Rosie’s #Bookreview of #Travelogue TOUBAB TALES: The Joys And Trials Of Expat Life In Africa by Rob Baker #TuesdayBookBlog

Toubab Tales: The Joys and Trials of Expat Life in AfricaToubab Tales: The Joys and Trials of Expat Life in Africa by Rob Baker

4 stars

Toubab Tales is a travelogue set in Mali between 2009 to 2012. Musician Rob Baker and his family lived in Bamako, Mali’s capital city. Rob studied Mali’s musical traditions as an ethnomusicologist, while his wife taught international children in a school.

The reader gets to ‘see’ Mali through Rob’s eyes as he travels around the country investigating local music, instruments and songs. It offered an unusual theme to a travel style book. Through Rob’s work we get to learn about everyday living in the city of Bamako and about travelling to more remote places. Rob is offered a free flight to Timbuktu where he discovers a music festival in the desert.  He travels by leaking boat to another remote area to study local music and takes a long train journey to Kayes, where the high temperatures bake everything. Other times Rob drives his Toyota Hilux along sand tracks which are full of pot holes, journeys for hours on the back of a motorbike and accepts that taxis often have just one working headlight, broken wing mirrors, no seatbelts and holes in their floors.

Toubab means ‘white man’ in the local Bambara language and Rob was constantly greeted this way. Local people never saw it as racist or impolite; to them it was a word which stated the obvious. Learning about how the people lived and what they thought of their own country were parts which interested me the most in this book. I wished Rob and his family could have stayed in Mali longer, however, a coup forced them to leave when it became dangerous for foreigners to remain in the country. An interesting book and one which had me reaching for an atlas to understand more about Mali and its neighbouring countries.

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Book description

“Go to Mali,” they said. “The music is amazing,” they said. “And you get ten hours of sunshine every day.” So I did, and this is the story of my three years in a poor yet incredibly rich West African country; a story of hope, warmth and positivity in the face of adversity. As a Toubab (Westerner) in Mali, I acquired many new skills: how to deal with persistent street sellers, how to use a ‘long drop’ toilet, surviving malaria and dysentery, enduring a climate constantly hotter than my own body, breaking down hours from anywhere, and making a 17-hour river journey on the roof of an oversized canoe. And all in the aid of ethnomusicology: the science of music in culture. My story closes amidst machine-gun fire, curfews and sudden farewells as the country spirals into chaos following a military coup; not the best weeks my life, but certainly among the most interesting.

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Rosie’s #Bookreview Team #RBRT #ContemporaryDrama FACE THE WIND by Caren Werlinger

Today’s team review is from Liz, she blogs here

#RBRT Review Team

Liz has been reading Face The Wind by Caren Werlinger

55080126. sy475

On the small island of Little Sister off the Atlantic coast of Maine, Kathleen is beginning to feel settled in her relationship with part-time Sheriff, Molly, and is now an important member of the close-knit community. But another young woman is on her way to the island from the other side of the States. Teacher, Meredith Turner finds her dreams filled with a dramatic shipwreck and identifying the ship from a picture she believes it happened near to Little Sister. Her mother shares the same dream and a surprise Ancestry DNA result causes the two women to question the past.

Louisa is the much-loved, retired island schoolteacher. She is lonely but has many friends to help her. As she waits out her days, she thinks back to her youth at college wondering if her life could have been different.  Molly is very happy with Kathleen but sometimes there are misunderstandings. She would love her brother, Aidan, to find happiness but he is scared of committing himself to another person.

The island’s population receive a portent, but will it be a disaster or merely a change in their customs? This magical place attracts many tourists but the last thing they want is an influx of newcomers. It is a pleasure to share the dramatic events and consequences, in my return visit to the island and to see characters I care about struggling to achieve their dreams. Another delightful story by Caren Werlinger.

Book description

Kathleen Halloran has never been happier. She and Molly Cooper have built a life together, living in her grandmother’s cottage. The family drama of the past has calmed down. She and Molly will soon be aunts. Life on Little Sister Island is everything Kathleen could wish for… until the island begins to send ominous signals that change is in the wind.
Living beside a different ocean, Meredith Turner tries to make sense of her dreams—dreams of an island she’s never seen but can’t forget. After an ancestry test throws her family into chaos, the tempest that follows blows Meredith and her parents clear across the country, to the island of her dreams.
For Louisa Woodhouse, it feels the end is near. With no one to follow after her, she’s the last of her line on Little Sister, and her secrets will go with her. Soon, the Woodhouse name will join the others that now exist only in the island’s genealogy records.
But Little Sister Island has its own magic—rhythms and seasons and tides and currents that even the best-laid human plans can’t fight. And in that magic is a warning—a storm is coming.

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Rosie’s #Bookreview Of Action #Thriller Set In Australia THE HUNTED by Gabriel Bergmoser @gobergmoser @HarperCollinsAU @FaberBooks

The HuntedThe Hunted by Gabriel Bergmoser

4 stars

The Hunted is an action thriller set in the Australian outback. Frank runs a service station, which is a lonely life but one that he chose. However, his granddaughter is currently staying with him; they’re strangers and hardly communicate. All this changes on the day a young woman covered in blood collapses on the forecourt.

Maggie met Simon in a small town bar; they were both looking for ‘something’ and agreed to travel onward together, taking the less travelled road. They came across some hunters who invited them back to their small town. Simon’s survival instinct warned him to get away fast, but Maggie was more relaxed and persuaded him to stay just one night in the town.

The chapters alternated and were given simple headings ‘Then and Now’. This allowed the back story to be told and gave the reader hints about what could happen. A warning: the story did contain gore and a small number of shocking scenes.

Initially there are only a few characters in the story, but by the end I lost track of who many of them were as there wasn’t much character development. This is however, an action led story with plenty of impressive fight scenes. I was rather surprised that there weren’t more plot twists as I did guess much of the outcome early on. Occasionally the storyline felt familiar but I couldn’t tell you where I’d seen or read it before, just that certain parts didn’t surprise me.

Overall, I enjoyed the story, even the parts which stretched my ability to believe it all, but then much of action adventure smudges the lines of credibility and entertainment.

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Book description

Where does the adventure end . . .
and the nightmare begin?

Frank owns a service station on a little-used highway. His granddaughter, Allie, is sent to stay with him for the summer, but they don’t talk a lot.

Simon is a dreamer and an idealist, in thrall to the romance of the open road and desperately in search of something.

Maggie is the woman who will bring them together, someone whose own personal journey will visit unimaginable terror on them all. . .

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Rosie’s #Bookreview of #MurderMystery THE GOLD OF ST. CROIX by Tom Sedar

The Gold of St. CroixThe Gold of St. Croix by Tom Sedar

3.5 stars

The Gold Of St. Croix is a murder mystery set on a Caribbean Island and features a sunken 17th century Spanish treasure ship.

The story opens with a meeting between retired policeman Mad Dog Cotton and the wife of a missing diver. Betsy Rourk’s husband Bob has recently found a rare gold coin and now Bob and his partner Tony are missing, and Betsy fears the worst. Mad Dog and a group of his friends soon become entangled in a mystery which takes them all over St. Croix as events quickly turn sinister.

The author’s love for St. Croix shines through in this story, and island life is portrayed with the understanding of one who has lived there for several years. However, I was less convinced about how a retired policeman would undertake this mystery so quickly and then involve so many of his
friends. There are a lot of characters in this story from diverse backgrounds and at times it was hard to keep them all in my head and to know who I should be focusing my attention on.

For me there were a few places where the dialogue would have benefitted with more tightening; too often characters all sounded the same and the author’s fondness for the use of ‘yeah’ within the speech became repetitive. However, these are only minor weaker points and many readers won’t
mind them.

So overall, some of my favourite parts of this were the setting and I appreciated the grand tour of the island.

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Book description

One tranquil Caribbean day, unremarkable like the next, all hell breaks loose after an ancient gold coin surfaces. Betsy needs to find her husband and the coin is her currency; Sam wants to buy the the piece-of-eight but a 384-year old mystery puts the kibosh on everyone’s plans. Sam and his wife suddenly end up dead, Betsy disappears, and it falls to Mad Dog Cotton to sort it all out. In what looks to be the toughest case of his career the mix of sun, pirate treasure, murder and Mad Dog himself spin a riveting tale of the Gold of St. Croix.


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Rosie’s #Bookreview Of #ContemporaryRomance TEMPTED BY LOVE (The Steeles Of Silver Island #1) by @Melissa_Foster

Tempted by Love (The Steeles at Silver Island, #1)Tempted by Love by Melissa Foster

5 stars

Tempted By Love is a contemporary romance and the first book in The Steeles Of Silver Island series.

Single mother Daphne and her daughter live on Cape Cod where Daphne works at a resort. Jock Steele is a man with a troubled past, but Daphne’s two-year-old daughter Hadley adores him. However, Jock freezes whenever Hadley approaches him. It’s not just Hadley, it’s any young child, including his own niece. A traumatic past has Jock’s emotions locked down tightly, but he can’t stop thinking about Daphne – but if he wants her in his life, he must overcome his fear of his past.

This book has two lovely settings, Cape Cod and Silver Island. The characters joke about getting island fever and not wanting to leave but it sounded an idyllic place to live. The romance between Jock and Daphne is intense while Hadley’s role is very sweet. I liked how she called him Dock because she couldn’t pronounce J.

Jock’s backstory has some very sad moments, but it also has hope and I thought the way that he worked through his issues was very inspiring. I also enjoyed meeting lots of other members of the Steele family and I can image that they will all be wanting to tell us their own romantic stories in the near future.

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Jack “Jock” Steele

Enjoy heart-meltingly beautiful and toe-curlingly sexy romance in Tempted by Love, an emotionally riveting story about a man who has lost it all and carries a torturous secret, a divorced single mother who has everything to lose, and the little girl who helps them heal. Fall in love on the sandy shores of Silver Island, home to coffee shops, boat races, midnight rendezvous, and the sexy, sharp-witted Steeles.

Years ago, bestselling author Jack “Jock” Steele lost his girlfriend and baby in a horrific accident that drove a wedge between Jock and his family, keeping him from sharing a devastating secret. An aging philanthropist saved him from the brink of despair, and for a decade Jock cared for his ailing friend who became his family. Now his friend has passed away and left him a fortune—on the condition that he publishes another book. Jock is floundering, unsure how to rebuild the life he’d walked away from, much less find his muse, have another relationship with a woman, or even think about having a family of his own. But he can’t get his sweet, sexy new friend, single-mother Daphne Zablonski out of his head, and her adorable toddler must know something he doesn’t, because she wraps her tiny fingers around his heart and won’t let go.

Daphne has been through the wringer with her ex-husband and doesn’t believe true love is in the cards for her. Friends she can handle, but letting a man see her mom bod naked? Especially someone as strikingly handsome and unbelievably sexy as Jock? No, thank you. Besides, she has a toddler to chase after and enough fictional boyfriends to fill her lonely nights. If only her book boyfriends could make her body tingle the way one look from her mysterious neighbor does.

As Jock and Daphne’s friendship turns to something too tempting to deny, their lives take an unexpected turn. Can a man who has lost everything find redemption with a woman who has everything to lose? And then there’s that secret…

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Rosie’s #BookReview of #ParanormalRomance KICK THE CANDLE by @Genevieve_Jack

Kick the Candle (Knight Games, #2)Kick the Candle by Genevieve Jack

4 stars

Kick The Candle is book two of the Knight Games series of paranormal romances and continues with the story of Grateful Knight, a nurse and a reincarnated witch. Paranormal beings have been increasing in the local area and Grateful and Rick, her guardian, have been exhausting themselves trying to deal with them all.

With her new witchy powers Grateful conjures a familiar to help, but instead of a cat or an owl that she hoped for, she gets an ugly raven with attitude. Her romantic life is complicated by the jealous behaviour of Rick, and Logan, an ex-hospital patient. Meanwhile, she’s drugged and kidnapped from a party, only to discover that she is the supposed owner of a dark grimoire and several powerful dark beings want it. The problem is, Grateful knows nothing about the book or its whereabouts.

Another fun book in this series, I like the fast pace and once more I appreciated the author giving the paranormal beings some different traits from some of the standard ones in this genre. I look forward to reading more in the series.

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Book description

Commitment phobic, Grateful Knight has her hands full. While she struggles to understand her new role as Monk’s Hill Witch, evil isn’t waiting for her to come up to speed. Not only is there an increase in supernatural activity in her ward, she’s being evicted from her home, breaking in a snarky new familiar, and trying to sort out her feelings for her metaphysically connected and immortal boyfriend, Rick.

When Grateful foils a murder at a fae bordello, she uncovers a plot by a local vampire coven to obtain a secret weapon with the power to control both the living and the dead. History is threatening to repeat itself. And if Grateful doesn’t give herself over to her role completely, it could cost her everything.

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Rosie’s #Bookreview Team #RBRT #HistoricalFiction THE COVENANT by @ThorneMoore

Today’s team review is from Noelle, she blogs here

#RBRT Review Team

Noelle has been reading The Covenant by Thorne Moore

The Covenant by [Thorne Moore]

The Covenant is a powerful novel which gobsmacked me with the fierce emotions of its characters and the immutable future of unending work and forced acceptance of their fate, by woman in the period of this story. This is a prequel to the author’s best-selling A Time for Silence, and is a must read.

Written in first person, the author has created in Leah Owen, the middle daughter of a farmer in Wales at the close of the 19th century, a woman burdened by both love and duty. Her father, Tom Owen, is a tenant farmer on twenty-four acres, one rood and eight perches of stony, hilly
land, and together with his oldest son, barely ekes out a subsistence for his family. The farm –Cwmderwen (and I wish I could pronounce it!) and its house are very real characters in the story, setting a grim, rundown background as the result of debt and poor harvest.

Leah has hopes. As the middle daughter, she will be able to marry and leave Cwmderwen to lead her own life. Her oldest sister, a strangely quiet and dour woman, will remain behind to care for her parents. When the oldest son Tom dies, largely because of the ignorance of his father, the father, always pious, becomes a religious zealot. He drives his lazy youngest son, Frank, away. When both the oldest and youngest daughter marry and her mother dies, Leah is left to take care of her increasingly maniacal father, even when love comes her way. She is forced to follow a path of servitude and disappointments to a grim future. Tom Owen’s grandson, John – son of the wastrel Frank – becomes a miniature of his grandfather, claiming his covenant with God in keeping the farm and determined to keep the increasingly unproductive farm.

Farmhouse, Derelict, Ireland, Nature, Field, Farm

What possible future does Leah have? Can she remain dutiful, even to Frank and her nephew, bound as she is by the community, her church and custom? And how can she survive when her every dream is crushed by her family.

The author does an impressive job creating a background of isolated and rural Pembrokeshire, the changing seasons and vicissitudes of farming. The detail never becomes heavy but is integral to the story. Her ability to create depth in her characters, their beliefs and piety, and the changes and occasional joys in their lives is exceptional. The reader lives in Leah’s being and the feelings are at times overwhelming.

This is a book with a wallop, and I recommend it as an exception read.

Book description

The Owens are tied to this Pembrokeshire land – no-one will part them from it.

Leah is tied to home and hearth by debts of love and duty – duty to her father, turned religious zealot after the tragic death of his eldest son, Tom; love for her wastrel younger brother Frank’s two motherless children. One of them will escape, the other will be doomed to follow in their grandfather’s footsteps.

At the close of the 19th century, Cwmderwen’stwenty-four acres, one rood and eight perches are hardwon, the holding run down over the years by debt and poor harvest. But they are all the Owens have and their rent is always paid on time. With Tom’s death a crack is opened up and into this chink in the fabric of the family step Jacob John and his wayward son Eli, always on the lookout for an opportunity.

Saving her family, good and bad, saving Cwmderwen, will change Leah forever and steal her dreams, perhaps even her life…

The Covenant is the shocking prequel to the bestselling A Time For Silence.

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The Covenant by [Thorne Moore]

Rosie’s #Bookreview of Contemporary Male #Romance ABSTRACT LOVE by @saradobie #TuesdayBookBlog

Abstract LoveAbstract Love by Sara Dobie Bauer

4.5 stars

Abstract Love is a contemporary male romance set in Cleveland, Ohio.

Donovan Cooper’s wife has left him for his best friend; he feels cheated, hurt and angry. His emotional buttons are pushed further when a young hot-shot graphic designer sits in Donovan’s meeting doodling instead of attentively listening.

Sam Shelby is a popular employee and gifted creator, but he deliberately irritates Donovan to the point where sparks almost fly between them. However, Sam also reminds Donovan of his younger self, where he had dreams of being an artist and this exasperates Donovan.

Their fiery office attitude spills over into their personal life as Donovan becomes confused by the attraction he feels for Sam; he’s never been attracted to another man before. Sam is openly bi- sexual and lives a rather outrageous lifestyle, but he makes Donovan question what he has become and why it makes him so unhappy.

This is an enemy-to-friends romance. The art theme, which threaded through the story, worked well with the romance. I found the characters very well written; Sam with his flamboyant clothing was easy to picture and I loved his best friend Zen. Recommended to readers who enjoy a story about
finding love in unexpected places.

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I hate Sam Shelby. So why do I want to kiss him?

Sam never expected to move back to Cleveland. Donovan never expected to be attracted to a man. Well, shit happens.

After high school, Sam Shelby moved to New York. Eight years later, he returns to Cleveland and lands a job at the best ad firm in town. It would be the perfect gig, if his boss weren’t such an ass.

After his wife leaves, Donovan Cooper questions everything. The arrival of a young, arrogant, gifted graphic designer at Donovan’s firm is the last straw.

Tempers flare over office gossip, and following a nasty argument and scathing kiss, Donovan flails away from heterosexuality while Sam struggles to keep his “no relationship” rule intact.

Despite ugly socks, fiery fights, and their best intentions to not fall in love, these bullheaded coworkers can’t deny their chemistry. Donovan seeks happiness while Sam seeks success, but is there room for more?

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55207750. sy475

Rosie’s #Bookreview Team #RBRT A Cosy #Mystery With Hints Of Darkness by Patrick Canning

Today’s team review is from Olga, she blogs here

#RBRT Review Team

Olga has been reading Hawthorn Woods by Patrick Canning


I had come across Patrick Canning thanks to Rosie’s Review Team, where his previous novel got great reviews, and I had to check his new book. It is quite different to The Colonel and the Bee demonstrating that this is an author who has plenty of tricks up his sleeve, and one likely to enchant us with a variety of stories for a long time to come.

This is a difficult book to review without revealing any spoilers, as talking in any detail about the plot or the characters could let the cat out of the bag, so I apologise for being a bit vague here. I think the synopsis I include above offers a fair idea of the plot. The premise makes one think of a cozy mystery. Francine, a young woman who works as a hairdresser and is still trying to get over her failed marriage (she was convinced it was going to be forever, but they didn’t even make it to their first wedding anniversary) takes the chance of her sister’s long-delayed honeymoon trip to housesit for her, intent on having a therapeutic holiday while there that will help her to move on in her life. The setting reminded me of Desperate Housewives, Blue Velvet or many series and novels about small towns or housing estates, perfect on the surface but with a fair amount of dirt hidden under the carpets. When Francine puts on her Nancy Drew hat and starts investigating what at first-sight appears to be a pretty harmless incident, things soon start to unravel, and she discovers she is not the only amateur detective at work. We realise that what appeared to be a light read starts getting darker, and by the end of the book it has touched on some very serious topics: domestic violence, intolerance and prejudice, historical memory, Justice, animal cruelty, anti-Semitism, mental health problems…


Francine is an eminently sympathetic character. She is going through a hard time but keeps trying to make the best out of things and is always prepared to give everybody a second chance (even when it might be risky). We learn early on that she has always taken refuge in fantasy, loved reading Nancy Drew novels as a child, to the point where she would take on her persona, and her self-esteem is quite low (she does not see herself as others do). She believes in her intuition but second-guesses herself often and can easily be swayed by others she trusts. She is also quite fixated on a questionnaire her ex-husband gave her, and each chapter starts with one of the questions of the questionnaire and her answers (the questionnaire is real, just in case you wonder), which also help give us an insight into the workings of her mind. Most of the story is told from her point of view (in the third person), but, as mentioned, her perception of things is coloured by her own experiences and feelings about herself, and she is not the most reliable of narrators. There is a long catalogue of other characters, although we don’t get to know them in as much detail as we do Francine. There is a much younger narrator as well, who reminded me of Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn mixed in one, a bit naughty and not always a follower of rules, but he knows how to enjoy himself and is a great observer (and yes, a detective of sorts as well). There is a nice elderly man who becomes a father figure to Francine; there is a mysterious and attractive stranger; there is a friend of Francine’s sister who adopts her and takes her under her wing (and she brings a bit of a chick-lit element to the story); there is a vet Marine of a certain age who believes he is still a Don Juan; there is a youth with a motorbike whom everybody believes is a troublemaker; there is a woman who has become the self-appointed queen bee and insists all should follow her rules; there’s the sheriff and his jealous Russian wife (rumoured to be a mail catalogue wife)… As I said, we don’t get to know all of them in detail, but there are secrets and mysteries hiding in many of their lives, and I think most readers will be taken by surprise by how deceptive appearances can be.

The writing flows easily, and we get a good sense of the neighbourhood and the characters without long-winded descriptions disrupting the action. The pace is fairly steady to being with —it ebbs and flows, with some moments of contemplation punctuated by excitement and action— but towards the end the pace increases and the book crams a lot of action in the last few chapters. Although most of the book is pretty light, with only some hints at dark goings on (I’ve mentioned animal cruelty, and there are a couple of instances of it), towards the end, things become more tense, minor incidents pile up, and then there is an explosion of action and violence (not extremely explicit or gore, but I would recommend caution to those who prefer a light read) that will get readers turning the pages faster and faster.

I always mention the ending, and I enjoyed this one. Yes, it did not disappoint. In fact, it ties everything up in a most satisfactory way (together with something that happens in the book and I won’t mention).

I recommend this book to people who like the idea of cozy mysteries but prefer something darker; to those who enjoy small town settings with a dark underbelly, and to readers who delight in putting puzzles together and questioning everything they read. There are unreliable narrators, details that don’t quite seem to fit in, lovely dogs, wayward kids, romance, several mysteries, a colourful cast of characters, and a heroine most of us will root for. If you like the sound of all that, check a sample and give it a go. It will entertain you, make you think, and might even surprise you.

Book description

Summer, 1989. Reeling from a catastrophic divorce she just can’t seem to leave behind, Francine Haddix flees San Francisco for a two-week stay at her sister’s house in Hawthorn Woods, Illinois. The quaint neighborhood of shady trees and friendly neighbors seems like the perfect place to sort through her pain and finally move on with her life—but the tranquility doesn’t last long.

Beginning with a complete stranger throwing a drink in her face at her own welcome party, Francine soon discovers the supposedly idyllic suburb is hiding a disturbing number of mysteries. Why is the handsome-ish guy next door lying about who he is? What’s hidden in the back of the teenage troublemaker’s shed? Who wrote a threatening message in blood? Which of the smiling neighbors has a secret they’d kill to keep?

Seeking to reclaim a natural passion for sleuthing numbed by her divorce, Francine rewrites her prescription from one of relaxation to one of investigation. If she can detect the lies, follow the clues, and remember how to trust herself, she might get to the bottom of what’s so very wrong in Hawthorn Woods. She might even be able to believe the future can be good again—assuming she lives long enough to be in it.

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Rosie’s #Bookreview of #ParanormalRomance THE GHOST AND THE GRAVEYARD by @Genevieve_Jack

The Ghost and the Graveyard (Knight Games, #1)The Ghost and the Graveyard by Genevieve Jack

4 stars

The Ghost And The Graveyard is a paranormal romance and book one of the Knight Games series. Grateful Knight is a nurse who is down on her luck. Her last boyfriend broke her heart and her finances. Her estate agent father offers her rent-free accommodation in a house that he can’t sell. Grateful is not surprised the place lacks buyers, when she opens her curtains to the neighbouring graveyard!

The house has one good point: churchyard warden Rick, her only neighbour, is a gorgeous specimen of a man, who eagerly offers her his friendship, while Grateful also discovers that she is not the only occupant of the house; two ghosts live in the attic.

As the story moves forward, Grateful learns that she has witchy abilities and that she is expected to guard the adjacent graveyard preventing other-worldly beings from leaving it. More shocks tumble out of the storyline involving Rick and Grateful’s past, as she struggles to understand what is
happening around her.

I enjoyed this, it was fun and fast-paced and I downloaded book two straight away. I liked the paranormal beings and appreciated that the author put her own twist on some of their abilities. There is a love triangle, which I didn’t mind, but some readers may dislike and the book does contain
some fairly explicit sex scenes.

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Book description

She’s trying to make a fresh start.
He’s trying to remind her of who she used to be.

Grateful Knight can’t catch a break. After a series of failed relationships, the last of which left her destitute, she takes advantage of her father’s offer to live rent-free in a property he hasn’t been able to sell. But feeling at home in a house on the edge of a graveyard isn’t easy, especially when things go bump in the night.

The only positive is the stunning cemetery caretaker, Rick. Despite her resolve to end her pattern of relationship mistakes, she literally can’t keep her hands off him. The intensity of her attraction seems almost…magical.

Once a spirit manifests on her staircase, Grateful can no longer deny that her house is haunted. Rick has a dark secret, and it has everything to do with her personal history, the house, and the spirit who warns her about both.

Feisty witches, seductive vampires, and swoon-worthy immortals come together in this page-turning paranormal romance/urban fantasy series.

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