolmistress chasing after Dom make this Millie’s most difficult investigation—especially when the killer decides she is getting too close.

Murder at Buckskin Joe weaves a cozy murder mystery with fascinating South Park mining history and lovable, unforgettable historic characters.

Genre: Cosy murder mystery
Format: Mobi
Shadow House by A.R. Silverberry ARC now for June 22nd publication)
What Do You Do If You’re Trapped In A Nightmare …


New Earth’s Supreme Council dooms Johari Hightower to Elimination. Never mind that he’s innocent. His only hope is the House, a rite shrouded in mystery. No one says what happens inside. And those who don’t make it out are never seen again.

But what do you do if the girl you love is inside?
What do you do if she’s cozy with the guy who set you up?
What do you do if you’re running for your life?

Genre: Ya dystopia / scifi
Format: Download from netgalley
Fortunate Son by Thomas Tibor (348 pages)
60580782. sy475
Fortunate Son is a coming-of-age story set on a southern college campus during the turbulent spring of 1970. Reed Lawson, an ROTC cadet, struggles with the absence of his father, a Navy pilot who has been Missing in Action in Vietnam for three years. While volunteering at a drug crisis center, Reed sets out to win the heart of a feminist co-worker who is grappling with a painful past and to rescue a troubled teenage girl from self-destruction. In the process, he is forced to confront trauma’s tragic consequences and the fragile, tangled web of human connections.
Genre: Histfic / coming of age
Format: Mobi or epub
Black Rock by David Odle (229 pages) ARC now for April 28th publication)
Black Rock by [David Odle]
We all possess secrets. We lock them away. We bury them into the deep recesses of our mind. We go about our day and pretend they aren’t there.


That’s exactly what Thomas Loggins was doing. Going about his days. The head pastor of a small church in a small town. A family man, with a loving wife and a wonderful daughter.

Until one day, that all changed. It began as a typical meeting with a new member of the congregation. But Thomas soon realized this was anything but typical. This man knew things. Things that nobody should know. And he was making impossible demands.

Thomas’s simple life in the quaint town of Black Rock crashes into life or death when the stranger utters, “I know your secrets, pastor, and it’s time to pay the price…”

Genre: Horror
Format: epub
The Last Keeper J. V Hilliard (419 pages)
59832835. sy475
A young boy’s prophetic visions.
Blind at birth, Daemus Alaric is blessed with the gift of prophetic Sight. Now, as a Keeper of the Forbidden, he must use his powers of the Sight to foil the plans of a fallen Keeper, Graytorris the Mad.
An elven Princess with a horrifying secret.
Princess Addilyn Elspeth travels from Eldwal, the magically hidden home of the Vermilion elves, to begin her life as a diplomat to the human capital of Castleshire. During her journey, she stumbles upon a mystical creature foretelling ill tidings.
A terrifying force of evil.
Daemus’ recurring nightmare vision threatens to catapult him into a terrifying struggle that will leave the fate of the Keepers—and the realm—hanging in the balance. Daemus and Princess Addilyn must set out to face the menace that threatens their very existence.
Will the entire realm fall to its knees?
The Last Keeper is the first book in The Warminster Series. With gripping, epic action and heart-pounding adventure, you’ll love this new adventure series. 
Genre: Fantasy
Format: Mobi
Strung by Roske 390 pages
60489734. sy475
In an attempt to repel an unwanted suitor, Lady Lysbeth Haywood shares her unfashionable enthusiasm for the ‘Faye’—a mythical race few believe exist. Instead, her suitor is spurred to capture one as a gift.
Presented with the Faye, Lysbeth is torn between her excitement to learn more about the legendary people, her dread at the possibility of a forced engagement, and her battle of attrition with Avon society. 
It’s worth the struggle, for as layers of the Faye’s extraordinary mysteries are peeled away, their revelations—and Lysbeth’s own role in them—reach farther than she ever thought possible.
Genre: Fantasy mild scifi
Format: Gifted e-copy / paperback
Pride’s Children: Purgatory by Alicia Butcher Ehrhardt (490 pages)
PRIDE'S CHILDREN: PURGATORY (Book 1 of the Trilogy) by [Alicia Butcher Ehrhardt]
eclusive ex-physician Kary Ashe transmutes personal tragedy into beloved best-selling novels. Actor Andrew O’Connell revels in the enviable status of leading man, with a reputation for perfectionism, an Irish temper, and broken hearts in his wake. Reigning Hollywood princess Bianca Doyle fears she’s already past her peak, and schemes to cement her position in the pantheon with Andrew as mate.


When Kary appears on a NY talk show to support a cherished cause, and becomes obsessed by fellow guest Andrew, movie star, she thinks she’s safe because she will never see him again. While Bianca, watching the show from far-off LA, is confident she can offer Andrew her own coveted insider rank.

But his next movie is filming near Kary’s Sanctuary, with Bianca as costar. Can Kary risk friendship with this intriguing man? Or will Bianca seduce him and meld her star to his? And will either ultimately satisfy Andrew’s twin lusts for fame and love?

Pride’s Children PURGATORY is a powerful literary debut. You don’t read PURGATORY, you live it. A deeply psychological experience, without flinching, from the driver’s seat right behind the eyeballs of three passionate people who can’t all get what they want. The choices, the devastating decisions, the consequences are all presented with the intimacy of a conscience. Ehrhardt conveys to you the gut-wrenching secrets of a disabled writer at the peak of her powers, a charismatic actor waiting in the spot where lightning strikes, and a ruthless woman who sees a golden future if she can but stick the Hollywood landing once and for all, as if you were wearing their skin.

Genre: Psychological fiction
Format: Mobi /epub
Remember The Butterfly by Rebecca L. Marsh (341 pages)
59539525. sy475
Something unexpected changes the course of Jillian’s life.


After witnessing her sister’s murder, she’s been tormented by survivor’s guilt. Her desperate longing for a child compounds her grief, while endless fertility treatments weigh down her soul.

Just when hope seems beyond her grasp, her dream of motherhood comes true. All Jillian’s pain is washed away and joy fills her heart.

But when someone shows up threatening to take it all away, Jillian must chose between holding on to her newfound happiness or giving it all up for the sake of someone she loves.

Genre: Women’s Fiction / family life
Format: Mobi / epub
Arthur and the Argonauts by G.H. Lewis (380 pages) ARC now for 11th June publication
60387103. sy475
Arthur Pifflethorpe fell in love. He fell in love often and he fell in love hard. He fell in love with any pretty girl foolish enough to meet his gaze for an instant longer than necessary. What hope is there for a boy like Arthur, for whom loving comes so much easier than being loved?


Perhaps there was none until the day he got the call. Armagast Enterprises had selected its crew for the Argo, and Arthur was among the chosen few. All of humanity had watched as the mysterious spacecraft was born. For a decade or more, rumors over its purpose had swirled as the Argo plied its obit through the night skies, growing in size and brightness with each new fusillade of supply rockets to go roaring skyward. Now they all knew: the Argo was setting off on a multi-generational voyage to colonize the universe. The journey would see the Argonauts—and their children, and their children’s children—drifting through the black void of interstellar space for thousands of years.

What future is that for a slightly above-average boy from a decaying little backwater whose only aspiration is to find his one true love? What future would there be in staying behind?

Genre: Scifi romcom
Format: Mobi or epub

Terms of Restitution by Denzil Meyrick (291 pages)

58407812. sy475

Gangland boss Zander Finn is so sickened by the brutal murder of his son in a Paisley pub, he decides to change his life. Following the advice of his priest and mentor, he moves clandestinely to London and becomes an ambulance driver. But when his old second-in-command Malky Maloney tracks him down on a London street, Finn knows he must return. Both his real family and his crime family face an existential threat from Albanian mobsters determined to take control of the Scottish underworld.

Under the watchful eye of his charismatic mother, he must try to look after his lovelorn younger daughter and her older sister who is pregnant to his old enemy Joe Mannion’s son. His estranged wife, who has more than just a business relationship with Mannion, and his remaining son, crippled while serving in Afghanistan also require his attention. But most of all, he must take back what is his.

Facing the forces of law and order under Detective Chief Superintendent Amelia Langley, a ruthless gang of Albanians and a beautiful but deadly Italian woman, Zander Finn struggles for survival in a rollercoaster ride of brutality, tenderness, misplaced loyalties and the utterly unexpected. The path to redemption is a perilous one, and it begins to look like Finn should have stayed in London.

Genre: Gangland thriller

Format: Mobi


Songbird by J Victoria Michael (357 pages)
Songbird (Griffinsong Trilogy Book 1) by [J Victoria Michael]
GriffinSong Trilogy #1


A twentieth century woman is lost in a fantasy world with nothing but the clothes on her back and her innate humanity. This is the story of her compelling need to redefine herself.

When Irenya O’Neil suffers a panic attack and falls into the realm of Dar Orien, a world with a failed MageGate system, she finds herself unable to return home to her infant son – she is trapped in a nightmare that tests her sanity.

Confronted with evidence that she possesses a Gift of power, Irenya attempts to control her fledgling talent through music. This could be her ticket home. But Irenya becomes mired in the civil unrest that has befallen Dar Orien. Sickened by the bloodshed and fearful for her own safety, Irenya is desperate to find her way home.

Genre: Fantasy
Format: Mobi or epub
The Last Families by Carla Doria (366 pages)
59067117. sx318
Escaping their land’s destruction, the Kaptarish, Drontas, Verbaren and Ninfires have reached the island of Gambir. The last families with talents like mind-reading, extraordinary force, burning with their hands, and flying, hope to find refuge in this place.


Yarisha, the only mind-reader in the Verbaren family, will fall in love with Malakay, the most arrogant sibling in the Ninfire family. She knows the young man’s mother and the matriarch of the Ninfires, Mandely, will never consent to this relationship since she considers the Verbaren family inferior to them.

None of the members in the families expect to find a land full of secrets where those with the darkest looking-skin have better chances to survive and where the leader, Ian, is planning to take wives by force.

Genre: Dystopia
Format: Mobi
Me And My Shadow by Deborah Stone (272 pages)
59824799. sx318
When the line between truth and lies blurs…


Imagine being flooded with shame, unworthiness, and paranoia. Each day you wake up to a life that feels just beyond the reach of your control. No matter how many attempts you make to move forward, you are met repeatedly with betrayal and rejection from your family – the very people who are supposed to love you the most. This is the reality for Rachel. Since childhood, all she has ever desired is to be loved, to be seen, to be accepted, yet she faces one disappointment after another.

So, what happens when someone is pushed too far and they begin to lose their grip on reality? How would you cope if you felt that no one loved you? And how far would you go to be happy? Accompany Rachel as she tries to shake off the shadows of her past and attempts to repair decades worth of pain.

Genre: Psychological thriller
Format: Mobi
The Rose Vol 1 by PD Alleva (316 pages)
53927496. sy475
A masterful, dystopian science fiction thriller of, telepathic evil greys, mysterious rebellion, martial arts, and Alien Vampires.


Sandy Cox believed WWIII was over. But for those Alien Vampires, War Has Just Begun.

Forty-eight hours after a World War III treaty is signed, Sandy Cox awakens in an underground compound unable to move. Tied to machines she screams for help but no one answers. At least no one human.

And they’ve taken her unborn child.

Phil is a rebel freedom fighter who has had more than his share of Alien Vampires. Armed with THE BLADES, a sacred alien martial art, he enters the compound on a mission to find Sandy. But as he battles through the compound, Phil discovers Sandy has her own agenda. Finding her stolen child is all that matters.

But the vampires have their own plan and Sandy’s baby is at the heart of their diabolical plot. Joined by a crew of rogue soldiers, they must navigate the underground compound, battling genetically mutated humans, aliens and monsters.

When battling Alien Vampires, one thing is certain…Get Ready To Bleed!

Genre: Scifi / dystopia
Format: Mobi / epub
FAT: the other “F” word: a novel by Dan Radlauer (336 pages)
FAT: the other "F" word: a novel by Dan Radlauer by [Dan Radlauer]

In “FAT: The Other ‘F’ Word,” Quincy Collins lives in two vastly different worlds. One where he’s a very heavy and awkward freshman at Beverly Hills High School, the other where he’s a Hollywood character actor in commercials and Indie films playing the comic relief or the despicable bully. Guess which world he likes better?

At the start of this Y.A. novel, Quincy gets his big break with a major role as “The Fat Brother” in a hot new Network Sitcom, only to find that wanting and having are two very different things.

First, “size discrimination activists” challenge the integrity of the character he’s portraying. Then his health struggles begin to undermine both his character on the show, and his self-assigned brand as “The Fat Kid Actor.” His dream gig becomes a nightmare, and he starts to question the role he’s playing on TV, as well as in real life.

“FAT: The Other ‘F’ Word” shows a unique person in a unique setting. It explores Hollywood, adolescence, and our culture’s attitudes towards different sized people. Quincy narrates the story with discovery, irony, pain and compassion as he learns that he can’t base his identity on the size of his body.

Genre: YA
Format: Mobi / epub
Lost Coast Literary by Ellie Alexander (274 pages) Due out March 29th
When an editing pen has the power to not only change stories but also to change lives.


Book editor Emily Bryant finds herself unexpectedly in the charming town of Cascata on California’s Lost Coast, holding the keys to her grandmother’s rambling Victorian mansion. While sorting through her grandmother’s things, Emily learns that she must edit old manuscripts to inherit the estate. It’s a strange request from a family member who was basically a stranger.

Emily quickly realizes that there’s something different about these manuscripts. Any changes she makes come true. At first, she embraces the gift. She has a chance to help characters find true love or chart a new course for their future. But then things go terribly wrong. Her edits have the opposite effect. The sweet and funky seaside community of Cascata is reeling from the chaos Emily has created. Everything she thought she believed about her family and her past is in jeopardy, and no amount of editing can fix the damage she’s done.

Then she finds one last manuscript. If Emily can get this edit right, maybe she’ll have a chance to create a new narrative for herself and everyone around her.

Genre: Women’s fiction / magical realism
Format: Mobi/ epub
Surrogate Colony by Boshra Rasti (225 pages) Due out Feb ’22
59559091. sx318
In MicroScrep, a post-pandemic world, one politician, Arthur Mills, brings all scientists and engineers together to create a vaccine and rebuild a world where harmony ensues.


What results is a society where algorithms control who you marry, who your child is, and what position you have.

Adriana Buckowski is not normal. Her eyes are two different colors, making her less susceptible to the system’s propaganda, she has a unique connection with a boy named Zach, and she has questions.

Weird occurrences happen as she gets closer to her Calling Ceremony, where she’ll be given a position.

When she finally starts piecing together the twisted motives at play in MicroScrep, she becomes a cog in the wheel of the state.

Her only option for survival lies with Zach, and the hope that she will be vindicated through a vigilante group off-grid.

Genre: Dystopia
Format: Mobi or epub
Songwriter Showcase by D G Driver (Sequel to Songwriter Night) 155 pages
59616269. sy475
Emotions run high and jealousy reigns when the members of songwriter group night enter a talent competition against each other.


It’s been a couple months since Trish attended her first songwriter night and started her relationship with Lyle. Things have been going nicely for them but haven’t been quite as smooth for Odetta and Neil. These new relationships are put to the test when all four of them enter a big songwriting competition where the finalists will perform in a showcase in front of a panel of judges. The winner will get an offer of agent representation and a possible recording deal. Now they’re all in competition, trying to figure out how to support each other while still wanting to win.

It doesn’t help that both Lyle and Neil feel slighted because Trish and Odetta are singing songs they’ve written about former relationships. There’s also a striking young woman named Carly who could definitely snag the prize away from any of them.

Oh, and one more problem. Aiden Bronson is one of the judges.

Is the love between Trish and Lyle or Odetta and Neil strong enough to survive this tense night? No matter the outcome?

A charming sequel to the Nashville inspire sweet romantic comedy Songwriter Night.

Genre: Romance
Format: Mobi / epub
NEANDER: Evolution by Harald Johnson (272 pages) #3 in the series
59922944. sy475
“Can I save my daughter . . . and them?”


Time traveler Tom Cook has settled into his prehistoric life among the Neanderthals, but it’s not without its challenges that include a burning desire to see his future-dwelling daughter, Pook, again.

When a growing threat from hostile neighbors turns into an attack, an old contact from another world comes to the rescue and leads both Tom and his Neanderthal wife, Brassy, back to that future through an increasingly unstable time portal.

Now, after traveling to and from two different worlds, Tom must find a way to defeat his enemies in both, reunite his family, and save his adopted band of Neanderthals.

Genre: Histfic/ time travel
Format: Mobi / epub
Utopia Café by David Hejna (305 pages)
Utopia Café by [David Hejna]
An amusing young romance intersects with an underground freedom movement in a Soviet-style system that promised egalitarian utopia but became a harsh bureaucratic police state.


Isabella, an attractive college senior, belongs to an underground freedom movement organizing against a repressive, yet poorly run, Marxist socialist regime. She is challenged by the idea of recruiting Tom, an unlikely choice as a rising young star in the Party. But Izzy heard Tom may have hidden depths and could get inside information as an underground mole. He’s also nice looking.

Will their amusing and cautious interactions and gradual revelations develop into a deeper relationship of shared beliefs? Will increasing friction between the two marginally competent Party leaders finally provide an opportunity for the underground to take action? Will Tom be reunited with his capitalist parents whom he denounced as a child, and who are in a gulag prison camp?

Appealing characters develop with engaging and humorous dialogues and narratives mixed with political and cultural satire. Then events unfold with surprising twists and thriller scenes.

Genre: Political thriller
Format: Mobi/ epub
Until There Was You (Valley Vale Sweet Small Town Romance) by Alessa Martel (190 pages)
Until There Was You (Valley Vale Sweet Small Town Romance) by [Alessa Martel]

Opposites definitely attract.

Only a few months ago, Emily was engaged to a sweet, handsome man she planned to spend the rest of her life with. When his ex-girlfriend returned from college and the misunderstandings that led to their breakup came to light, Emily soon found herself single again. 

On her own in the small town in which she spent several happy childhood years, she knows that she’s the subject of gossip and pity, whether she wants to be or not. Settling down into a life with her grandparents, for whom she is a caretaker, she doesn’t expect to find a man who makes her heart race as it never has before.

Jonah has never had a serious girlfriend and doesn’t want one. No woman is worth that kind of trouble, he rationalizes, but when he returns home from a year volunteering in the rural South, he stumbles into Emily, and the sparks begin to fly.

Genre: Clean small town romance

Format: Mobi

Undead by Mark Brendan (350 pages)
Undead by [Mark Brendan]
A collection of the author’s previously published pulp horror novellas, gathered for the first time in a single volume, Undead features three macabre tales of blood, terror and the living dead. In the first story, Exuma, a convicted seventeenth century heretic is shipwrecked along with his galley slave companions on a mysterious Caribbean island, where worse things than the surviving guards haunt the shadows. The second, The Worm at the Feast, is a darkly comedic, Gothic account of the life and misdeeds of an eighteenth century alchemist, who is also by turns a murderer, grave robber, bandit and necromancer. The final tale of historical horror, Temple of the Hyena, follows the exploits of a crew of deserters from Napoleon Bonaparte’s army in Egypt, lured into the deep desert by an ancient treasure map that promises riches beyond their dreams of avarice.
Genre: Horror
Format: Mobi / epub
The Flesh Auction by J C Berry (303 pages)
The Night Stalkers took everything from humankind.


The bloodthirsty beings appeared in the night, their attacks calculated and brutal. Cornubia was the first to fall and the surrounding lands soon followed. Now, humans and the alike are hunted and sold as food to the monsters who took their cities.

Delen, Kilian and Quin are among the freshly caught. Their lives have been spent running but they are taken to Fehal, the main city of the Night Stalkers, to be sold and fed upon until their deaths.

No one has ever escaped the city and the friends prepare for their end.

Yet, there is a promise of new life, rumours of change and hope. Delen, Kilian and Quin must fight for their lives and freedom, but what sacrifices are they willing to make for the hope of a new future?

Genre: Dark Fantasy
Format: E-pub or gifted e-copy from AmazonUK
Gateworlds – Earth – Athanator by Gillbert Troll (335 pages) ARC now for Dec publication)
59465097. sy475
Earth is in (im)mortal danger. Only one man can help. One man and a chicken.


When a smug but mighty talking tree asks him to retrieve one of the rune crystals of the Multiverse Gate Earth, John Zelm “Athanator” decides against his better judgment that he will do as he is told and recover the guard rune to save the planet. As the balance of the multiverse itself might be at risk, he is helped by powerful allies such as a chicken and a platypusbear.

Can John save us, or are we dead already? You must read the book NOW to find out! Otherwise, it might be too late!

Genre: Urban fantasy / humour
Format: Mobi / epub
The Brotherhood of Time: Dawn by Cliff W Pettibone (271 pages) ARC now for May 2022 publication
59558926. sy475
Rorthan’s life had been an unhappy one. The son of a general, when his mother died giving him life his father refused to even name him. A chance meeting with the handsome Prince Tomren leads to adventure, danger, and a love that stretches across milenia.


After finding a cave in the woods near the castle Tomren and Rorthan stumble upon a secret that leads to them being hunted across eons by The Brotherhood of Time, a crazed cult of religious devotees that will stop at nothing to protect the secret.

When Tomren is kidnapped by the Brotherhood, Rorthan must risk everything in a time where he doesn’t belong to save the boy he loves.

Can he reach Tomren in time, or will they both be lost forever?

Genre: YA LGBT sci-fi 
Format: Mobi / epub

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