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Today’s team review is from Georgia, she blogs here

#RBRT Review Team

Georgia has been reading More Glimpses by Hugh Roberts

More Glimpses is Hugh W Robert’s second collection of short stories and what a varied assortment they are. Some are long, some short and they are in a variety of genres covering drama, fantasy, horror, science fiction, action/adventure, comedy, murder/mystery, paranormal and rom com – seriously, something for everyone.

There were moving longer length pieces like The Whistle to mini-sagas such as the grisly Honeymoon.

My favourites were; the beautiful Floral HallThe Right Choice (just how extreme can gameshows get!), I loved the horrifying ending in the time travelling tale, Fast Forward and the dangers of being nosy in The Door.

This collection is well work further investigation if you are a lover of short stories.

Book description

Do you believe in fairies at the bottom of the garden? Or know the real truth about what lurks inside every mobile phone? Would you steal items from a blind person, or send your neighbours on a time travelling adventure fraught with danger and menace to save the human race from a bug? How about staying in a sleepy village where many murders have taken place or coming to the aid of royalty while out shopping?

These are just some of the subjects covered in the second collection of short stories and flash fiction from author and writer, Hugh W. Roberts.

‘More Glimpses’ gives the reader an opportunity to take a peek into the lives of normal, everyday people whose lives are all on a path full of twists, turns and unexpected endings. However, it’s not only about the humans; nothing escapes the extraordinary journeys Hugh has planned for you. If you are a lover of shows such as ‘Black Mirror’ or ‘The Twilight Zone’ then you’re in for another exciting trip in this second collection from Hugh. Come and meet the characters who had no idea their lives were about to be turned upside-down. Enjoy the ride!

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