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Alison chose the Harlequins Boxset of Gothic Romance and this is a review of The Ghosts of Cragera Bay by Dawn Brown


The Ghosts of Cragera Bay – Dawn Brown

This is a very creepy read and a lot deeper and more complex than many gothic romance novels.

Declan and his mother fled from his father when Declan was small and Declan has built a life in the US. Years later, Declan has inherited Stonecliff – an estate on the Isle of Anglesey in Wales. He returns to the place of his birth, wanting only to sell the estate which has been the scene of numerous murders.

Parapsychologist Dr Carly Evans wants to investigate exactly what is going on in Stonecliff and an initially reluctant Declan decides to help. The two are strongly attracted to each other, and their romance plays out amidst some really scary goings-on in Stonecliff.

Declan is a great romantic hero, and Carly is likable and intelligent. The premise behind the story is a good one, although I did find it quite difficult to understand what was going on at first, and what the history was with Declan’s half-sisters. There are two other books ‘The Witch of Stonecliff’ and ‘The Devil’s Eye’ that recount these other stories and it might be helpful to read them first, although this book does work as a standalone.

4 out of 5 stars.

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