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Today’s team review comes from Amanda, she blogs at

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Amanda has been reading The Other Side Of Town by Eleanor Smythe in conjunction with Brook Cottage Books


I got to say never judge a book by it cover I sorry to say I hated this cover for some reason I did catch my attention and make me want to read but I did enjoy the story I did find it gripping I bet you do too ?
All the characters seem so real and you will get right inside there minds some of the characters are very deep I enjoy all the background to the characters Eleanor got a great way of writing you will be pulled into there life’s I did think the link was very clever I enjoyed the way the story unfolds very slowly and in depth bit by bit it will hook you
The story told by all the characters points of view which I found it very interesting you will want to know more it packed with lots of twists and turns i found some parts very emotional it will pull on your hearts string you may need a tissue
Eleanor got a very unique writing style you will feel and what the characters feel you right there with them
I very good read
Please read for you self I like to thank brooks cottage book tours for letting me read and review as part of Roise amber book review team

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