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Aurelia has been reading non-fiction book Mud & Marriage by Mandy Clark


Book Review – Mud & Marriage (3 out of 5)
Mud & Marriage: A housebuilding adventure is a diary-turned-story-house-building guide. Originally written as a diary, the author, Mandy Clark, outlines key steps of buying, designing, and constructing a home. Rather than presenting a typical, linear, how-to-version, readers can glean advice from the author’s experience with setting plans and drawings, using ground source heat pumps, finding a carpenter, getting quotes, and more.  Further, the book contains overt tips for house building such as: “Use a watering can full of sand to mark out where your drainage pipes will go.” “Use your best negotiating skills to obtain a good discount from your local builders’ merchants and other suppliers” to save money. “Mark everything out exactly where you want it in case you aren’t on-site when the work is done.” — Mandy Clark
This information is sandwiched between the story of how the author met her husband and cute interactions with a little girl named “Pickles”.  Mandy Clark mentions specific contractors by name along with her experiences and business dealings with them. Anyone building a home in the UK will, no doubt, find Mud & Marriage to be most helpful.
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