The #MysteryNovember Book Tour Day 28 Rose Edmunds @RoseEdmunds

Welcome to day 28 of the #MysteryNovember book tour

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Today our guest is Rose Edmunds with her book Concealment


Amy is at the top of her game as a finance professional despite a traumatic childhood. But the higher she climbs, the greater her fear of falling.
Her new boss Ed sniffs out insecurity like a shark smelling blood. He’s trashed dozens of careers on a whim and has Amy lined up as his next victim.
When a young colleague is murdered, Amy’s fragile equilibrium is shattered. A client’s fraud may be linked to the killing, but no one seems to care.
Caught in a tangle of business and personal connections, and fighting for her sanity, can Amy find the moral courage to uncover the truth?
Rose Edmunds

 Where is your home town?

I’m a Yorkshire woman by birth, but I left Leeds at 18 to attend the University of Sussex near Brighton. Apart from a year spent in the US, I’ve lived in Brighton ever since.

What do you like about writing in the mystery genre?

I love the intellectual challenge of fitting all the pieces together like a jigsaw puzzle, making sure that there are no plot holes and that characters’ motivations are consistent and believable. It’s also fun putting in subtle clues and a few red herrings along the way. Ideally you want the reader to say ‘Aha – I knew it all along’ when all the plot strands converge at the end, but mystery readers are a savvy bunch these days, so you have to work hard to achieve that result.

What sub-genre of mystery does your book fit?

Amy, the heroine of CONCEALMENT, is effectively an amateur sleuth, but there’s also an extra layer of psychological suspense due to Amy’s deteriorating mental state. The reader is never quite sure what is real and what is inside Amy’s head.

Where is your book set?

The cut-throat dog-eat-dog environment of the City – London’s financial centre

Can you introduce us to the main characters?

Amy is a high-flying finance executive, who looks to the outside world like poised professional. But underneath the veneer of confidence, she’s desperately insecure and paranoid as a result of her traumatic childhood.

Her boss, Ed, is a cynical opportunist, quick to exploit others’ weaknesses to his own ends, and smart enough to know exactly how to turn the screws without getting on the wrong side of the HR department.

Lisa is Amy’s only friend in this hostile environment, but Amy is never able to trust her fully, maybe because she senses that Lisa’s main agenda is her own advancement.

DCI Dave Carmody is in charge of investigating the murder of Amy’s young colleague Isabelle. His rootless energy leads him down several blind alleys, and his attraction to Amy is also a distraction.

Where can readers find out more about you and your writing?



Where can readers find your book?

The book is available only on Amazon (UK)

and  (US)

The #MysteryNovember Book Tour Day 27 Faith Mortimer @FaithMortimer

Welcome to Day 27 of the #MysteryNovember Book Tour.

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Our guest today is Faith Mortimer with her book A Brutal Trade.

Brutal Trade

Even on a small island the darkest secrets can’t stay buried forever…It began like any normal day in Cyprus…except it wasn’t…the body of a woman brutally murdered and discovered in a shallow grave changes all that. It is only days later when amateur sleuth, Diana Rivers and old flame, Chief Superintendent Adam Lovell discover a second female victim…only this time the discovery is even more chilling and shocks the island inhabitants. Joining forces with local policeman, Sergeant Yiannis Loukiades, the three embark on a journey which takes them to the fringes of humanity. Disturbing secrets are unearthed. They are on the hunt for killers who will stop at nothing in their hunt for one vital woman. As the bodies mount up, the detectives ask themselves one question. What is the reason for the women’s deaths and their horrific mutilations? With the investigation quickly gathering momentum, Diana finds herself exposed to great danger…in the sights of a lethal individual who’ll put a stop to her meddling. Each move could be deadly… vicious in its outcome…can the team bring a halt to this brutal trade?


Where is your home town?

My home town is Bishop’s Waltham in Hampshire – a small market town which has its roots going back to Mediaeval England. Indeed our house overlooks the 12th century Bishop’s Palace which was the home of the Bishops of Winchester dating from that early century.

What do you like about writing mystery?

I love writing mysteries as so often I start off with an idea and theme, only to find that the story takes me somewhere else. Very often when writing about a crime, the method of crime and/or murderer changes halfway into the book. This happens so often I am no longer surprised! It seems as if the story has a will and life of its own…spooky!

Where sub-genre f mystery does your book fit?

The mystery I have chosen, A Brutal Trade is set in Cyprus, and crosses the sub-genres of…detective, female sleuth, International Crime and Mystery.

Where is your book set?

The book is set on the beautiful Mediterranean island of Cyprus, a land of lemon and olive trees.

Introduce us to the main characters?

The main characters are female sleuth Diana Rivers, her husband and soul-mate, Steve. An old lover of hers, Detective Chief Superintendent Adam Lovell and his own partner Clare. The Cypriot contingent is made up of Sergeant Yiannis Loukiades and Doctors Helena Sergio and Victoria.

Where can readers find out more about you and your writing?

I’m always delighted to talk to readers and they can contact me at a number of places: FaceBook Author Page

Author Website

Twitter twitter handle is @FaithMortimer


Where can readers find your book?

Readers can check out my books on all Amazon sites:

Amazon US: 

Amazon UK






The #MysteryNovember Book Tour Day 26 Jacqueline Jacques @jacqjacq70

Welcome to day 26 of the #MysteryNovember Book Tour

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Our guest today is Jacqueline Jacques and her book The Illusion Of Innocence

complete book jacket V2

Three people on a crowded train, brought there by the same crime.  Archie Price, painter and police artist, blessed with a photographic memory, is travelling to Chelmsford to testify in a murder trial.

The accused, Freddie Porter, is under police escort in the guard’s van. Freddie’s sister, Polly, is desperately trying to escape her brother’s gang before they realise what she’s done, unaware he’s on the same train. When the locomotive is derailed, Archie and Polly are injured and put up by the same local family while they recover.  Where is Freddie? Polly is so terrified she is drawn to desperate measures and Archie finds himself drawn into her nightmare.

Jacqueline Jacques

Where is your home town?

I live in Buckhurst Hill, Essex, though I was born in Wales (TyCroes, Anglesey).

What do you like about writing in the mystery genre?

I have only lately come to writing mysteries – (‘The Illusion of Innocence’ is my seventh published book) – and am finding it a new and exciting genre.  I like the structure, the laying down of clues, the thrills and spills, the nuances of character that can lead to unexpected actions, the building of suspense, and the final revelations and denouements.

What sub-genre of mystery does your book fit?

The Archie Price novels are set at the turn of the nineteenth century (au fin de siècle).

Where is your book set?

My first mystery novel, ‘The Colours of Corruption’ was set In and around London’s East End, centring on gangsters and an ancient tunnel under Walthamstow High Street, a criminal ‘rat-run’.  ‘The Illusion of Innocence’, out next month, continues Archie’s brushes with criminals, and takes us as further afield to the Essex countryside and rural communities.

Can you introduce us to the main characters?

Main characters: Archie Price is a tall, well-built young man who came to England as an art student from Wales. His parents run a butcher’s shop in Llantwit Major.  He lives and paints above a greengrocer’s in Walthamstow’s High Street and is trying to make his way in the world of art, painting to commission and augmenting a lowly income with the local police by drawing suspects from witnesses’ descriptions.

At the start of the story Polly Porter is a slightly built, rather dowdy photographer who has her own shop in the High Street.  She is hard-working and intensely interested in the Suffragist movement.  Events force her to conceal her true identity.

Freddie was taken in off the streets as a small child and apprenticed to Polly’s father as a photographer.  However, he leans more towards his original calling, that of cat-burglar, and owes allegiance to the gang-master in the slums, Tuddy Skinner.  He received an education in the Porters’ care but has never outgrown his violent and abusive childhood.

Where can readers find out more about you and your writing?

Readers can find out more about me at and on Facebook.

I have an author page on Amazon.

Where can readers find your book?

Purchasing links are:


The #MysteryNovember Book Tour Day 25 Mark Barry @GreenWizard62 #wwwblogs

Welcome to Day 25 of The #MysteryNovember Book Tour.

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Today our guest is Mark Barry with his book Hollywood Shakedown.


Buddy Chinn, a deadbeat Los Angelino living in the shadow of doomed Hollywood Park meets a bigtime book collector and gets a proposition. Find a unique and long-lost manuscript written by your deceased beat poet dad: Succeed and receive a hundred grand. Fail? It doesn’t bear thinking about. Enlisting the help of an English comic dealer and poker player, the two men search the country and beyond, avoiding the attentions of hooligans, gangsters and a gorgeous gang boss with a thing for big guys. Like Buddy.
Will they find the merchandise? Or will they end up underneath a flyover holding up the Interstate.
Thriller. Chase book. Black Comedy. Philosophy.
You read it. You call it.

Mark Barry

Where is your home town?

I live in Southwell, but am from Nottingham, in the East Midlands of England. I live about eight miles from where Robin Hood used to live in Sherwood Forest. Most of my work is set here; Nottingham, not Sherwood Forest!

What do you like about writing in the mystery genre?

I like creating life puzzles and I particularly enjoy writing about the criminals, deadbeats, losers and wannabes who live inside the puzzles I create. I also like the twists and turns you can inflict on a reader and getting inside the psychology of the protagonists.

What sub-genre of mystery does your book fit?

Hollywood Shakedown is difficult to place into a specific genre. One of Elmore Leonard’s many mysteries would be the closest match, or even the ironic work of Charles Willeford – Shark Infested Custard? It is heavily influenced by books such as Charles Bukowski’s flawed fiction novel, Pulp and the writing of fifties pulp writer Jim Thompson, who I adore. Like Martin Amis’ incredible Night Train, it is a mix of contemporary fiction mixed with crime. It also has a plot twist I have seen implemented only once and has never failed to surprise the readers who have sampled the book.

Where is your book set?

Los Angeles, mostly; but also Chicago and London.

Can you introduce us to the main characters?

The main characters are Buddy Chinn, a washed up, lazy, fat, alcoholic, horseplaying novelist, whose father is a brilliant and lauded sixties “beat” poet, and his friend Simon, a chirpy, English poker player and superhero comics dealer. Supported by a wide variety of villains led by a rare manuscript collector called Mortimer Saxon. One of the main characters is Buddy’s “free spirited” girlfriend, Monique, a favourite of mine. Her chapters are amongst my best writing.

Where can readers find out more about you and your writing?

I can mostly be found on Twitter @Greenwizard62

and, if you know a friend of mine on Facebook, I am Wiz Green 9

My blog is and I write there regularly about my work and the work of my friends in Indie.

Where can readers find your book?

Amazon Uk Author Page Author Page

The #MysteryNovember Book Tour Day 24 CJ Browne #TuesdayBookBlog

Welcome to day 24 of the #MysteryNovember Book Tour

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Our guest today is author CJ Browne and her book Revenge Ritual

RR cover from Endeavour

When high-flying criminologist Kate Trevelyan is seconded to the Jurassic Coast to research the growing hostility against migrant workers, she has no idea that someone is studying her every move. Or that her investigation into her father’s death will reveal a family secret – with horrifying consequences.

CJB in B&W

Where is your home town?

In Devon. I moved there from the city after taking a sabbatical from my job as a Home Office Adviser to go travelling and decided I wanted to live near the sea. It’s an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and a fabulous place to live and inspires my writing.

What do you like about writing in the mystery genre?

I’ve always loved making discoveries and finding out that things aren’t always what they seem. So it is brilliant to be able to make this happen on the page, to follow my characters as they work out how to sort out the problems I invent for them. I live quite close to Greenway, the holiday home of the queen of the mystery genre, Agatha Christie.

What sub-genre of mystery does your book fit?

Female Private Detective. It’s what criminologist Dr Kate Trevelyan has to become in Revenge Ritual. She’s used to working out academic theories about why crimes happen to other people but it gets personal when her father is murdered.

Where is your book set?

In Devon around where I live. The plot centres on the fictitious New Town development of Ladram Heights but has repercussions throughout the Regency seaside town of Sidmouth and the villages along the Jurassic Coast.

Can you introduce us to the main characters?

When things start to unravel for Kate she is befriended by two very different characters:Migrant teenager Micki Hamereski is desperate to go home to Poland and escape the daily taunts and bullying he gets at school. He misses his mother who recently died of cancer and is trying to be brave. He’s angry with his construction worker father for forcing him to come to England, and joins a gang and starts stealing to get back at him.Elaine Pierce is the glamorous entrepreneur behind the New Town development. Charming, rich and successful she invests as much in her charities as she does in her businesses. A skilled player in the world of politics, big business, risk taking and hiding her motives, she champions Kate’s work and offers a sympathetic ear when everything starts to go wrong.

Kate Trevelyan is a head strong high-flying career woman who has just won the ‘young criminologist of the year’ award. But she’s not such a success at making friends and although she loves them, her family usually come second to her career. She’s passionate about defending the rights of the young offenders, victims of violence, immigrants or the sex workers she studies – and will fight to overturn injustice and represent their views.

Where can readers find out more about you and your writing?

I love to hear from readers and writers. They can find out more about my writing and contact me on my website www.cjbrownecrimewriter or follow me on Facebook at:

Where can readers find your book?

Revenge Ritual is available now on Amazon UK and USA.

The #MysteryNovember Book Tour Day 23 Marni Graff @GraffMarni

Welcome to Day 23 of the #MysteryNovember book tour

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Our guest today is Marni Graff and her book Death Unscripted

Death Unscripted cover

Trudy Genova has the best job any nurse could want, working onset as a medical consultant for a movie studio. No more uniforms, bedpans or emergencies, until the actor whose overtures she’s refused dies suddenly while taping a hospital scene–but not before pointing his finger accusingly at Trudy. When detectives view Trudy as a suspect, she interferes with their investigation to clear her name. Then a second death occurs, and Trudy realizes she’s put herself in jeopardy.

Based on the author’s real life work experience, Death Unscripted takes readers behind the scenes of a Manhattan soap opera.



Where is your home town?

Montgomery Point, NC. We live on the Intracoastal Waterway on a river, surrounded by nature, very rural. It’s nine miles one way to get my mail! They don’t deliver as we live at the end of a dirt road with three homes on it.  

What do you like about writing in the mystery genre?

It’s what I enjoy reading most, even though my reading interests include darker novels. I’m exploring how evil lies in all of us, and what rationale a seemingly reasonable person would use to convince themselves to cross that fine line to commit murder. I also like the sense of justice restored at the end.

What sub-genre of mystery does your book fit?

(Death Unscripted is a mix of amateur sleuth and police procedural. It’s told from two points of view: nurse Trudy Genova, who works as a medical consultant for a movie studio; and NYPD detective Ned O’Malley, investigating the murder of the actor Trudy was working with.

Where is your book set?

This is a departure from my English Nora Tierney series as its set in Manhattan. The rest of the series stays in New York.

Can you introduce us to the main characters?

Trudy Genova is young nurse working as a medical consultant for a movie studio in NYC. She’s from upstate NY, where her family owns an apple orchard. With two older brothers growing up, Trudy is always working to clean up,what her mom calls her ” truck driver” mouth and has to rain in curses now and then. Ned O’Malley is the Lynley of NY, the only child of wealthy parents who spend time at Lincoln Center, charity events and art shows. Think two different worlds about to collide.

Where can readers find out more about you and your writing?

I also wrote a crime review blog, Auntie M Writes ( where there is a background page; and in my publishers page, Bridle Path Press (

My FB page always has links to the reviews (

and I’m on Twitter at @GraffMarni.

Where can reader’s find your book? for autographed personalized copies


The #MysteryNovember Book Tour Day 22 – Nell Peters @paegon @AccentPress #SundayBlogShare

Here we are on day 22 of the #MysteryNovember book tour.

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Our guest today is Nell Peters and her book By Any Other Name

By Any Name final

Emily Kelly cannot believe her luck when she is employed as companion to wealthy Sir Gerald Ffinche. (OK, luck had nothing to do with it – but all’s fair in love and job-seeking, right?)

She soon settles in chez Ffinche and builds an excellent rapport with Sir Gerald – but it’s his son Richard who really interests her, and they quickly become inseparable.

However, it seems their happiness has enraged someone closely associated with the family, and a series of tragic events is set in motion. Subtle clues are left to incriminate Emily and when she determines to expose the real culprit, she is spoiled for choice. As the body count mounts, Emily and Richard – as well as the police – are perplexed. They’re clearly looking for someone who projects a mask of sanity to the world whilst being dangerously disturbed: but who?

With a whole shoal of red herrings and a plot that veers from the almost-cosy to a taut psychological thriller, By Any Other Name is an enthralling, chilling whodunit.


Where is your home town?

I spent the majority of my childhood in Twickenham – which everyone and their dog has heard of now courtesy the recent Rugby World Cup, and I’ve lived in a few places, including overseas. However, we bought this falling-down house in Norfolk a fraction over twenty years ago, and so I guess Kings Lynn has become my home town.

What do you like about writing in the mystery genre?

It’s a challenge to come up with a plot that has enough red herrings to lull the reader into a false sense of security, before you knock their socks off, and mentally juggle multiple threads toward a (hopefully totally unexpected) conclusion. Trick is, not to strangle oneself. It’s great when plot twists suggest themselves out of nowhere – but that also means I’m constantly battling with some very weird stuff in my head. However, I tell myself even the most evil thoughts are OK – it’s in the line of duty, after all. I long ago accepted that I have a warped mind.

What sub-genre of mystery does your book fit?

By Any Other Name is essentially a crime novel which hops around other genres. There are healthy doses of romance (though not so healthy for everyone concerned), humour and of course the police investigation into whodunit. There’s also some non-fiction psychological insight – I knew that stupid degree would come in handy sometime.

Where is your book set?

I invite readers to imagine the idyllic English countryside location (as I did) where the main action takes place – though I do mention a Manchester connection early on, to give subtle geographical guidance. Quite honestly, a specific location isn’t vital to the plot in this instance.

Can you introduce us to the main characters?

Emily Kelly is a mature psychology student, who needs a summer holiday job to earn money. She is interviewed by Jemima Ffinche, seeking a temporary companion for her elderly father, Sir Gerald, while she works away. When Emily gets the job and moves to Chaffinche House, she meets Richard Ffinche, Jemima’s brother and they quickly become an item – which rather upsets an old flame of Richard’s. Could bitter and twisted Liz Thorne be the one responsible for the ‘accidents’ which start to happen, with clues left to incriminate Emily? Or there’s odious Kevin Peterson, teenage son of the resident housekeeper and gardener. Enter detective Alan Jenkins and his sidekick Thomas Sutton, tasked with solving who is responsible for a mounting body count.

Where can readers find out more about you and your writing?

I have a Nell Peters author page on Facebook:

WordPress is where I rest my blog:

I’m on Twitter @paegon

Where can readers find your book?

The international link to my book on Amazon is:

It’s published by Accent Press and is also available from their web site:

The #MysteryNovember Book Tour Day 21 Sam Cheever @samcheever

The #MysteryNovember book tour continues, jump aboard and enjoy the ride.

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Today our guest is Sam Cheever and her book Threads of Yesterday


A deadly secret is tangled up in Yesterday’s Threads, and Anna is racing the clock to get it unravelled.

In 1859, Elisabeth Margaret Nelson travelled to Crocker, Indiana to meet her new husband and start a new life. Her family never saw her again. The story of her death and a heartbroken husband who grieves his entire life is a sad tale for sure. But is it true?

When Anna Yesterday receives some vintage dresses from the local museum, she’s excited about highlighting them at Crocker’s annual Apple Blossom Festival. But someone wants the dresses back, and they’ll apparently stop at nothing to get them—leaving a trail of murder and destruction in their wake.

As Anna and Pratt work to uncover the deadly intrigue behind the vintage dresses, interference of another kind is working its way to the surface. All too soon, Anna and Pratt find themselves neck deep in trouble from more than one dimension—and wondering which will get them first!

Sam Cheever

Where is your home town?


I live South of Indianapolis, Indiana in beautiful Brown County. The area is known for its State Parks, lakes and wineries, as well as a fair number of caves for spelunking!

What do you like about writing in the mystery genre?


I love pitting myself against the reader. Unlike any other genre, the mystery genre is a contest between the author and the reader. Can I write the book in such a way as to fool the reader about Who-dun-it until the great reveal? I don’t always succeed, mystery readers are a truly savvy bunch, but I have fun trying!

What sub-genre of mystery does your book fit?


Both paranormal and historical. Each book provides both a historical mystery and a present day mystery to solve, with a heroine who is tied to the past through her work as an antiques dealer as well as a couple of mouthy ghosts! It’s a fun mix and I don’t think there’s anything else like it out there.

Where is your book set?


The fictional small town of Crocker, Indiana. I like to base all my stories in Indiana because, let’s face it, if I don’t do it who will? LOL Actually I believe Kate Collins bases her Flower Shop cozy mysteries in small town Indiana too.

Can you introduce us to the main characters?


Anna Yesterday owns an antique store named Yesterday’s Antiques. She loves the small town of Crocker, Indiana and has lived there all her life. When she opened her very own store in Crocker, she never expected to inherit two antiques that walked and talked and, occasionally, made the lights flicker!

Josselin Zebadiah is a cowboy from the 1800s. He’s Anna’s protector spirit and friend. He’s also fun and charming and opinionated, all things that make Anna’s life both more interesting and more fun.

Bess was a saloon girl in the Crocker, Indiana of the 1800s. She’s neither friendly nor helpful, but she is opinionated and, when push comes to shove, Bess is willing to help Anna. But only if Joss makes her.

Pratt Davies is Anna’s assistant in the store, as well as an extremely good-looking man. His growing feelings for Anna make his work at Yesterday’s less a job and more a labor of love. Pratt was a cop in Saint Louis, Missouri until something dark and dangerous invaded his world, sending his partner to an asylum and changing their lives forever. Pratt came to Crocker to escape all things spiritual. He relishes the simple work he performs at Yesterday’s, as well as the time he gets to spend with Anna. Imagine his surprise when he finds himself dealing with a dead, jealous cowboy and a snarky saloon girl from the ether!

Where can readers find out more about you and your writing?


If you haven’t already connected, Sam would love it if you Liked/Followed her wherever you enjoy hanging out online. Here are her online haunts:

Newsletter: Subscribe to my newsletter and win a free copy of the fun and sexy Honeybun Fever Box Set New Release Notifications:



Amazon Author Page:





Where can readers find your book?

The following are Buy links for Threads of Yesterday:

Barnes & Noble:

Kobo Books:

All Romance eBook:



The #MysteryNovember Book Tour Day 20 Geoffrey West @GeoffreyDWest #FREE download

Its Day 20 on the #MysteryNovember Book Tour.

Mystery Book Tour Bus copyright

Our Guest today is Geoff West and his book Sheer Fear

Shear Fear

What happens when your brother is framed for murder, then dies himself? Just before he dies, David Hart tells his half-brother, Jack Lockwood, about the conspiracy to protect a famous public figure from allegations of historic child abuse by killing the (now adult) accusers and framing him for the murders.

Jack has to prod a hornets’ nest to get results, alienating some very important people. How can he find justice for his brother and avoid being killed himself?

At the same time, Jack has an unknown enemy who is playing vicious tricks on him, each one deadlier than the last.

Jack’s investigations take him to Copenhagen, Rome and Paris, where he’s nearly killed in a shootout on the funicular railway leading to Sacré Coeur.

And the closer he get to the truth the more dangerous it gets.

Geoff West

Where is your home town?

Coulsdon in Surrey, near to London, England.

What do you like about writing in the mystery genre?

I enjoy putting a ‘man in a mess’ and seeing him get out of it, whether the ‘mess’ is personal problems, helping out with someone else’s difficulties, or trying to do a job which runs into unexpected troubles. I like mysteries, and I like characters you can warm to, or alternatively thoroughly dislike. And I like solving puzzles, and delving into recent history for real life happenings against which to set plots.

What sub-genre of mystery does your book fit?


Where is your book set?

All the Jack Lockwood mysteries are set around Canterbury, the famous cathedral town of Kent. But in Sheer Fear, Jack also goes to Rome, Copenhagen and Paris in the course of his investigations.


Can you introduce us to the main characters?

Jack Lockwood is a Behavioural Investigative Advisor to the police, also a writer of true-crime books. He has a soft spot for people in trouble, and tends to think the best of people. But he is tough enough to deal with the worst kinds of bad guy, or gal, when it’s necessary.

Where can readers find out more about you?

At my website

Twitter @GeoffreyDWest

And my blogs where there are regular short stories about Jack

And a new blog about my new character Jamie Dark, psychic investigator and architect, also with short stories about his life.

Where can readers find your book?

Sheer Fear is now free to download for 5 days, starting today!



The #MysteryNovember Book Tour Day 19 – Alison Layland @AlisonLayland

Welcome to Day 19 of #MysteryNovember

Mystery Book Tour Bus copyright

Today our guest is Alison Layland and her book Someone Else’s Conflict

someone Elses' Conflict

‘The boy looks up and sees the foreigner’s rifle aimed at him. Why is this man here? This is not his conflict, it is not the boy’s… it is hell.

Jay has been home for a long time, but the ghosts of Yugoslavia are still with him as he busks his way round the country. Marilyn is fresh out of a controlling relationship and desperate to reassert her independence. The last thing she needs is to fall for an itinerant storyteller who has a strange relationship with the truth. And then the police call on her. When the past catches up with the present and stories become reality, Jay and Marilyn must decide who to believe and who to betray.

Alison Layland

Where is your home town?

The easy answer is Bradford, West Yorkshire. I lived in and around the city from age 5 until my early 20s and still think of it as my home town, although my family are actually from Nottinghamshire and I was born in Newark. I have lived most of my married life elsewhere in the UK – for the last 18 years in rural Wales – but I returned to Yorkshire for the setting of my debut novel.

What do you like about writing in the mystery genre?

I love the fact that it gives me the opportunity to explore my characters, their backstories and their motivations in depth while involving them in a story that keep readers turning the pages. In Someone Else’s Conflict I particularly enjoyed exploring the conflict in Croatia in the early 1990s following the break-up of Yugoslavia, and the way war can have lasting, devastating effects through to the present.

What sub-genre of mystery does your book fit?

I’d say it’s mainly crime/thriller involving a strong love story and past mistakes committed during war time coming back to haunt the present.

Where is your book set?

The present-day action moves from the Yorkshire Dales to the streets of Bradford and Keighley, with flashbacks to the war in 1990s Dalmatia, southern Croatia.

Can you introduce us to the main characters?

Jay Spinney is a busker and storyteller who uses rootlessness, outward cheerfulness and stories to hide the guilt of his past in the 1990s post-Yugoslavian conflict. Marilyn is an artist and potter trying to assert her independence after the break-up of a relationship with a controlling man. When they meet and are attracted to one another, Jay realises he has to try and come to terms with his past in order to be honest with her. When Vinko – a troubled teenage economic migrant and himself an indirect victim of the conflict – enters their lives, stories become reality and the past is forcefully brought into contact with the present, with drastic consequences on their lives.

Where can readers find out more about you and your writing?

My website is at

and I am on Twitter: @AlisonLayland,

and Facebook (

You can also find me among the Prime Writers .

Where can readers find your book?,,

international via;

in the UK, direct from the publisher’s website

or Lovereading