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The SlapstyxThe Slapstyx by Annabelle Franklin

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The Slapstyx is a children’s book set in England. Zachary Zigstack is a successful businessman. He has created Zigstack Zoom, super-powerful cleaning products. His products a very good cleaners but are not environmentally friendly.

Geoffrey Penworth is the top salesman for Zoom cleaning products. He marries a second wife and with his son and Grace’s twin daughters they move to a house by the sea. The house is old and dirty and in need of a good clean, but rumours say it’s also haunted.

Gem and Georgie soon discover creatures in the night who put dirt and cobwebs all around the house. They find that these are Goblins and members of the Slapstyx tribe who are part of the Zagstick project.

Worried about gallons of toxic waste poisoning the sea from the Zoom cleaning products Gem and Georgie try to put a stop to the Goblins and Zachary Zigstack.

A good storyline involving Goblins, Mermaids and clever children.

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