📚’A #nonfiction #spirituality book which is set in the author’s South Australia garden’. Rosie’s #Bookreview Of Conversations With My Vegetable Garden by @SarahRajkotwala

Conversations With My Vegetable Garden: Growing Vegetables With The Help Of The Vegetable Garden FairiesConversations With My Vegetable Garden: Growing Vegetables With The Help Of The Vegetable Garden Fairies by Sarah Rajkotwala
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Conversations With My Vegetable Garden is a non-fiction spirituality book which is set in the author’s South Australia garden.

The book continues on from discoveries that Rajkotwala has made and also written about in her other works: The Year Of Talking To Plants and Fairy Sparkles. She uses her psychic abilities to converse with plants and fairies who tend her gardens; it’s an interesting concept to consider.
In this book the plants and fairies offer wise words about planting and how to look after the plants as well as discussing the long-term issues on our planet caused by over-use of chemicals and factory-made fertilisers.

The book certainly makes you think about the benefits of being out in Mother Nature and the changes we can all make to restore plants and trees to help re-balance our world. I particularly liked the last section that included a list of vegetables and their spiritual and nutritional values.

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Orange rose book description

Book description

What would you do if you could talk psychically to plants? What would they say? What would you do if you could talk to the plants? Psychic author Sarah Rajkotwala can do just that and in this, her third spiritual book, decides to explore the internal spiritual world of her vegetable garden. What do the vegetables say when they are conversed with? Can they talk back? What does a vegetable fairy do? Find out these fascinating spiritual discoveries in this unique look into the spiritual life of your vegetable garden. How does being able to talk to your vegetable garden, affect the way you garden in it? Would it change the way you garden or approach nature? Would nature change its approach to you? If the garden is indeed conscious, how will it affect the whole of society to know that their garden knows them, observes them, and has an opinion about their life? What do vegetable garden fairies think on different subjects such as organic gardening and self-sufficiency? In the back of the book there is an alphabetical list of common garden vegetables, here Sarah writes about their energetic qualities and some of their key features, as dictated by the vegetable fairies themselves. Is there a fairy in your vegetable garden? Yes, there is, and it helps your garden every day.

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‘Well worth a read if you are interested in your spiritual adventure.’ Rosie’s #Bookreview of #NonFiction #Spiritual Book Fairy Sparkles by Sarah Rajkotwala

Fairy Sparkles.Fairy Sparkles. by Sarah Rajkotwala

4 stars

Fairy Sparkles is a spiritual non-fiction book. The chapters are all broken down with sub-headings making this easy to read. The book approaches a range of spiritual lessons and the author intersperses these with her own stories and advice from her angels, fairies and spiritual guides.

This is a book that you can dabble in or read from cover to cover, depending on your needs and interests. Some of my favourite chapters were about the plants and animals, with examples from the author’s own Australian gardens. I usually learn something new with my non-fiction reading and I was pleased to read the lessons on Chakra cleaning and the benefits of daydreaming; now I have lots of excuses to stare out of the window! This is the type of book that you want to go back to at times when you need reminding of the spiritual advice that it gives. This is well worth a read if you are interested in your spiritual adventure.

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Desc 1

Can you use Metaphysics to make your life Better?
What it means to use the ‘law-of-attraction’ and to use your guidance, signs, angelic advice and listening to your heart to create a life of happiness and fulfillment. How to co-create your life with God and to use prayer, intention, intuitive and psychic insights, and your words to create your greater good.
Can you have access God’s advice and guidance without being in a religion?
Likewise can you pray and otherwise contact God without an intermediary? How to be a person of faith, without having a ‘Faith’ in are some of the many questions that get asked and then answered in this entertaining and highly practical book!
How to wake up from an unconscious life, to become a conscious-creator on this earth for your highest and best good?
Sarah Rajkotwala uses many examples from her own life, on how you can use metaphysics principles to make your life better in so many ways.
Sarah is also a psychic who can talk telepathically to fairies and angels, she has included a lot of channeled angelic advice on the many topics she covers, for a little added Heavenly advice to gain a higher perspective on these issues.
A fun and practical book for metaphysics students, students of life and anyone who wants to learn how to make their life flow with a little more ease and grace.

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‘A beautifully written and emotional story’ @CathyRy Reviews In This Small Spot by Caren Werlinger

Today’s team review is from Cathy. She blogs here https://betweenthelinesbookblog.wordpress.com/

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Cathy has been reading In This Small Spot by Caren Werlinger


In This Small Spot is a beautifully written and emotional story following the life choices, ups and downs, and introspections of Dr Michele Stewart, a renowned oncology surgeon. Several years after losing her much loved partner, Alice, to cancer, she questions her role as a doctor and her place in the medical profession.

After leaving school Michele (Mickey) toyed with the idea of becoming a nun but decided to go to university and later met Alice. Now, needing something to give her life some meaning she again contemplates the life of a nun. Many conversations with Mother Theodora later, Mickey decides to enter St Bridget’s Abbey as a postulant.

‘Several seconds passed as Mother Theodora searched Mickey’s eyes. “I know you mean that, Mickey. But remember that an abbey is not a place where you can run away from yourself. Quite the contrary. Having stripped away the disguises and distractions of the outside world: clothes, career, material possessions, the true you is most often magnified, for better or for worse.”’

The story is multi-layered, very atmospheric, written with depth and told in the present with flashbacks to Mickey’s life with Alice, showing the kind of woman she was before shock and grief began to chip away at her confidence and belief in her work. She feels the need to re-assess, to try and work out where she belongs, hoping this spiritual journey will help to clarify what is important and the right path to take, even though she’s aware it’s likely to be a struggle.

The characters are wonderfully drawn, complex and in the main sympathetic, finding themselves at St Bridget’s Abbey for various reasons and not all of them, including Mickey, finding it easy. There are questions and sometimes doubts arise. Human emotions are evident — homophobia, envy and intolerance, to name a few — although in some cases tightly controlled. There is drama, bonds formed, humour, love and unexpected and shocking events, along with the structured everyday life of the nuns, which is fascinating.

Mickey is a realistic and relatable character, struggling with her emotions and choices. As time passes she becomes more adaptable and aware, and always ready to help others as the sense of community deepens. But the world outside the abbey creeps in, testing Mickey and forcing her to make choices she wouldn’t have imagined.

I had to sit with this story for a while and it’s one that will stay with me for a good while. I’ve only read one of Caren Werlinger’s books before this one, but it’s something I’ll be rectifying as soon as I can.

Desc 1

“Here, the true you is most often magnified, for better or for worse.” Abbess Theodora

In a world increasingly connected to computers and machines but disconnected to self and others, Dr. Michele Stewart finds herself drowning in a life that no longer holds meaning. Searching for a deeper connection after losing her partner, Alice, she enters a contemplative monastery, living a life dedicated to prayer, to faith in things unseen. Though most of her family and friends are convinced that she has become a nun to run away from her life, she finds herself more attuned to life than she has been in years. Stripped of the things that define most people in the outside world – career, clothing, possessions – she rediscovers a long forgotten part of herself. But sooner than she expects, the outside world intrudes, forcing her to confront doubts and demons she thought she had left behind. The ultimate test of her vocation comes from the unlikeliest source when she finds herself falling in love again. As she struggles to discern where she belongs, she discovers the terrifying truth of Abbess Theodora’s warning. For better or for worse.

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Rosie’s #BookReview Of #Spiritual Messages HI MOMMA, IT’S ME by @SandyCowen9 #TuesdayBookBlog

“HI MOMMA, IT’S ME” How Souls Stay Connected Forever and the Power of Undying Love by Sandy Cowen

4 stars

Hi Momma, It’s Me, is a spiritual book which shows how souls can stay connected after a person has died. It is also a book about the important role of love in our lives.

Author Sandy Cowen was a reluctant medium or messenger. However, after her son died and he called out to her for help, she was encouraged by more than one person to write a book about her experience, and how she went on to help others from both sides of the veil.

Part of Sandy’s journey involves the conversations she has with her son, about how he wants to share his belief that we can connect with our departed loved ones more easily than we think. He believes that we were never meant to be cut off from a soul once it has shed its human form.

This book also looks at some of our human emotions. 2020 has been a year of challenges for most of us and I’m sure that I’m not the only one who has experienced fear, despair, grief and uncertainty at some point during the year; the timing of this book which talks about love-based emotions and their healing ability was perfect. I’m keen for happiness, wonder, empathy, belonging and peace of mind to be part of my life once more.

Sandy has attempted to bring her messages to the reader in a simple and easy-to-read format. It gave me lots to think about and I will be re-reading parts that particularly interested me. This book has some lovely thoughts about healing which, at the moment, I’m more than ready to listen to.

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Book description

Anyone who has faced the passing of a loved one knows the pain of loss can be devastating. The question remains, are those we loved gone forever? Sandy Cowen’s story is a unique one but one that proves life after life exists, that love is the great connector and that helping one another can happen vertically as well as horizontally.

After 35-years of functioning as a “reluctant medium” and hiding her gifts, Sandy Cowen faced the death of her only child, her son, Jon. He was 48 when he died and only hours after his passing she heard her son call out to her in confusion and fear; Jon’s death was a shock to him, too. How mother and son reconnected and settled into a new, loving and ever deeper relationship is a fascinating story.

“HI, MOMMA, IT’S ME,” is a gift to anyone searching for a more intimate perspective on death. This book presents voices from the other side providing answers to questions about the afterlife and proving that souls can stay connected forever. As a closet medium, Sandy quietly kept detailed notes of each of the messages she’s received from family, friends, Ascended Masters and yes, even God, over 30-years, in fact the process was almost like taking dictation. She ties together many of those direct quotes along with her son’s to explain what transition is like, how Heaven works and why it’s important for souls to stay connected, even after death.

“Where are you, up or down or where?,” “How do you know when I need you?,” and “Have you seen Jesus?” are just a sample of the intriguing questions that lace this book. Sandy asks the questions and then steps aside to let each soul speak. Her book helps clarify how energy and frequencies play a role, the nuances of reincarnation, why clearing guilt is important, how souls perfect themselves and what the real goal of life is, for us all.

‘HI, MOMMA, IT’S ME.” is a beautiful testament to the power of love and provides hope to anyone struggling with loss. One underlying theme reappears throughout: love continues forever. This is a compelling read for anyone who is curious about the afterlife, has lost a loved one or wants to reconnect with the power of undying love.

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