Rosie’s Book Review Team (RBRT) – Booklist

A Final Regret by Jeff Warren (251 pages)
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A Young Mother Missing. Did Someone Want Her Dead? Neighbourhood Sergeant Alys Carey and Detective Inspector Matt Vincent are thrown back together when Matt returns to Pembrokeshire and takes on the case.


There’s no shortage of suspects: Rianna’s blackmail victims; the men she beguiled; the women who loved them; the father of little baby Meg.

Can Alys and Matt unravel the complex web of relationships within the local community and ensure that justice prevails, or will Matt’s embittered detective sergeant, Beth Francis, derail the investigation? And what will become of little baby Meg?

A Final Regret is a modern murder mystery set on the beautiful Pembrokeshire coast with romance and humour. With no graphic violence, sex or swearing, it’s a suitable read for the whole family.

Genre: Mystery
Format: mobi / epub
Cromby’s Axiom by  Gary J. Kirchner (204 pages)
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“Before we were all connected, before we were The Hive, there was individualism, privacy, ‘personal space’ . . . so quaint, so unnecessary . . . so dangerous . . . “
Earth. The near future. Internet technology has evolved to the point where humans are connected without intermediary devices. Communication is instant. Social interaction is incessant. The wealth of human knowledge is accessible with a thought.
Tommy Pierre Antikagamac, the world’s most popular athlete, finds himself suddenly detached from the Hive and captured by a tiny group of free-thinking rebels. The unfamiliar emptiness and silence in his unattached mind is agonizing. As weeks of captivity go on, however, he becomes tantalized by the concepts of privacy, individual thought, and unenhanced mental imagery.
In time, Tommy must make a decision of which life he wants, and when he chooses to join his captors in their struggle, he discovers that the reach of the Hive is considerably more invasive than he could have dreamed.
Genre: Dystopian fiction / Science fiction
Format: Mobi / epub
The Doll by Laura Daleo (146 pages)
59112523. sy475
In the wake of Jenna Hess’ sudden death, Jeremy Dillon is devastated. His only hope of easing the pain lies in alcohol…until he meets The Dollmaker.
Meet CR1XY, the Dollmaker’s Elite doll, created especially for Jeremy. But is she?
Genre: Scifi / urban fantasy
Format: e-pub
Rebel’s Knot by Cryssa Bazos (ARC now for Nov 8th publication)
59131742. sy475
Ireland 1652: In the desperate, final days of the English invasion . . .


A fey young woman, Áine Callaghan, is the sole survivor of an attack by English marauders. When Irish soldier Niall O’Coneill discovers his own kin slaughtered in the same massacre, he vows to hunt down the men responsible. He takes Áine under his protection and together they reach the safety of an encampment held by the Irish forces in Tipperary.

Hardly a safe haven, the camp is rife with danger and intrigue. Áine is a stranger with the old stories stirring on her tongue and rumours follow her everywhere. The English cut off support to the brigade, and a traitor undermines the Irish cause, turning Niall from hunter to hunted.

When someone from Áine’s past arrives, her secrets boil to the surface—and she must slay her demons once and for all.

As the web of violence and treachery grows, Áine and Niall find solace in each other’s arms—but can their love survive long-buried secrets and the darkness of vengeance?

Genre: Romantic historical fiction
Format: Mobi
Black Entry by Regis P. Sheehan (190 pages)
Black Entry by [Regis P.  Sheehan]
This is a fictionalized account of “Project Tiger”, which was an operation spanning 1962 and 1963 in which the CIA inserted numerous indigenous agent teams into North Vietnam for the purposes of espionage, sabotage and other special operations. It also relates the story to earlier CIA operations in which similar efforts were made to drop agents in Communist East Europe – with similar results.
Genre: Espionage / Military war fiction
Format: Mobi
The Exhumation by Nick Padron (268 pages)
58883132. sy475
THE EXHUMATION by Nick Padron TouchPoint Press 2021
In the fall of 1937, besieged Madrid lies in near ruins, its people struggling under nightly bombardments. Into this uncertain world, enter three Americans assigned with the task to find and exhume the remains of Robert Jordan – a member of the International Brigade killed in action –and bring him home for proper burial in the States. They are Jordan’s uncle and the two-man team hired for the job: the amoral but winsome MajorWilliamson and their interpreter, John, who tells us the story of how one man’s greed-driven final act becomes another man’s shot at redemption.
Set over the course of three days, amid vivid depictions of wartime Madrid,we follow the team through the violent drama that surrounds RobertJordan’s exhumation, the human cost of the undertaking, and then John’s Maripaz’s, the beautiful piano teacher he meets during an artillery attack, fateful escape from Madrid. More than a tale of action and suspense set in a world at war,
is a story about the meaning of loyalty, of love and loss and, finally, the unending search for a lasting ideal.
Genre: Historical Spanish Civil War Action Adventure
Format: Mobi
Heartless Hette by M.L. Farb (333 pages)
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When Princess Hette refuses a sorcerer’s proposal, he retaliates by stealing her heart–literally. Desperate to resist his influence, Hette makes herself emotionless, stifling all feelings until she can find her heart and win it back.


The Court Fool is the only one who knows where to find the sorcerer, and he has his own curse to battle.

Riddles and magic plague their path, but if Hette can’t find the sorcerer in time, her heart will be the least of her losses.

Genre: Classic fantasy / Fairy tale re-imagining
Format: Mobi
Love On Location by Lynne Shelby (304 pages)
58810065. sy475
When Laurel Martin is hired to rewrite the script for a new timeslip movie, she expects the historical advisor hired by the studio to be an elderly academic who won’t interfere too much with her writing. But when she meets Professor Jason Harding, a young and unexpectedly handsome archaeologist who has some ideas of his own about the script, she realises the job isn’t going to be as simple as she first thought.
As their work takes them from arguing over historical details in a cramped London office to discovering the hidden beauties of a Greek island, Laurel and Jason’s relationship starts to echo the romance of their script.
But with Laurel’s actor ex-boyfriend making trouble at home, and constant issues with the volatile director, will Laurel and Jason ever be able to write the happy ending for their own story?
Genre: Romantic comedy
Format: Gifted from AmazonUK or an AmazonUk gift voucher for the purchase price
Harvest Nights by Armed Alameen (ARC )
Awaiting book cover
Harvest Nights is a story told through a young boy named Chua (Snake), who narrates the story of how the days were gone and replaced by nights when a strange shooting star appeared in the sky in 1811 Colonial America (Great Comet of 1811). During those dreadful nights, Chua, and later three other people, will have to survive the other worldly creatures that will stop at nothing to eat. A Lovecraftian horror story featuring famous historical figures and creatures inspired by Native American myths.
Genre: Horror
Format: Mobi / epub
Silent Sands by Eva Bernhard (336 pages)
Silent Sands (Agnes Taylor Mystery) by [Eva Bernhard]

ravel to Germany can be deadly…

Murder was not on her mind when she agreed to a vacation with her aging university professor-cum-artist mom.

College teacher Agnes Taylor has no idea why her mom Sera wants her along on a trip to a German North Sea island. At home in Canada, they rarely meet.

Already on Day One of the vacation tempers flare. Sera calls for ‘time out.’ Shortly after, Agnes spots her visiting a residence in town. Or—does her mom have a doppelgänger?

As if mother-daughter tensions weren’t bad enough, the whole place is in turmoil. A wind turbine project sets islanders at loggerheads and draws hordes of protesters.

When Agnes meets impish Polly Holt, her spirits begin to rise. The imp is such fun and adept at making friends. The dreaded summer vacation holds promise of brighter days, after all.

Until that is, Agnes wakes up one morning and finds her mom gone…

Genre: Murder Mystery

Format: Mobi / epub

Double Identity by Alison Morton (338 pages)
Deeply in love, a chic Parisian lifestyle before her. Now she’s facing prison for murder.


It’s three days since Mel des Pittones threw in her job as an intelligence analyst with the French special forces to marry financial trader Gérard Rohlbert. But her dream turns to nightmare when she wakes to find him dead in bed beside her.

Her horror deepens when she’s accused of his murder. Met Police detective Jeff McCracken wants to pin Gérard’s death on her. Mel must track down the real killer, even if that means being forced to work with the obnoxious McCracken.

But as she unpicks her fiancé’s past, she discovers his shocking secret life. To get to the truth, she has to go undercover and finds almost everybody around her is hiding a second self.

Mel can trust nobody. Can she uncover the real killer before they stop her?

Genre: Thriller
Format: Mobi or e-pub
The Shivering Ground and other stories by Sara Barkat (ARC now for Dec 1st publication)
The Shivering Ground blends future and past, earth and otherworldliness, in a magnetic collection that shimmers with art, philosophy, dance, film, and music at its heart.


A haunting medieval song in the mouth of a guard, an 1800s greatcoat on the shoulders of a playwright experiencing a quantum love affair, alien worlds both elsewhere and in the ruined water at our feet: these stories startle us with the richness and emptiness of what we absolutely know and simultaneously cannot pin into place.

Genre: a slipstream/SF/horror/eco collection
Format: Mobi or e-pub
The Finest Lies by David J Naiman (ARC now for October 14th release)
58967157. sy475
High schooler Nicole Hallett has just about had it with her brother Jay, so when a mysterious man appears with an offer to replace him with a better one, she doesn’t hesitate. Nicole has always been impulsive, but this time, she finds herself in predicament far worse than anything she’s experienced. Just like that, an average snow day—usually filled with hot cocoa and snowball fights—is commandeered by the stranger, who forces the siblings into a dangerous game.


Confronted by past reflections, tested by present complications, and threatened by future possibilities, Nicole has until the end of the day to disentangle the riddle of her life.

This suspenseful, yet winsome novel by award-winning author David J. Naiman uses contemporary magical realism to explore the power of family and forgiveness. But take heed. The truth can cut like shards of glass, especially for those who’d rather avoid it. Sometimes, only the finest lies will do.

Genre: YA magical realism
Format: Bookfunnel download code for mobi or e-pub
The Red Grouse Tales; The Little Dog and other stories by Leslie Garland (343 pages- 4 novellas)
53135268. sx318 sy475
The Little Dog, a story of good and evil and retribution. Very much a coming of age story and told in the manner of all the stories in our lives, namely that we have no idea that we are ‘living in a story’ until suddenly all seems to click together. A young forester partnered with an objectionable workmate, finds a little dog way out in a remote part of the forest. What is such a cute little dog doing there? Bill, the teller of this tale, becomes a bit attached to it and looks forward to seeing it every day sitting beside the haul road. Then one day the dog is no longer there and Bill starts to learn some dreadful truths.


The Crow, a sad, poignant story of misunderstanding, bitterness and blame. Another coming of age story but on a very different theme; that of human vanity. A young boy is taken by his mother to visit a dying and embittered old Irish priest, Mad Father Patrick, who recounts the school days and subsequent rise of a local councillor and of his involvement in the construction of a dam which flooded a valley. As the tale progresses it becomes increasingly bizarre, indeed, mad. So why is the old priest so bitter?

The Golden Tup, a dreadful tale of a young couple’s paradise being cruelly taken from them by latent evil. Can evil be in a place? A slow burning horror story; this one opens with the appalling news that a nice young couple, who had bought an old derelict farm and made it into their ‘dream home,’ had killed their own baby. How could they have done such a dreadful thing? The story, told predominantly in flash-back and with references to Milton’s Paradise Lost, charts their lives and how this horrific act came to pass.

The White Hart, a happy ghost story, if there can be such a thing! A tale of redemption told by a likeable male chauvinist, Pete, who recounts his meeting with an albino doe while out in the forest on a jog, his subsequent meeting with an enigmatic and beautiful girl at a remote chapel who tells him the sad story of the daughter of the family which built it, and a third incident 

Genre: (4 novellas cover: good and evil, possibly coming of age, Eden, a dash of philosophy and religion, and their speculative and magical realism nature.
Format: Mobi / epub
Soulwinder by Travis Daniel Bow (ARC now for Nov 15th publication)
Three strangers.
Two plots.
One champion.


In the crater of a volcanic island, musical magic and enchanted swordplay rule society. Every seven years a champion from each caste climbs the tournament ladder for a chance at a new life. This year three apparent strangers—a sabotaged craftsman trying to save his mentally disabled father, a legendary duelist resisting the machinations of her master, and a Magistry janitor fighting an empathy-sapping talent—are desperate to reach the final battle. But a web of strange coincidence connects them, the city is on the brink of collapse, and nothing is as it seems.

Everyone’s a puppet… but who holds the strings?

Genre: Fantasy
Format: Mobi / epub
Three Coins by Kimberley Sullivan (ARC now – October 22nd publication)
Three Coins by [Kimberly Sullivan]
Emma, an American expat living in Rome for twenty years, can’t count on her ex-husband to help out with the kids when things get tough. Dario Rinaldi, famed plastic surgeon to the stars, is too busy gallivanting around Europe with young women to take an interest in his family.


Beautiful Tiffany, born and bred in Iowa, is desperate to get a spot as a dancer on an Italian television show. But is she willing to do whatever it takes to make her dreams of TV stardom come true?

Annarita, from an Italian-American family in Yonkers, teaches English to over-privileged Italians and regularly has her heart trampled by boyfriends all wrong for her. As her mother is always quick to point out, nothing has gone right for her since she moved to Italy. And she isn’t getting any younger, either.

Emma, Tiffany and Annarita all meet up by chance at a 1950s movie night while on a restorative holiday at a beach resort off-season. The triumphs and hardships of these three very different women become intertwined as they form an unlikely friendship and work to better their messy lives.

Genre: Woman’s fiction
Format: Mobi / epub
The Flat On The 7th Floor by E.L. Barry (142 pages)
The Flat on the 7th Floor by [E.L Barry]
One path leads to happiness, the other to disaster! Which will she choose?


When Josie Jackson discovers her past is not all as it seems, her life is changed forever.
Being warned not to investigate photographs she was sent of her mother before Josie was born, Josie discovers more secrets in unexpected places.

At the same time Josie meets a handsome stranger who raises more questions than answers. How can she resist his charms when he is everything she has been looking for?

Josie’s colleague’s Kim and Gareth are caught in the danger. When they form a close bond, Josie is conflicted by her feelings. Will Josie discover the truth before anyone gets hurt?

Follow the twists and turns of life choices. family, work, money, relationships, and self-discovery in this Josie Jackson thriller, as she lives in The Flat on the 7th Floor.

Genre: Coming Of Age
Format: Mobi / Paperback for UK reviewers or gifted kindle copy to AmazonUK accounts
The Grifter by Sean Campbell and Ali Gunn (410 pages)
58586980. sy475
One will rise. The other will fall.
Kent Bancroft’s rise to fame and fortune was nothing short of meteoric. Once a simple teacher in London’s East End, he’s now on course to become Britain’s youngest billionaire.
But his success has come on the back of those he’s trodden upon to get there. Among them is a man whose fall was as swift as Kent’s rise. He used to be a sparky until a freak accident robbed him of one leg.
And then Kent Bancroft robbed him of everything else.
Forget forgiveness. Forget turning the other cheek. And forget waiting for karma.
This is a victim who won’t stand idly by.
He wants revenge.
And he’s going to get it.
Kent Bancroft will never see him coming.
Genre: Financial thriller
Format: Mobi
DREAMer by Emily Gallo (199 pages)
57740761. sx318
“DREAMer,” tells the story of Kate and Lawrence, a retired bi-racial couple who, while
driving through the desert on their way home from vacation, finds a young girl sitting by
the side of the road. Against Lawrence’s better judgment and with Kate’s encouragement and concern, the girl gets in the car silently. Who is she? Where is she from and where is she going? Why is she there? What can they do to help? Although the girl won’t speak, that doesn’t deter them from embarking on a journey through central and southern California to find the answers. They have few clues – a couple of photos, several postcards, and a fake birth certificate. Along the way, they confront numerous legal issues connected to the circumstances including immigration enforcement and the implication that their involvement is a kidnapping rather than a mercy mission. And, inevitably, they face the racism and suspicion as a White woman, a Black man and a Latina child asking questions in the small towns and farming communities. Although the prospect of finding Marisol’s family diminishes, their blossoming relationship flourishes with a heartfelt commitment to keep her safe on a path to a promising future.
Genre: Mystery
Format: Mobi / epub
The Dark Side Of Midnight by Carol Hedges (272 pages)
SPYGIRL1The Dark Side of Midnight small size

Jazmin Dawson is a fourteen year old teenager, whose biggest battles are with her homework and her addiction to snacks.

But suddenly, everything changes. Jazmin’s mother works for the London branch of GID (Global Intelligence Department) an organisation responsible for tracking down individuals and groups that threaten world security. Tasked with locating a stolen dead body, she goes missing in action, and

Jazmin is sent to find her.

Stepping off a plane in Prague, Jazmin finds herself at the centre of an international mystery, and with a dangerous mission: to infiltrate a rogue scientific institute.

“Jazmin Dawson’s first assignment is a thrilling read, full of fast-paced action and put-downs as deadly as an assassin’s bullet.”

Genre: Ya / middle grade action adventure

Format: Mobi

Burn This City To The Ground by N. Daniel ARC PDF #memoir Due out December.
As Daniel recovers from a psychotic episode and months long mental health civil commitment, he befriends a youthful quadriplegic named Samantha who is dealing with life-threatening health problems. When cohabitation becomes necessary for Sam, caregiver and client both move to downtown Minneapolis to begin a new life together. Before they can get settled in, Daniel is diagnosed with stage 3 cancer and must undergo multiple surgeries. The two navigate the American healthcare system and work towards Samantha’s eventual independence, however, their relationship becomes toxic when a global pandemic shakes the nation and George Floyd is murdered by Minneapolis police officers.


Based on the author’s life, this endearing platonic love story is the gooey center of a turbulent world set aflame. Through the laughter and the tears, Samantha and Daniel play off each other like a tragic comedy duo that’s hell bent on finding humor within the most savage aspects of their everyday lives.

Genre: Memoir
Format: PDF only

A Phantom’s Vengeance by Marco Mizzi (ARC – Publication Nov 25th)


The kingdom of Mesanda is embroiled in civil war…
High Lord Shorid of Malktown has risen against his brother King Marnol, conquering the entire south in less than a year. With armies growing stronger every day, he has now set his sights north, ever closer to Caposia—Mesanda’s capital and the king’s home city. For now, Marnol can breathe relief after his army manages to defeat an enemy force in the northwest.
Danio, a soldier in the king’s army, has survived the battle and is now returning home: to Caposia, to his wife and daughter. However, a fate worse than falling in battle awaits him within the safety of the capital, as he inadvertently stumbles upon a treasonous plan leading to deceit, danger, tragedy, and—ultimately—a quest for vengeance.

Genre: Fantasy

Format: Mobi / epub

Climate Crisis by CG Penne (294 pages)

Climatic Crisis by [C G Penne]

This is a modern-day tale of a family scattered over the globe who experience various different weather phenomena, spectacular, dangerous and awe inspiring. Some suffer heart rending injuries, others the devastating loss of loved ones. It is a fight for survival against all that Planet Earth can fling at them, enraged with the Human Race who have placed importance on economies and compilation of wealth rather than respecting the natural resources of their wonderful world. The seas are contaminated and marine life is dying. The temperature on land is so hot that fires are destroying large parts of the forests. It is a race against time and every second counts as governments around the world endeavour to set right the years of neglect and pollution. But will they be in time?

Genre: Contemporary fiction

Format: Paperback only

Bells, Tails & Murder by Kathy Manos Penn (252 pages)

58695567. sy475

A Cotswolds village . . . a grieving heroine . . . two furry sidekicks . . . and a murder!

Do you like heroines who’ve lived a little? Who’ve suffered life’s ups and downs but kept on trucking? Then you’ll love Leta Parker and her new friends in the Cotswold village of Astonbury.

When tragedy strikes Leta Parker’s life, the successful banker and closet sleuth chases a lifelong dream to retire to England. Leaving her friends and neighbors in Atlanta, she settles into Astonbury with her talkative dog and cat, Dickens and Christie. 

Picture her driving a refurbished London taxi to the bookshop and the tearoom, enjoying leisurely walks with Dickens the dog, and sipping coffee in the garden with Christie, her sassy cat.

When Leta stumbles across the dead body of a new acquaintance, her inner Nancy Drew comes out. Before you know it, she’s enlisted the help of Wendy, a retired English teacher friend—and even Wendy’s elderly mum.

Two whipsmart retirees, one spunky senior citizen, and a feisty dog and cat are on the case!

Who better to unearth clues from their friends in the village? Even Dickens and Christie get in on the act gathering intelligence from their four-legged friends and pointing out the obvious to Leta.

What do authors A. A. Milne, Arthur Conan Doyle, and J. M. Barrie have to do with all this?

Is their connection with the Cotswolds merely an interesting bit of trivia, or is it more? Will Leta and Wendy let their literary noses lead them astray?

You’ll be captivated as this unlikely team chases clues and ferrets out a long-buried secret—a scenario that would make any BBC cozy mystery producer proud.  No matter the clues uncovered by Dickens and Christie, you’ll be hard-pressed to guess who the villain is unless, like Leta, you’re able to “talk to the animals.” 

Genre: Cosy Mystery

Format: mobi / epub

The Marauders of Sazile by Romana Drew (227 pages)

58521770. sy475

Aliens, called Hocalie, come to Earth, cute, furry, and apparently harmless. They didn’t even bring weapons. They say they’re searching for one person to represent Earth at the Intergalactic Trade Center on Rosat. The right person.
Thousands of people apply. Earth’s governments vie to get their representatives picked. The Hocalie listen to all the suggestions. Then they choose Robin Mayfield, a young artist. Only after they are in space, and it is too late to turn back, do they tell Robin why they picked her. The Hocalie believe that only she can stop an intragalactic war. But they won’t tell her how she is supposed to do that.
No one knows who the Marauders are or why they are attacking different worlds. They appear out of nowhere to attack then disappear just as fast. They never make any effort to communicate and never respond to any form of communication.
The Marauders of Sazile is a fast-paced space adventure. The Hocalie are ever so gentle, but clever enough to hold their own against even the worst enemy. The Langons are technologically advanced but arrogant, self-centered, and domineering. The Marauders only want their world back.
Throughout her adventures, Robin keeps a journal. She also draws pictures of the people and places she visits. The Marauders of Sazile is Robin’s Journal. Some of her illustrations are included.

Genre: Ya Scifi (Do read a sample first as the writing is written as a journal)

Format: Mobi /epub

The Fellowship of the Flame: A Chronicles of Purpura Novella by A.R. Silverberry (104 pages)

57426955. sx318

A deadly hunter …
A boy with an ill-fated dream …
Only one can survive.

Caggril, ruthless mercenary and tracker, needs enough gold to release himself from the Purpuran army. Only then can he leave war behind and seek the near mythical land of Aerdem, by all reports a paradise.

Cap, a ten-year-old street urchin, knows it’s mad to attack the brutal queen of Purpura. But he’s hell-bent on realizing his dream. To join the Purpuran resistance, the Fellowship of the Flame.

Bent on revenge, the queen promises to free Caggril from his bond if he brings the boy back. But Cap has other problems. He learns that the queen is setting a trap for the resistance. With a wolf on his tracks and time running out, he has to warn the Fellowship. Or good people will die.

Genre: Ya fantasy

Format: Mobi / epub

Over The Hedge by Paulette Mahurin (176 pages)

58675147. sy475

During one of the darkest times in history, at the height of the German occupation of the Netherlands in 1943, members of the Dutch resistance began a mission to rescue Jewish children from the deportation center in Amsterdam. Heading the mission were Walter Süskind, a German Jew living in the Netherlands, Henriëtte Pimentel, a Sephardic Jew, and Johan van Hulst, principal of a Christian college. As Nazis rounded up Jewish families at gunpoint, the three discreetly moved children from the deportation center to the daycare across the street and over the backyard hedge to the college next door. From the college, the children were transported to live with Dutch families. Working against irate orders from Hitler to rid the Netherlands of all Jews and increasing Nazi hostilities on the Resistance, the trio worked tirelessly to overcome barriers. Ingenious plans were implemented to remove children’s names from the registry of captured Jews. To sneak them out of the college undetected past guards patrolling the deportation center. To meld them in with their new families to avoid detection. Based on actual events, Over the Hedge is the story of how against escalating Nazi brutality when millions of Jews were disposed of in camps, Walter Süskind, Henriëtte Pimentel, and Johan van Hulst worked heroically with the Dutch resistance to save Jewish children. But it is not just a story of their courageous endeavors. It is a story of the resilience of the human spirit. Of friendship and selfless love. The love that continues on in the hearts of over six hundred Dutch Jewish children.

Genre: WW2 Histfic

Format: Kindle gift to accounts or a mobi

Mississippi Missing by Laura Engelhardt (390 pages)

58524485. sy475

When mages hijack the Mississippi, it’s Mary’s job to get it back

Mary was a mundane middle-aged woman adjusting to her role as an empty-nester when she drank from a magical chalice and became fae. A few months later, she’s still adapting to her new life when the Mississippi River suddenly disappears.

The only river nymph left, Mary sets out to find it. A were-jaguar, frog prince, and multiple fae lords entangle themselves in her quest, turning what should have been an exciting adventure across the American Midwest into a treacherous journey fraught with ancient magick, twisted faerie “games,” and even a glimpse into the Hereafter to see what awaits on the Other Side.

Mary is determined to rescue the river, but isn’t sure she’s ruthless enough to become an avenging faerie. Can she save the Mississippi’s soul without sacrificing her own?

Mississippi Missing is a standalone novel set in the contemporary fantasy world of the Fifth Mage War. It’s a spiritual story of new beginnings, a heartfelt tale of remaining true to yourself, even when you don’t know who you are.

Genre: Urban Fantasy

Format: Mobi /e-pub

Left on a Doorstep: The DuPree Dynasty by Beatrice Crew (ARC now for September publication) 193 pages

58728799. sy475

England, 1896. On the cusp of her twenty-first birthday ball, Victoria Montgomery, daughter of a well-to-do family, learns that she has more in common with the young unwed mothers she helps in her London charity than she wanted to believe when she learns she had been left as a baby on her parents’ doorstep. Now a ruthless baby seller is stalking her to take revenge. But when a handsome stranger named Allistair attends Victoria’s ball to compel her to his family’s island estate to be reunited with her ill birth father, Victoria soon discovers she has a history of people trying to kill her. Even her grandmother once attempted to throw her into the sea. Victoria develops feelings for Allistair, a man she must trust to have her best interests, as he helps unravel the plot against her as well as the lace on her evening dress. The next planned party is a masquerade ball — if Victoria can survive the event and remove the mask of her past.  

Genre: Historical romantic mystery

Format: Mobi

Blood Mark by JP McLean (Arc now for October 19th publication) 322 pages

58268379. sy475

What if your lifelong curse is the only thing keeping you alive? Abandoned at birth, life has always been a battle for Jane Walker. She and her best friend, Sadie, spent years fighting to survive Vancouver’s cutthroat underbelly. That would have been tough enough without Jane’s mysterious afflictions: an intricate pattern of blood-red birthmarks that snake around her body and vivid, heart-wrenching nightmares that feel so real she wakes up screaming.
After she meets the first man who isn’t repulsed by her birthmarks, Jane thinks she might finally have a chance at happiness. Her belief seems confirmed as the birthmarks she’s spent her life so ashamed of magically begin to disappear. Yet, the quicker her scarlet marks vanish, the more lucid and disturbing Jane’s nightmares become—until it’s impossible to discern her dreams from reality, and Jane comes to a horrifying realization:
The nightmares that have plagued her since childhood are actually visions of real people being stalked by a deadly killer. And all this time, her birthmarks have been the only things protecting her from becoming his next victim.

Genre: Supernatural thriller

Format: Mobi / epub

City of Reckoning by Brianna da Silva (Arc now for September publication)

57657859. sy475

Kindy Sharro is used to hiding. As a Nocturan, her bat wings, claws, and night vision place her under constant threat of hunters, who cruelly slaughter her kind for sport.
But everything changes the day of the invasion. The Dorish Empire drafts the Nocturans it once persecuted to help defend against a godlike foe. Kindy enters the war, but she has an ulterior motive: Use the war to destroy her arch enemy, Charris Pouden, before he gains enough power to destroy her first.
Meanwhile, Lasía Mae’olo, an elite wolf-accompanied warrior, plots rebellion against the Dorish Empire. When she is drafted to fight for her enemies, she must find a way to subvert the war for her own purposes.
But suspicion and distrust haunts her every move. This war has many sides—and she’s not sure which side she’s on anymore.
The bonds of friendship will be tested. Alliances will be questioned. In a story of political intrigue, ethics of war, and young love, one question must be answered: Which side will you join?

Genre: Fantasy

Format: Mobi

I Jonathan, A Charleston Tale of the Rebellion by George WB Scott (437 pages)

55145007. sx318

Readers join the main character of “I Jonathan, A Charleston Tale of the Rebellion” on his journey as a young man, marooned in a strange city just as the Civil War begins. His relationships with working men and women, slaves, merchants, planters, spies, inventors, soldiers, sweethearts and musicians tell the story of a dynamic culture undergoing its greatest challenge. Scott’s novel shows the arguments and trials of a wealthy cosmopolitan community preparing to fight a nation superior in manpower and arms.

Genre: Historical fiction

Format: Mobi

Blue Shadows Fall by Lenore Stutznegger (Arc now for November 9th publication) 395 pages

58108374. sx318

“They wear the faces of your loved ones, but are more beautiful than you could ever imagine. Lovely things shouldn’t draw you in and kill you. You almost want them to.”
Seventeen-year-old Blue Haven, gifted with superhuman sight since birth, dreams of becoming a warrior—not that anything’s happened near the wall since Old Man Amos was attacked by that beaver. The Shadow Elves—humans infected by a zombie apocalypse-like plague—have died out over the past 150 years, leaving life altogether boring. In her quiet farming village nestled in the shadows of the Smoky Mountains, warriors are no more than a formality.

But Blue’s unique sight is beginning to show her some troubling things. A suspicious green-eyed outsider. A strikingly beautiful Shadow Elf. These visions can’t be real—because if they are, that means everyone’s been wrong. Dead wrong. They are not the last survivors in the world. And they aren’t prepared for the reality Blue’s eyes are showing her.
The outsiders want in, and they’re hungry.

Genre: Ya post apocalyptic fantasy

Format: Epub

Bibliomancer by Frances Evelyn (Arc now for 1st October publication)  329 pages

58521133. sy475

Time to choose your last book
Emily Brewster is an angel. Ask anyone she reads to at the hospice. When she’s arrested for murder, it should be easy to clear her name. The only problem is, she thinks she might be guilty.
But what if death isn’t The End?

Genre: low fantasy / literary fiction

Format: Mobi / epub

Creation by  Bjørn Larssen  (62 pages)

58567629. sy475

In the beginning there was confusion.

Ever woken up being a God, but not knowing how to God properly? Your brothers keep creating mosquitoes and celery and other, more threatening weapons. What can your ultimate answer be – the one that will make you THE All-Father and them, at best, the All-Those-Uncles-We-Don’t-Talk-About?

“FML! That answer’s why I drink!” – Odin

Genre: Humourous fantasy

Format: Mobi

Last Hope For Hire by Matthew Wilcox (346 pages)

57490662. sy475

Allen’s son is in danger. A rare form of epilepsy is damaging his brain and Allen’s insurance is cutting him off. To cover the costs, Allen returns to being a high-tech mercenary. Not exactly ideal for a father who enjoys carbs far more than stomach crunches. After his first mission back, Allen soothes his wounds before getting a message from Eamon Tor, America’s first trillionaire. Tor tells Allen about Eden Therapy. It treats terrible diseases but can also drive patients insane. Still, it’s exciting news—especially with the offer of complete care for Allen’s son as a reward. But Tor has a surprise. It’s a choice that puts Allen’s conscience, marriage, and abilities to the test, and sends his ragtag team on a dangerous operation halfway around the world.

Genre: Techno-thriller

Format: Mobi / epub

Seeder Shadow Wars by J. Houser (328 pages) Arc now for September 17th publication

58500868. sy475

Avoiding assassination wasn’t on Mel’s to-do list for her junior year. Learning she wasn’t human hadn’t made the list, either.
An only child with overprotective parents, Melody Walters just wants a drama-free year—and to be able to date. She gains the interest of more than one suitor, but doesn’t realize any one of them could be an enemy on the hunt. For her, the dating scene could prove deadly.
Mel discovers she’s a member of a botanical race, forced to hide their daughters in the human world until they mature enough for their powers to bloom. Something goes wrong with her blooming process, breaking her cover and jeopardizing the lives of her protectors and the large family she’d never known about.
With the enemy threat ever-looming, in a rush to master her new powers before she’s stranded in the human world forever, Mel struggles to decide who she can trust and if the sacrifice being asked of her is too great.

Genre: Ya fantasy

Format: Mobi / epub

In This Small Spot by Caren Werlinger (324 pages)


“Here, the true you is most often magnified, for better or for worse.” Abbess Theodora

In a world increasingly connected to computers and machines but disconnected to self and others, Dr. Michele Stewart finds herself drowning in a life that no longer holds meaning. Searching for a deeper connection after losing her partner, Alice, she enters a contemplative monastery, living a life dedicated to prayer, to faith in things unseen. Though most of her family and friends are convinced that she has become a nun to run away from her life, she finds herself more attuned to life than she has been in years. Stripped of the things that define most people in the outside world – career, clothing, possessions – she rediscovers a long forgotten part of herself. But sooner than she expects, the outside world intrudes, forcing her to confront doubts and demons she thought she had left behind. The ultimate test of her vocation comes from the unlikeliest source when she finds herself falling in love again. As she struggles to discern where she belongs, she discovers the terrifying truth of Abbess Theodora’s warning. For better or for worse.

Genre: Spiritual

Format: Mobi


Pestilence by Susie Kearley (215 pages)

Pestilence by [Susie Kearley]

What if a new drug had unintended consequences?
A fungal pandemic, government corruption, scientific denial.
The story begins with a medical breakthrough, a world full of hope.
Before things go catastrophically wrong…Civilisation collapses.
Will they find a cure?

Genre: Post Apocalyptic

Format: Mobi

Tails of the Unexpected by John Donoghue (296 pages)

58625057. sy475

“There must be more to owning a dog than both of us running after each other to see what the other one is eating…”
John Donoghue was just another ex-soldier and ex-sailor, leaving the military and entering the wilderness years, divorced and with a young daughter who was growing up far too quickly. Then, he got his first ever dog and his life changed forever.
“A puppy is basically a funny little buddy who always wants to hang out with you.”
Join John and his puppy, Barney, on a joyous romp through military service, bizarrely named places, the highs and lows of life with a new four-legged best friend, fatherhood dilemmas, titanic relationships, the subtle art form of mantelpiecing, memories of simpler times and eventually straight into the arms of the law.
And, in a world where there can only be one Top Dog, discover who takes the coveted title.

Genre: Humour / doggy tales

Format: Mobi / epub


Ravens In The Rain: A Noir Love Story by Christie & Jeff Santo. (Arc now for September publication) 248 pages


Ravens In The Rain centers around Pru and Carney, she’s a woman with a past, and he’s a man with no future. Down on luck and down on love, they meet over a game of chance at an off-strip Vegas casino, and Carney wonders if Pru’s sparkle is what he needs to lift him from his darkness. He doesn’t even mind that she swiped a hundred-dollar bill from an old cowboy. It excites him.

While Pru, disillusioned by her sparkle, is now accustomed to the cynical disposition of vagabond life. She’s not looking for a one-night stand; she’s looking for survival and sizing Carney up as a comfortable solution, for the moment. When she finds out who he really is, she’ll ante up for the game of her life.

This romantic noir is a turbulent flight; like dating in the 21st century, it’s dangerous and daring.

Genre: Romantic Suspense

Format: Mobi / epub

Bloodstone by M.J. Mallon (revised version) 234 pages

Bloodstone (The Curse Of Time Book 1) by [M.J. Mallon]

Fifteen-year-old Amelina Scott lives in Cambridge with her dysfunctional family, a mysterious black cat, and an unusual girl who is imprisoned within the mirrors located in her house.
When an unexpected message arrives inviting her to visit the Crystal Cottage, she sets off on a forbidden path where she encounters Ryder: a charismatic, perplexing stranger.
With the help of a magical paint set and some crystal wizard stones, can Amelina discover the truth about her family?
A unique, imaginative mystery full of magic-wielding and dark elements, Bloodstone is a riveting adventure for anyone interested in fantasy, mythology or the world of the paranormal.

Genre: Ya fantasy

Format: Mobi / epub 


Asperfell by Jamie Thomas (430 pages) Book 2 in the series is also available for request.


Only the darkest and most dangerous of Mages are sentenced to pass through the gate to Asperfell.
Not one has ever returned.
Never did Briony dream she might set foot in the otherworldly prison of Asperfell. She was, after all, neither Mage nor criminal. She was simply her father’s little whirlwind—fingers smudged with ink, dresses caked with mud—forever lost in a book or the spirit-haunted woods surrounding her family’s country estate.
But Briony always had a knack for showing up where she was least expected.
Only by braving the gate of Asperfell could Briony hope to find the true heir to the throne of Tiralaen and save her kingdom from civil war. And so, she plunges into a world of caged madmen and demented spirits, of dark magic and cryptic whispers… and of a bleak and broken prince with no interest in being rescued.
Hauntingly beautiful and lavishly told, Asperfell is a must-read for fans of Jane Austen who always wished she’d dabbled in blood magic.

Genre: NA Fantasy

Format: Mobi / e-pub

Stephen From the Inside Out by Susie Stead (373 pages)

57623726. sy475

“Susie, my life has been a complete and total waste of time”.
In 2012 when Stephen said this, he believed it to be true. But was it? And how do we decide?
From the outside, it may have looked like this. Stephen spent 25 years inside British psychiatric wards, was finally diagnosed with autism in his late forties and never felt acceptable in the ‘normal’ world.
From the inside, though, here was a man with powerful convictions, deep longings, wide interests and an incapacity to be anything other than himself, whatever the cost.
This is his story, inside and out; a story of grave injustices, saints and bigots, a faithful dog, a wild woman, a fairy godmother and angels hidden in plain sight.
It is also the story of the author, Susie, who started off by wanting to ‘help’ Stephen ‘get better’, and instead found herself profoundly challenged by a friendship she did not expect.
Idiosyncratic, unorthodox, tragic, yet at times hilarious – this book not only tells a compelling and important story but will be vital reading for anyone who cares about mental health in our contemporary world or who might just be open to a different way of seeing: from the inside out.

Genre: Biography / mental health

Format: Mobi / epub

An Audience for Einstein by Mark Wakely (211 pages)

An Audience for Einstein by [Mark Wakely]

Professor Percival Marlowe is a brilliant, elderly astrophysicist who’s dying, his greatest achievement still unfinished and now beyond his diminished means.
Doctor Carl Dorning, a neurosurgeon, finally discovers a secret method of transplanting memories from one person to another thanks to Marlowe’s millions.
Miguel Sanchez, a homeless boy, agrees to become the recipient of Marlowe’s knowledge and personality in the unorthodox experiment, enticed by Dorning’s promises of intelligence, wealth and respect but dangerously unaware that his own identity will be lost forever.
What results is a seesaw battle for control of Miguel’s body as Marlowe learns to his dismay what his lifetime of arrogance and conceit has earned him. And when Marlowe stumbles upon the shocking procedure Dorning used in desperation to succeed, the professor does what he must to defeat Dorning and redeem himself at last.

Genre: Ya scifi

Format: Mobi / epub


A Year in the Life of Andrea Coe by Lucinda E. Clarke (303 pages)

53443460. sy475

Andrea was Leah’s best friend. A strange attraction between a wild, confident, fun-loving, widow and a quiet, insecure housewife.
But Leah’s gentle and loving nature hide the depths of an underlying iron-hard mental strength. After surviving her vicious husband’s terrifying games and the mental asylum he committed her to, Leah’s only desire now is for a life of peace with her new partner, and her best friend, Andrea. What could possibly go wrong?
Plenty, as it turns out. With her husband now on the run from a mob hitman, and his family each hiding their own secrets, they are prepared to go to any lengths to finish what they started three years ago. Will they succeed this time?
Leah knew the only person she could rely on was Andrea.
This is book two in the series and answers all the questions raised in Book 1: A Year In The Life of Leah Brand.

Genre: Psychological Thriller

Format: Mobi / epub


Dark is the Grave by TG Reid (Arc now for July publication) 208 pages

58320655. sy475

A dead cop. A damaged detective. A copycat killer on the loose.
When the chief suspect in the notorious Peek-a-boo cop killer case blew himself up, almost taking lead investigator DCI Duncan Bone with him, the psychologically damaged detective thought his days on the force were over. But when another PC is abducted and murdered in the same deranged Peek-a-boo fashion, Bone is persuaded to return to lead the new investigation. But as Bone and his team hunt a copycat killer, and with time running out before yet another cop is slain, Bone’s terrifying past returns to tear open old wounds and push him to very edge of the abyss.
Can DCI Bone end the killing before the killing ends him?
Set among the dramatic hills and glens of Scotland’s Campsie Fells, Dark is the Grave is the first in a series of edge-of-your-seat crime thrillers that will keep you guessing right up to the nail-biting, heart-stopping climax.

Genre: Crime fiction

Format: Mobi or e-pub.


Remembrance by SJ Moquin (Arc now, publication due July 27th)

58091177. sy475

Sometimes home is a place you’ve never seen, a place you’ve never been, or even a place you never dreamed existed…
Nothing in Gwelle’s seventeen years aboard the starship Deliverance prepares her for life on the surface of Varax, her new home world. Life is good, but hard. But Earth’s last survivors have lived through hardships before; they will survive this, too.
Or at least that is what Gwelle thinks until accidents begin to plague the settlement. But wild beasts, explosions, and kidnappings do nothing to deter her from living her best life. That is until she uncovers a secret no one is supposed to know.
Together with the help of her friends, and the boy who broke her heart, she will do whatever it takes to protect those she loves. Gwelle has no problem breaking a few rules to get to the root of the tragedy wracking her world.
What she isn’t ready for is embracing her past. But to forget yesterday’s pain, she will do the one thing she does not think she can.
She will remember.

Genre: Ya scifi

Format: Mobi / epub


Intent to Join: A Neostriker SABRE story by J. D. Nyle (30 Pages)

Intent to Join: A Neostriker SABRE story by [J. D. Nyle]

Entry Point OK!
Sophia wants to join a new government task force to help others. Charlie wants to simply wants to be an artist. Their parents oppose them. Will they be able to convince them to pursue their desired paths? What is Neostriker? What if combat was based off the combatants’ spirits? This is the core of Neostriker.

Genre: Ya fantasy short story (first book in series)

Format: Free download from Amazon (June 12-16th) or Mobi

Elle’s A to Z of Love by Claire Huston (377 pages) Arc now for July 6th publication

Elle's A to Z of Love: A feel-good, modern love story about friends, family and home by [Claire Huston]

Haileybrook, a beautiful village in the peaceful Cotswolds countryside, is most people’s idea of heaven on earth.
Born and raised in this small slice of paradise, Elle Bea can’t wait to leave.
It should be easy, but every time she packs her bags for exotic adventures, old loves and loyalties pull her back.
Will Elle be forced to forget her dreams of far-flung places and epic romance, or can she grab one last chance to have it all?
An uplifting, romantic story about friends, family and the relationships that what makes a place a home.

Genre: Comtemporary romance

Format: Mobi / epub

Banished (Fallen Angels Book 1) by Iris Champion (Due out June 21st)

Banished: Fallen Angels Book 1 by [Iris Champion]

She’s an angel in training. He’s darkness incarnate. When their heated attraction breaks divine rules, can love rewrite fate?
Britton prays she’ll live up to her destiny. The first human raised by Archangel Michael, she’s desperate to fit in with those born in Heaven. But when she’s humiliated by her angelic peers during battle practice, she flees in shame and falls into the devilish arms of a stranger.
Lucifer has grown weary of banishment. And when he happens upon his archenemy’s beloved protégé, he’s delighted by the unexpected opportunity for vengeance. But he’s confronted by the surprise return of a long-buried yearning when their passion turns hotter than Hell.
After her steamy affair with her Fallen lover is discovered by her cherished father figure, Britton refuses to accept his furious forbiddance of their courtship. And with ancient rivalry drawing Lucifer down a familiar dark path, he’s torn between the hope in his heart… and giving in to his deadly instincts.
Can their sizzling desires pave the way for the Devil’s redemption?

Genre: Paranormal romance

Format: Mobi / epub


The Ascension Machine by Rob Edwards (309 pages)

The Ascension Machine by [Rob Edwards]

Welcome to the Justice Academy – the galaxy’s best superhero college! Teen grifter Grey arrives at the school carrying a lie: he isn’t really tech heir Mirabor Gravane. At the first opportunity Grey plans to leave the Academy. That is until he makes the mistake of starting to like his fellow students. The Justice Academy promises to “equip you with the skills to be the hero the galaxy needs” and Grey is beginning to believe the hype. But as he takes more risks to protect his secret, events spiral out of his control. When the real Gravane is kidnapped, Grey and his new friends must come together to mount a rescue and defend a city from an attack by hostile super-powered aliens. If he is to succeed, or even survive, Grey must decide who he is, and does he want to be a superhero?

Genre: Ya scifi

Format: Mobi / epub


Broken Pieces Of God by David B. Seaburn ARC now for September publication (252 pages)

Crippling unemployment and a life-threatening illness push Eddy and Gayle toward life’s dark edge where they hope a Statue of Jesus, the IRS, some magical thinking, and family ties will save the day. Eddy, a supervisor for a cable company, loses his job. Gayle, a tax accountant, is recently diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Unemployment, failed chemotherapy, and no insurance bring them to life’s precipice. Desperate, Eddy turns to a statue of Jesus, seeking a miracle, while Gayle dives deeper into a scheme she has been concocting for twenty-five years. The ‘statue’ responds, but in an unexpected and nearly catastrophic way. In the meantime, their adult offspring, Rich and Sandy, grapple with the aftershock of a tragic incident that has shadowed their lives since high school. What will happen when their secret is revealed? At the eleventh hour, Gayle re-enters treatment. Will it be too late? This is a story of resilience in the face of uncertainty, hope in the midst of darkness, and family ties strengthened by life’s vicissitudes.

Genre: Contemporary fiction

Format: Mobi


The Unknown Man by Natalie Hanson (Arc now for October publication)


Created in chaos; it took just a tiny bit more matter than antimatter for the big bang to produce the entire universe. Born with a rare abnormality that manifests through her body and mind, imbalance is something Zalla Bennbett understands. Her ability to sense out lies gives her an advantage on FBI investigations, but sixteen years in, both her marriage and career are on the rocks.
Her husband is battling cancer and Zalla is reluctant to leave town when she’s assigned to work the kidnapping of an FBI informant’s daughter. There’s no evidence and the informant isn’t helping. DNA leads to a suspect but a shootout ensues and he is killed.
Zalla deciphers clues that lead her to a sickening realization that’s too little too late. The kidnapper now also holds her dying husband hostage. Will the unforgiving chaos claim the most important thing in Zalla’s world?

Genre: Thriller

Format: Epub

This Is Our Undoing by Lorraine Wilson (273 pages) Arc now for Aug 3rd publication

57933140. sy475

Could you condemn one child to save another?

In a near-future Europe fracturing under climate change and far-right politics, biologist Lina Stephenson works in the remote Rila Mountains, safely away from London State.

When an old enemy dies, Lina’s dangerous past resurfaces, putting her family’s lives at risk. Trapped with her vulnerable sister alongside the dead man’s family, Lina is facing pressure from all sides: her enemy’s eldest son is determined to destroy her in his search for vengeance, whilst his youngest carries a sinister secret…

…But the forest is hiding its own threats and as a catastrophic storm closes in, Lina realises that to save her family she too must become a monster.

Genre: Speculative fiction

Format: E-pub

Of the Lilin by Paulette Hampton (200 pages) Re-releasing Sept ’21

58027811. sx318

A teenager dealing with grief and depression slips from reality into a realm of darkness and a demonic bloodline she is unable to escape.

After the loss of her mother, her stepfather’s mental breakdown, and the sudden death of his best friend, teenager Sage Frankle is taken to live with her aunt and cousin at the Englewood Inn in Vermont. While working through her trauma and meeting cryptic guests at her aunt’s inn, Sage finds out more about herself than she bargained for…and she’s terrified.

The Sage Chronicles, Book One – Of the Lilin, is a slow-burning story steeped in demons and archangels, myths and legends, romance, and dark family secrets.

Genre: Ya Paranormal

Format: Mobi

In a Nutshell by Cindy Dorminy (215 pages)

58103584. sy475

Mitchell Sorrow wallows in a major funk after his decades-long crush leaves town for good. Intent on powering through, he throws himself into his work as an EMT at Smithville Regional Hospital. He’ll steer clear of women, especially those who love their careers more than people.

Jackie Myers, chief development officer at a hospital association, is determined to climb the corporate ladder. The best way to do that is to show upper management she’s capable of making tough decisions, such as closing a fledgling rural hospital. When she’s assigned to visit Smithville under the guise of writing an article about small-town life, she’ll easily assess how dire the hospital situation really is.

After suffering an allergic reaction at the fall festival, Jackie blabs the true reason for her visit. Desperate to save the hospital, Mitch agrees to a deal. In exchange for keeping her secret, he gets one week to convince her the hospital is essential. But the more time they spend together, the more complicated things become. Mitch begins to open his heart, and Jackie’s decision becomes nearly impossible. He may never forgive her, and she’ll lose the only guy who can take her breath away – no Epi pen required.

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Format: Mobi / epub


The Third Thing by Sirkka Smith  (390 pages)

56324931. sy475

Love. Friendship. Weird Birds.
A socially-awkward artist and a shy photographer shadowed by a mysterious virus must face their fears to find what they need…

Xiomara (Xo for short) relaunches her artistic career with a bang—or rather, a crash—when she moves to the small mountain town of Lingen to paint birds. She’s determined to get her life back on course by pursuing what she loves, and she is sure that can be accomplished with a practical approach. But while Xo readily understands her avian acquaintances, humans have always been a bit of a challenge.

Elliot is an unassuming photographer who is smitten when Xo disrupts his quiet existence. His penchant for attracting disaster has left him scarred by his past and tongue-tied when it comes to revealing his growing feelings for her. Nevertheless, this unlikely hero can’t help trying to protect her from anything that could harm her—including his closest friend, Alec.

The three of them start out searching the slopes of Mount Arin for flammulated grosbeaks and other local rare species. But in spite of the seemingly idyllic setting, there are dangers lurking both within and without.

Can Xo and Elliot find love in spite of themselves? Or will Elliot’s past destroy their chances?

Genre: Contemporary fiction
Format: Mobi / epub


Reckless by Carolyn O’Doherty (306 pages) Stand alone /Book #3 of a series

57849539. sy475

Alex and KJ have rescued their friends from the Center that held them captive all their lives, but they are not yet safe. Discovering a community of free spinners also reveals the full extent of the plots against them, and the true threat is not the Center, nor even the Central Office, but Kronos, a shadowy international organization that has masterminded the spinners’ suppression for centuries.

When their escape from the Center brings Kronos’s attention to the very refuge that is protecting them, Alex is determined to act. Back on the cold streets of Portland, she and KJ find out Kronos’s chilling new plan to eliminate spinners forever.

As the danger mounts, Alex has to decide how far she will go to save her friends. Time is running out and evading the enemy is no longer enough. To win this battle, Alex must face Kronos itself.

Genre: Ya scifi thriller

Format: Mobi /epub

How the Wall Crumbles (The Gray-Haired Knitting Detectives, #6) by Elaine Spaan (100 pages)

57288538. sy475

The last place I expect to find myself on Halloween – in a Cinderella costume no less – is the scene of a crime.
A wall at a construction site fell and accidentally killed one of the workers. Naturally, the gray-haired knitters are convinced the wall didn’t fall all on its lonesome. No, they claim, murder is afoot! They’re just looking for an excuse to start another murder investigation.
When the police discover the wall didn’t crumble like a cookie, the knitters are determined to discover who used the wall to cover up a murder. It doesn’t matter that absolutely no one – including the police – has a clue why the victim was murdered.
The gray-haired knitters haven’t failed to solve a mystery yet. And they’re not going to now either.
Can the Gray-Haired Knitting Detectives find the killer when they’re plum out of suspects?

Genre: Cosy mystery novella

Format: Mobi / e-pub

Wolves of Adalore by Morgan Gauthier (383 pages)

57721569. sx318

Niabi killed for it once and is prepared to kill again.
Crispin wants it and is determined to have his revenge.
Salome wants nothing to do with it, but has to fight for it.
After years of people insisting she must be cursed due to her discolored left eye, Salome starts to believe they might be right. But when Harbona the Seer unexpectedly visits her, he reveals not only has the Year of the Hunter begun, but Salome’s distorted eye is in actuality the Mark of the Hunter, and she is charged to avenge the blood of the innocent.
With the Immortal Seer, their axe-wielding guardian, and a dangerous bounty hunter known as the Wanderer in their company, Salome and her brother, Crispin, embark on a journey to defeat their sister and reclaim the White Throne.

Genre: Na/ ya fantasy

Format: Mobi

Miss Wetherhams Wedding by Linore Rose Burkard (196 pages)

Miss Wetherham's Wedding: Clean and Sweet Regency Romance : The Brides of Mayfair, Book Three by [Linore Rose  Burkard]

Every step she takes to ensure his happiness is a nail in the coffin of her own.
Miss Wetherham, a matchmaker, must agree to the devious plan of a society rogue before she finds herself destitute. Helping him gain back his lost love will protect her independence and survival. But can any amount of money protect her guileless heart from falling for his charms?
Nick Dellacort is determined to restore his pride and gain back the bride he lost. Miss Wetherham is the woman to help him do it and he’ll make it worth her while. But once he sets the devilish wheels in motion, can he persuade her to abandon the scheme and choose instead a scoundrel like him for a wedding of her own?

Genre: regency Romance

Format: Mobi / epub

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