#RomancingSeptember Day 12 The Lonely Wolf by Monica La Porta @monilp #romance

Welcome to Day 12 of #RomancingSeptember

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Our guest today is Monica La Porta and her book The Lonely Wolf

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Where is your home town?


I’m originally from Rome, Italy, but I now live in Redmond, a small town in Washington State, in the US. Rome and Redmond have nothing in common, one is chaotic, colorful, and ancient, while the second is peaceful, green, and new. Yet, I love them both because they fulfill different needs I have.

How long have you been writing romance?


I have been writing love stories since 2009. Publishing a book was one of the items in my bucket list, and around that time I was reminded of how precarious life can be. I started writing one rainy morning and I haven’t stopped since.


What is your favourite sub-genre of romance?


Both paranormal and science fiction romance are my favorite, but throw in the midst a few dystopian and steampunk details and I’ll disappear with my kindle for days at a time.

This will be book six of your Immortal series, where are they set?


The Immortals series is set in nowadays Rome. Born and raised in the Eternal City, I’ve always wanted to read a paranormal/urban fantasy story with a Roman vibe, but I couldn’t find any, so I wrote The Lost Centurion. Several other characters came to life in that first book, and I’ve been slowly narrating their stories. The Lonely Wolf is the latest in the series, but I envisioned a seventh title for a certain warlock who keeps popping in my mind.

What species of immortals are involved in The Lonely Wolf?


Angels, werewolves, were-panthers, demons, warlocks, and vampires all have a role in The Lonely Wolf, but the main characters are the angel Ludwig, the werewolf Quintilius, and Quintilius’s son Lupo.

Rage simmers between the different clans, who or what tries to keep control?


Unbeknownst to humans, Rome is populated by several paranormal species, precariously coexisting under the hegemony of the Immortal Council. For millennia, vampires and angels have been fighting a subtle war for supremacy, using shifters to do their bidding. When Ludwig Barnes is elected as the new archangel, the Holy Nation is divided between his supporters and the ones who would like to see him demoted. The vampire Claudius sees in the angelic unrest an opportunity he can’t resist and allies himself with Ludwig’s haters.

Tell us about the love interests in the book.


The Lonely Wolf is centered on two forbidden love stories, and the reunion between a father and his estranged son. Ludwig and Quintilius have been in love with each other since the Roman times, but they have maintained their relationship secret because interspecies romance is still considered a taboo among wolves and angels, and it would destroy Ludwig’s career. Amidst a painful breakup with Ludwig, Quintilius discovers he has a son, Lupo, a young and misguided werewolf. External factors have kept them separated, and Lupo has been led to believe Quintilius doesn’t want to recognize him. While Quintilius struggles to gain his son’s affection, Lupo meets his soul mate, Jasmine, a were-panther belonging to the Purist clan. Although for Lupo and Jasmine is love at first scent, her clan would never consent to their union, and in fact he risks the death penalty for only looking at her. Will father and son find their happily-ever-after endings? One thing is for sure, they will have to fight until the very end of the book, and even beyond that…

Which is your favourite character in this book and why?


It is the first time I write a story with three main characters, and they all have very distinctive voices. Ludwig, Quintilius, and Lupo are all alpha males with an inner sense of justice, and their feelings run deep as well as their tempers. But Lupo is the cub among them, and I have a soft spot for him, because his youth and lack of experience will cause him the most suffering. In fact, his full name is Lupo Solis, which loosely translated from Latin means ‘the lonely wolf.’

Tell us what you are working on next.


I’m outlining Lupo’s own story in The Immortal Youth series, a YA spinoff from The Immortals. At the end of The Lonely Wolf, Lupo finds himself in a tight spot of his own making, and it will take a whole new book to narrate his adventure.

Where can readers find out more about you?

Monica La Porta






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  3. My favourite Romancing September post so far. As a huge paranormal/supernatural/sci-Fi fan with a love of demons, werewolves, angels, and…oh, I love the lot! I shall be adding this to my TBR pile. 🙂


  4. Happy to make your acquaintance, Monica. You are the first author I’ve met from Italy, even though you now live in the Pacific Northwest. “Two forbidden love stories…” That captured my attention! I’ll follow you on social media and Amazon. Best of luck on the tour!


  5. Rosie, thank you for having me. I truly enjoyed answering your questions. Now that The Lonely Wolf’s launch madness has finally abated, I’ll take a long tour of the previous posts, because I’ve missed all the fun 🙂


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