Drowned Murmurs by Honor A Dawson

Drowned MurmursDrowned Murmurs by Honor Amelia Dawson

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Drowned Murmurs is based around a cottage in Cornwall that Michaela has inherited from an Uncle she knew nothing about. Ignoring her Mother’s pleas to sell it and forget about it Michaela and her husband Sam decide they will move in and renovate.

There are sinister tales about the cottage which come from family, neighbours and village gossip and when Michaela starts having visions about a woman named Catherine she believes she is not only dreaming but re-living some of Catherine’s experiences. No one has a good word to say about Catherine and her abilities to be good Mother, but Michaela feels empathy for her and wants to prove her innocence.

I really enjoyed the parts of the book that involved the visions of Catherine and her life there was a lot of emotion and historical detail which drew me in to her circumstances, the parts of the book which were set in Michaela’s life were also full of much emotion, but so much of it was aggressive anger and coldness that I didn’t connect with her as much as I should. She was surrounded by cold angry characters, her Mother and Grace fuelled her anger and I was desperate for some warmth and love so that I could like Michaela. There was a kitten for Michaela to show love to but it’s part didn’t work for me.

Michaela’s determination to find out Catherine’s story is rewarded by the end, sadly too late to save Catherine and her own belief that she caused the deaths of her children, a very sad and quite dark tale.

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