Rosie’s Book Review Team #RBRT Amanda reviews Hearts Of Stone by Inka Loreen Minden

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Amanda has been reading Hearts Of Stone by Inka Minden in conjunction with Brook Cottage Books



I read this book  as part of Brooks Cottage book tour and I a member of Rosie”s review team too


I really did enjoy this book i do seem to like a good paranormal romance read now this came from loving angel on tv years ago but then later on twilight hooked me again since next i look out for them .

This story packed with damon ,Witches ,angels and gargoyles

it a very sexy read too i was gripped from the first few pages
Vincent half human half gargoyle he was so sexy and cool

you will just loved his dark character he seems to live in the shadows you have to read to see why ?
The writing style easy to follow

i just needed to carry on reading to see what was going to happen next it so action packed
I enjoyed hearing about Vincent he was sent to protect a young witch called Noir she was a very strong character she was always fighting with demons she hated them so much we do get to hear why

Vincent just loved her so much he watched her from afar it was a forbidden love he loved her for years
One day she was in danger he now had to revel himself so he could save her
Both characters soon get to see just how complicated their love life could be the storyline will just hook you
I felt both Vincent and Noir both had very difficult and different journey to follow can they help each other?
My heart when out to them Vincent is cursed how will this affect them? My heart when out to him i really warmed to his character
I felt the story was full of love , hope and very emotional at times
All the characters seem so strong you get to know them so well Rapheal the angel was my favourite he made me smile i like that the different characters bring new twist in the story line
The book a nice read the writing style good it a great action packed read any fan of erotic romance novels set in a mysterious environment. Will just love this book

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