Rosie’s Book Review Team #RBRT Sterna reviews Seaside Dreams by Melissa Foster

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Sterna Chose to read and review Seaside Dreams by Melissa Foster in conjunction with BrookCottage Books.




Seaside Dreams – My Thoughts:

Bella Abbascia, a thirty year old teacher, makes a seemingly rash decision that goes against almost everything she represents as stable Mable in her circle of friends; she quits her job of five years, puts her house in the market and follows her dreams to Seaside, where she spent her summers growing up. Bella has a plan, and falling head over heels for sexy, single father and police officer Caden Grant, was definitely not in those plans.

Bella and Caden meet in a hilarious opening scene that had me doubling over with laughter and set the pace and the mood of the book perfectly.

Caden has not dated seriously since Evan’s mother left, and Foster nails his nervous and unpracticed reactions to the sizzling heat between him and Bella perfectly leaving you laughing out loud and giggling a few times…and then swooning and wishing you could go on a not-a-date with the hunky Caden. (I totally dig my husband as well now)

I love that he has a son, and it gave their story a unique angle and showed a side to both Caden and Bella that you might not have gotten to know otherwise.

Between the beautiful scenery descriptions and the wonderful, close knit Seaside community, you really just wish you were there and a part of their inner circle – I’m packing my bags!

Heartfelt, happy ending that left me signing with content and excited about the rest of the Seaside Summers series…so much love for them!

“You’ll fall so hard for me you’ll be wishing you met me ten years ago…” Foster just gets it right every time.

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