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Welcome to Day 27 of the #MysteryNovember Book Tour.

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Our guest today is Faith Mortimer with her book A Brutal Trade.

Brutal Trade

Even on a small island the darkest secrets can’t stay buried forever…It began like any normal day in Cyprus…except it wasn’t…the body of a woman brutally murdered and discovered in a shallow grave changes all that. It is only days later when amateur sleuth, Diana Rivers and old flame, Chief Superintendent Adam Lovell discover a second female victim…only this time the discovery is even more chilling and shocks the island inhabitants. Joining forces with local policeman, Sergeant Yiannis Loukiades, the three embark on a journey which takes them to the fringes of humanity. Disturbing secrets are unearthed. They are on the hunt for killers who will stop at nothing in their hunt for one vital woman. As the bodies mount up, the detectives ask themselves one question. What is the reason for the women’s deaths and their horrific mutilations? With the investigation quickly gathering momentum, Diana finds herself exposed to great danger…in the sights of a lethal individual who’ll put a stop to her meddling. Each move could be deadly… vicious in its outcome…can the team bring a halt to this brutal trade?


Where is your home town?

My home town is Bishop’s Waltham in Hampshire – a small market town which has its roots going back to Mediaeval England. Indeed our house overlooks the 12th century Bishop’s Palace which was the home of the Bishops of Winchester dating from that early century.

What do you like about writing mystery?

I love writing mysteries as so often I start off with an idea and theme, only to find that the story takes me somewhere else. Very often when writing about a crime, the method of crime and/or murderer changes halfway into the book. This happens so often I am no longer surprised! It seems as if the story has a will and life of its own…spooky!

Where sub-genre f mystery does your book fit?

The mystery I have chosen, A Brutal Trade is set in Cyprus, and crosses the sub-genres of…detective, female sleuth, International Crime and Mystery.

Where is your book set?

The book is set on the beautiful Mediterranean island of Cyprus, a land of lemon and olive trees.

Introduce us to the main characters?

The main characters are female sleuth Diana Rivers, her husband and soul-mate, Steve. An old lover of hers, Detective Chief Superintendent Adam Lovell and his own partner Clare. The Cypriot contingent is made up of Sergeant Yiannis Loukiades and Doctors Helena Sergio and Victoria.

Where can readers find out more about you and your writing?

I’m always delighted to talk to readers and they can contact me at a number of places: FaceBook Author Page

Author Website

Twitter twitter handle is @FaithMortimer


Where can readers find your book?

Readers can check out my books on all Amazon sites:

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Amazon UK






Rosie’s Book Review Team #RBRT A Brutal Trade by @FaithMortimer #BookReview #Thriller

Today’s team review is from Karen, she blogs at

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Karen chose to read and review A Brutal Trade by Faith Mortimer


My Opinion

This time, Diana and her husband have visitors from England in their house: Adam Lovell and Clare are back in Cyprus. Once again, Diana and Adam stumble across a mutilated body. As a reader, I automatically tried to solve this strange case.

With A Brutal Trade, Faith Mortimer has created an immensely thrilling suspense story with local flair. The story comprises a broad variety of believable characters with sufficient depth, nicely woven situations and interesting interactions to solve the horrible crimes. I had an exciting time reading A Brutal Trade – it is a very compelling read. I was drawn into the story right away, thrilled to solve the mystery alongside Diana. This is for you if you like (stubborn and determined) female sleuths, crime writers, suspense with twists and local flair, chilling discoveries.

A very suspenseful book and/or series to read again.


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Rosie’s Book Review Team #RBRT A Brutal Trade by @FaithMortimer #Bookreview

Today’s first team review comes from Luccia, she blogs at

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Luccia read A Brutal Trade by Faith Mortimer


My Review

This was my first Diana Rivers book, and it will not be my last. I enjoyed meeting an amateur sleuth, who is not afraid to be brave and place herself at risk during an investigation.

A brutal murder shocks the residents of Cyprus, as Diana Rivers and her ex-fiancé, Chief Superintendent Adam Lovell, and local police officer, Sergeant Yiannis Loukiades, investigate the disturbing murders, and hunt down the merciless killers, until they finally discover the motivations behind the atrocious mutilations, and the culprits.

The crimes are horrendous, so the villains are very dangerous and malevolent indeed. The sleuths, at first are slow at understanding what is happening, which makes the first third a little slower, as the reader guesses what the clues mean before the detectives do so.  However, the second part is gripping, as the investigation is picks up and the chilling story unfolds the all the way up to the exciting finale.

Although it is set in idyllic Cyprus, it is not a beach read. The title says it all. This is not a novel for the fainthearted. The crimes depicted are very upsetting and ultimately, although as with most crime novels, the murder is finally solved, nevertheless the type of immoral law breaking described is far from eradicated. The abuse of undocumented immigrants, human trafficking, and organ theft, especially perpetrated on women, is an ugly business, which will exist as long as someone is able to benefit financially from the poverty, cruelty and ignorance of others.

As Diana says at the end of the novel, ‘This wasn’t the end, it was just the beginning. She would carry on with the fight. So God help her.’

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