Beta Reading Service

For books up to 87000 words or 350 pages, I will charge £25 paid via PayPal in advance. Larger manuscripts will be priced depending on their size.

I will then produce 5-10 pages of notes about your book as a word document and will give feedback on the following areas:

I will reply to the beta reading areas that you want specific answers to.

I will give an overview of the main plot and sub themes as I see it.

I will give a basic breakdown of the main characters, looking at their development and how realistic they are.

I will give feedback on the dialogue, looking at how natural it sounds and if it suits the characters and their situations.

I will point out any plot holes.

I will provide feedback on each chapter.

Where necessary I will offer suggestions for changes, backed up with examples and areas for further development.

I will also give my opinion on the book title and the book cover if required.

I prefer to read the book in a PDF on my computer or mobi format on my kindle, please ask about an alternative if you cannot provide either.

Currently I am able to provide the feedback within a few days of receiving payment and the manuscript.

When should my beta read take place?

A beta read should take place after at least three or four re-drafts of your book, but before the professional edit and the final professional proof read.

My experience.

I have been an avid reader all of my life. However, I have been reading for review purposes, which is different than reading for pleasure, for nine years. I have currently reviewed more than 1500 books. You can find examples of my reviews on this blog or from my Goodreads profile here.


I am extremely glad I discovered Rosie Amber’s beta reading service. Over the course of six novels, she has helped me shape my characters, explore plot points, and pick out the nuances that add depth to my writing. I cannot recommend a higher service. – Reily Garrett, writer of romantic thrillers and paranormal romance.

I knew my book needed help. Rosie Amber was my first experience with a beta reader and I didn’t know what to expect. I certainly did not expect the amount of detail she put into her report, which must have taken a good chunk of time. I would recommend Rosie’s service to anyone looking for a comprehensive analysis from an experienced reviewer and avid reader. The cost is worth it. – Susan Appleyard, historical fiction author.

It’s tough to be an indie author and feedback can be difficult to get. Rosie offers beta services above the norm with reader insights as well as craft resources and industry comparisons. – Rennie St. James, urban fantasy and paranormal romance author.

As a new writer looking around for reviewers, I am fortunate to chance upon this site, eventually seeking Rosie’s beta reading service. Her report pinpointed all the defective plots, such as contradicting actions and implausible situations, that I have overlooked as the creator of my story. With her many years of reading, Rosie also has the expertise to direct me to resources that help improve my writing skill in areas like deep POV. Although her feedback is so truthful, it hurts a little; I can feel that Rosie genuinely wants to help my book succeed. – Mike Huang, writer of science fiction The Origin Of Human Race: Eden’s Secret.

If you would like me to beta read your work, please use the form below.