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Amanda chose to read The Slapstyx by Annabelle Franklin


The story features greedy businessman Zachary Zigstack, who is working with the grubby Slapstyx goblins to make sure everyone buys his disgusting detergent. This putrid product ends up in the sea, turning it into toxic slime, and the sea spirits are frightened for the creatures they care for. Astral-travelling twins Georgie and Gem must spy on the Slapstyx and find a way to stop their dirty dealings with Zigstack before all the sea creatures are destroyed.
I loved this book i would like to thank Annabelle for letting me read and review as part of Rosie Amber book review team
This book 185 pages so a nice size for children to read i say it be good for children over 6 years old a nice bed time book or for older children to read themselves sophie is 12 she read for me to and she said it was fab she really enjoy it
This book very modern i say most days in my houses were all this mess and dirty come from well now i know it a great fun idea but also helps children to understand just what harsh cleaning products can do to the environment it put across in a great fun way
I really like the family and the twins were so nice children i felt for them getting the blame for all the dirty each day
I wish I could dreamwalk it sounded so much fun but sometimes it get them in a mess or trouble but this does not stop them it a game to them a bit of fun  i liked how they dealt with their mum and dad
This book seem to catch Sophie attention she sat and read in a night after i read it she enjoyed reading it she 13 so great for any age she like the goblins and how they made the dirty it made her smile she enjoyed all the action that was going on she seem to enjoy the magical concept of the story it worked so well it just makes your imagination go into overdrive your there with them Sophie wanted to help the twins she like all the characters she loved the book
I would like to see this book as a film or cartoon it would be fun to see the characters come to live on tv  but as you read you can see the characters and creatures in your mind
The story just flows so well i loved all the characters they seem so real and likeable but one or two were not so nice but this just add the humour and fun of the book
The dad was so lazy  but what a great job he did or did he?
I really enjoy this book i look forward to read more of Annabelle books
A great fun read for children  but i enjoy it so much too
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