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Today our guest is Sam Cheever and her book Threads of Yesterday


A deadly secret is tangled up in Yesterday’s Threads, and Anna is racing the clock to get it unravelled.

In 1859, Elisabeth Margaret Nelson travelled to Crocker, Indiana to meet her new husband and start a new life. Her family never saw her again. The story of her death and a heartbroken husband who grieves his entire life is a sad tale for sure. But is it true?

When Anna Yesterday receives some vintage dresses from the local museum, she’s excited about highlighting them at Crocker’s annual Apple Blossom Festival. But someone wants the dresses back, and they’ll apparently stop at nothing to get them—leaving a trail of murder and destruction in their wake.

As Anna and Pratt work to uncover the deadly intrigue behind the vintage dresses, interference of another kind is working its way to the surface. All too soon, Anna and Pratt find themselves neck deep in trouble from more than one dimension—and wondering which will get them first!

Sam Cheever

Where is your home town?


I live South of Indianapolis, Indiana in beautiful Brown County. The area is known for its State Parks, lakes and wineries, as well as a fair number of caves for spelunking!

What do you like about writing in the mystery genre?


I love pitting myself against the reader. Unlike any other genre, the mystery genre is a contest between the author and the reader. Can I write the book in such a way as to fool the reader about Who-dun-it until the great reveal? I don’t always succeed, mystery readers are a truly savvy bunch, but I have fun trying!

What sub-genre of mystery does your book fit?


Both paranormal and historical. Each book provides both a historical mystery and a present day mystery to solve, with a heroine who is tied to the past through her work as an antiques dealer as well as a couple of mouthy ghosts! It’s a fun mix and I don’t think there’s anything else like it out there.

Where is your book set?


The fictional small town of Crocker, Indiana. I like to base all my stories in Indiana because, let’s face it, if I don’t do it who will? LOL Actually I believe Kate Collins bases her Flower Shop cozy mysteries in small town Indiana too.

Can you introduce us to the main characters?


Anna Yesterday owns an antique store named Yesterday’s Antiques. She loves the small town of Crocker, Indiana and has lived there all her life. When she opened her very own store in Crocker, she never expected to inherit two antiques that walked and talked and, occasionally, made the lights flicker!

Josselin Zebadiah is a cowboy from the 1800s. He’s Anna’s protector spirit and friend. He’s also fun and charming and opinionated, all things that make Anna’s life both more interesting and more fun.

Bess was a saloon girl in the Crocker, Indiana of the 1800s. She’s neither friendly nor helpful, but she is opinionated and, when push comes to shove, Bess is willing to help Anna. But only if Joss makes her.

Pratt Davies is Anna’s assistant in the store, as well as an extremely good-looking man. His growing feelings for Anna make his work at Yesterday’s less a job and more a labor of love. Pratt was a cop in Saint Louis, Missouri until something dark and dangerous invaded his world, sending his partner to an asylum and changing their lives forever. Pratt came to Crocker to escape all things spiritual. He relishes the simple work he performs at Yesterday’s, as well as the time he gets to spend with Anna. Imagine his surprise when he finds himself dealing with a dead, jealous cowboy and a snarky saloon girl from the ether!

Where can readers find out more about you and your writing?


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Where can readers find your book?

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  2. This series sounds really interesting. I just downloaded the first book, and am looking forward to reading both of them. I don’t find nearly enough ghosts in my TBR pile lately, and I really do enjoy them. (Lived in Ft. Wayne many years ago, btw, so I’m familiar with Indiana, overall, though I live in Florida now. Looking forward to “visiting” again through this series.)


  3. H Rosie and Sam – you certainly have the credentials to write about needles and threads and weaving stories from the occult … they both sound good .. cheers Hilary


  4. Apologies for being a day late! Had a tricky yesterday 🙂 Anyway I love the sound of this the premise sounds intriguing and I’m putting it on my TBR list straightaway. The title of the book is terrific as well – you know that moment when you think, Ooh I wish I’d thought of that!!


    • Thanks so much, Georgia Rose. I actually came up with the premise for this series when I was out walking and I couldn’t wait to get home to put some ideas on paper. LOL The main character’s name is Yesterday, she owns Yesterday’s Antiques, and she solves mysteries that started in the past and find their way into her present…it all fell together for me and writing it has been lots of fun!


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