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Karen has been reading Jane In St. Pete by Cynthia Harrison.

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This book introduces you to Jane Chasen, art lecturer, recently widowed. Still trying to get her social footing in the Winding Bayou community, Jane and her friend Kim stop by an artist’s house; an artist who later turns up dead. Jane teams up with police detective Jesse Singer who needs her expertise.

With “Jane in St. Pete”, Cynthia Harrison has created an entertaining mystery with a hint of romance. Jane Chasen is complex; it took me a while to warm up to her as her life choices differed vastly from what I would have done. As I learned more about her, I understood and started to like her. The story comprises a variety of craftily elaborated characters with sufficient depth and interesting interactions until the last page. After warming up to Jane, I had a great time reading “Jane in St. Pete” – it is an intriguing and enjoyable read. I was soon drawn into the story, eager to solve the case. For me, it is more mystery than romance which is good for me; the romantic part enhances the story nicely, though. A story to read again.

This is for you if you like mysteries with well-elaborated twists, interesting and complex characters, a touch of romance, and if you think something like “I would not mind reading more of this”.


Book description

Widowed art lecturer Jane Chasen is not an impulsive woman. Why, then, does the formerly methodical workaholic quit her job, sell her house, and move from Detroit to Florida? Instead of pondering her atypical behavior, she takes a closer look at a neighbor’s intriguing outdoor art installation. Days later, Detective Jesse Singer discovers the murdered artist in his studio. With Jane’s help, Singer finds the victim’s bloody shirt, inexplicably located within Jane’s gated community. Singer knows nothing about art, and as he closely questions Jane, she offers to help with the art angle of the case. Singer soon takes Jane up on her offer. Then, Jane begins to receive anonymous threats. Singer, determined to protect Jane, keeps her closer to his side than ever—she’s not complaining.

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55976700. sy475

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