Rosie’s #Bookreview Of #HistoricalFiction The Daughters Of Ironbridge by Mollie Walton

The Daughters of Ironbridge: A heartwarming new saga perfect for fans of Maggie HopeThe Daughters of Ironbridge: A heartwarming new saga perfect for fans of Maggie Hope by Mollie Walton

3.5 stars

The Daughters Of Ironbridge is historical fiction set in Shropshire around the iron industry.

Annie is the daughter of an ironworker and is lucky; she has been taught to read and write. This enables her to gain employment in the offices of the factory owner.

Margaret is the lonely daughter of the King family. The two girls become friends and this story follows their lives, loves and losses.

The author’s research into the ironwork setting shone through with plenty of detail and local dialect from the era. However, I thought there was a little too much local colloquialism, as it stopped the flow of my reading experience; just the odd word or saying would have been enough.  Dialect spelled out in each sentence can become irritating; once you know how the characters talk you tend to read it in their accent anyway. I quite liked the characters but I thought opportunities to make both girls really stand out were missed. Their storylines were good, but safe within the historical genre.

Overall an interesting piece of regional history woven into book one of a saga series, but I didn’t find it memorable.

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Book description

Anny Woodvine’s family has worked at the ironworks for as long as she can remember. The brightest child in her road and the first in her family to learn to read, Anny has big dreams. So, when she is asked to run messages for the King family, she grabs the opportunity with both hands.

Margaret King is surrounded by privilege and wealth. But behind closed doors, nothing is what it seems. When Anny arrives, Margaret finds her first ally and friend. Together they plan to change their lives.

But as disaster looms over the ironworks, Margaret and Anny find themselves surrounded by secrets and betrayal. Can they hold true to each other and overcome their fate? Or are they destined to repeat the mistakes of the past?

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