We Go Again by Michael Cargill

We Go AgainWe Go Again by Michael Cargill

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We Go Again is a WW2 book set a few weeks after D-Day when the British soldiers were still pushing towards Berlin. We are introduced to a group of eight soldiers sent with unspecific orders as they travel through France. Captain Jones brags about his part in the war in Africa as a Desert Rat, whilst putting down some of the other men who were at Dunkirk.

Several of the other soldiers get annoyed with the Captain and his tale including James Bowden who has his own memories of the horrific crossing of the channel and finding themselves under German fire.

The men arrive at a French village and set up a base. We get to hear back story from James and another soldier David, telling us about their lives back home, in a series of war memories as the book evolves. Piper is a fun character who eats pickled onions and loves all the children they meet.

There is some action when the group shoot down a German plane and take prisoners and the book leads to the final show down when the soldiers must all pick up arms again as the Germans stage a come back.

The opening of the book really hooked me with Captain Jones’s bragging, but after that the story lost momentum for me, I was hoping to be drawn in to the fears and unknown of these still intense days after D-Day. This book has good potential, a bit of writing style tweaking and it could be a winner.

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