Rosie’s #Bookreview of #NewRelease Historical #Fantasy Athena’s Champion by @DHairauthor & Cath Mayo

Athena's ChampionAthena’s Champion by David Hair

4 stars

Athena’s Champion is a story based around Greek mythology, and features the early days of Odysseus. It begins when the seeress of Pytho proclaims that Odysseus is not the son of King Laertes, but the son of Sisyphus. Unfortunately for him, all descendants from Sisyphus have a death warrant on their heads. Added to this, an embarrassed and livid Laertes then disowns Odysseus, but luckily new friends help him. After barely surviving an attack from a magical boar, the Goddess Athena intervenes and awakens him so he may be one of her ‘theioi’ or demi-gods.

Given the job of serving Athena, Odysseus becomes embroiled in the selfish battles between the gods of Olympus. When a kidnapping goes wrong, he finds himself facing the perils of the underworld where he meets his true ancestors. He must use his quick thinking to make it back to the world above.

Like many tales of mythology, this story was a complicated mix of characters and plot twists. However, it was very entertaining and I enjoyed it. One of my favourite parts was the episode through Hades’ underworld, which I could picture more easily than other settings in the story. Also, I quite enjoy seeing Hades score points over other gods.

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Book description

The first in a thrilling new historical fantasy series; Odysseus must embrace his secret heritage and outwit the vengeful Gods who would control or destroy him…

Prince Odysseus of Ithaca is about to have his world torn apart. He’s travelled to the oracle at Pytho to be anointed as heir to his island kingdom; but instead the Pythia reveals a terrible secret, one that tears down every pillar of his life, and marks him out for death.

Outcast by his family, hunted by the vengeful gods, Odysseus is offered sanctuary by Athena, goddess of wisdom, and thrust into the secret war between the Olympians for domination and survival. Only his wits, and his skill as a warrior, can keep him ahead of their power games – and alive.

When one of Athena’s schemes goes drastically wrong, and the young Helen of Sparta is kidnapped, Odysseus must journey past the gates of Hades to save her. Falling in love with a Trojan princess, a bewitching woman who poses a deadly threat to both his homeland and Athena, won’t make his task any easier…

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