CUCKOO CLOCK – NEW YORK; ESTHER’S STORY by Elisabeth Marrion #HistFic #BookReview

Cuckoo Clock - New York: Esther's Story (Unbroken Bonds)Cuckoo Clock – New York: Esther’s Story by Elisabeth Marrion
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Cuckoo Clock New York follows the travels of a cuckoo clock from Germany 1937 to Florida 1998.
November 10th Hildesheim, Germany, Esther and her father must leave their home, they are Jews and the danger to themselves increases each day. They luckily are given permit papers as railway workers and travel to Amsterdam.
In an orphanage in Berlin, it is no longer safe to provide a place for the children and moves are made to evacuate them.
Esther and her Father are able to join the children pretending to be Doctors as they find refuge in England.
The story of Esther and her father continues as they get passage to America and a new life of opportunities.
I found it hard to engage with the characters, much of their chances seemed too convenient and easy, therefore I missed the emotional link to the hardships of the war, add to this clunky dialogue and editing typos and this book didn’t do it for me.

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  1. Aw, that’s too bad. All three books in the series sound great and have good reviews. Like you, if I’m not attached to the characters, I lose interest in the story. “Clunky dialogue” and typos wouldn’t help matters, either. Thanks for sharing, Rosie.


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