Rosie’s #Bookreview Of Cosy #Mystery Set in Avebury IN MY ATTIC by Lina Hansen

In My Attic: A Magical Misfits MysteryIn My Attic: A Magical Misfits Mystery by Lina Hansen

3 stars

In My Attic is a cosy mystery set in Avebury, near the ancient standing stones.

Upon the sudden death of her Aunt Eve, Myrtle heads to Avebury and her aunt’s Bed and Breakfast establishment. Although the police quickly close the case surrounding Eve’s death, Myrtle is unconvinced that is was a simple accident, especially when it seems that someone is secretly searching the house.

Added to this, Eve’s interest in witchcraft, some odd behaviour from local residents, curious house guests and strange notes, mean that Myrtle has a mystery on her hands.

I enjoyed the Avebury setting of the story; it is a place that I hope to visit one day. The witchcraft element was an added bonus. This was a slow-paced book and at times I did want to urge it to hurry up, which encouraged me to skip some of the less relevant sections. Not a bad story, it just didn’t hold my interest as much as I hoped.

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Book description

Aunt Eve is dead – murdered – and Myrtle has inherited the Witch’s Retreat, a Bed and Breakfast in the idyllic British village of Avebury. As Myrtle bumbles along in search of a murderer, she uncovers secrets more shocking than death: a hidden magical relic, a coven of amateur witches, and modern witch hunters on the prowl.
In My Attic is a new take on the cozy mystery. Think trainee Miss Marple channelling the twenty-first century – with a paranormal twist.

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