The Rosie’s Book Review Team (#RBRT) awards. VOTE NOW for your 2017 favourite.

The Rosie’s Book Review Team (#RBRT) awards are back! 

Now in their third year, I’m delighted to open the public vote.  The books were chosen from the hundreds submitted to our team for review in 2017.   My team of reviewers were asked to nominate their favourites; here are those that made the final cut.

You may vote for one book in each category.  Please only vote for books that you honestly feel deserve an award, in accordance with the authenticity of my team’s reviews.

Voting closes on December 15th and the results will be announced  on Tuesday December 19th.

Meanwhile, huge congratulations to all the finalists!

Fantasy /Scifi

General Contemporary Fiction


Mystery / Thriller




35 thoughts on “The Rosie’s Book Review Team (#RBRT) awards. VOTE NOW for your 2017 favourite.

  1. *taps the mic* I’d like to thank the Academy. #neverendingspeech #getheroffthestage 🙂

    What an exciting way to start the day!!! Thank you for nominating BLESSED MAYHEM. It sits among such amazing books by talented storytellers. Good luck to all the nominees!

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    Vote for your favourite in Rosie Amber’s Book Review Awards. All the nominated books were chosen by the review team out of the hundreds submitted throughout 2017. Voting closes on 15th December and the winners will be announced on the 19th December.

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  6. Even if it doesn’t win, you have to read “By Light of Hidden Candles”. It’s so much more than a love story. History, religious conflict, mystery, all combined with a little comedy in a well-written first novel.

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