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Indulgence in Death (In Death, #31)Indulgence in Death by J.D. Robb
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Indulgence in Death is #31 of the series, a futuristic murder mystery set in New York. Part of a series of books featuring NYPSD Lieutenant Eve Dallas it is easily a stand alone read.

The book opens in 2060, beautiful picturesque Ireland, Eve and husband Roarke take a vacation and visit family. We are quickly plunged into a murder scene, which is a bit of a shock for the peaceful local community and Eve has to step in and guide the local officer through his first murder case.

Holiday over, Eve is back in her comfort zone with the New York city buzz. It’s not long before she is called to an unusual killing, the murder weapon a crossbow, the victim a High class chauffeur. This is followed by a second murder, a high class licensed companion brutally stabbed in a chamber of Horrors on Coney Island. It looks like the killer buys his kills, is showing off and is thrilled by the kills.

With the body count rising higher, suspects in the open,  Eve and partner Peabody must find the links, the tiny threads and connections to close this case down before more innocent people are killed.

I always enjoy a J.D. Robb read. Eve is a sparky, sharp character, who is passionate about her work and the author brings this out with the depth of the writing. She is played off well against her work partner and her husband. The futuristic elements set these books apart from other NYPD police mysteries, but don’t over-shadow the police work. As readers we are taken every step of the way alongside Eve as she strives to stop the killer.

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16 thoughts on “INDULGENCE IN DEATH by J.D.Robb #MurderMystery #Bookreview

  1. I love detective / P.I type books, but I haven’t read anything set in the future before. 31 in the series! You said it worked as a standalone, but I hate being in the dark about what’s gone before and how the lead characters have developed etc. Would I be better starting at no 1 if I could find the time?


  2. I went on a binge a few years back and read many of the books in the Eve Dallas series – the early books gave me exactly what I want in a multi-book series – character development over a period of time. Later books stalled a bit – the characters didn’t seem to be changing enough. I grew a tad bored and moved on to other reads. Maybe it’s time for another look.


  3. Need to get my eyes checked. At first, I thought you’d rated it 3 out of 5. As I read and didn’t see any complaints, I went back and realized it had received a 5 star from you. 🙂
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