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Moroda (World of Linaria, #1)Moroda by L.L. McNeil
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Moroda is book one of the epic fantasy series World Of Linaria.

Moroda and her sister are lucky to escape from a dangerous attack on their city by a fire breathing dragon. They become part of a group taken across the sea by a Sky Pirate where they learn of a new threat to their world.

The group face dangers and fight battles while searching for an old dragon who may be the only thing able to stop the madness which is spreading.

I don’t read much epic fantasy but the Sky Pirate attracted me to this story. I liked the mixed group of adventurers, they were well thought out. The world building worked well and I could easily picture the different cities and people of Linaria. Some had wings, others could change into animals while some had magical powers. The Sky Pirate was a particular favourite character, while it took me a while to like Moroda; her skills took a long time to develop and then seemed rushed at the end.

Overall, a good start to a fantasy series and one which I may return to in the future.

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Orange rose book description
Book description

n Linaria, dragons are revered as gods.

Airships command the skies.

And across the land, war is brewing.

Devastated by their father’s death, Moroda and her sister struggle to make ends meet. Things go from bad to worse when a rogue dragon destroys their city.

Fleeing on a sky pirate’s airship to escape the chaos, the sisters find themselves penned in by untrustworthy companions, a bloodthirsty warlord, and dragons on the rampage.

For Moroda, who would do anything to protect her sister, nowhere is safe. Not even the sky.

The balance of power in Linaria is tipping. Can one woman make a difference?

If you love dragons, airships, and sky pirates, you’ll love discovering THE WORLD OF LINARIA.

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