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Virgo's ViceVirgo’s Vice by Trish Jackson
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Virgo’s Vice is a light romantic suspense set in Zimbabwe. Lexie King is a camera operator for a new reality show titled “Endure and Win”. Her boss Allan Dockery has put everything into this show as a last ditch attempt to score a huge TV contract, but he made the leap to set the filming in motion before he had the money from the backers.

The book opens with the contestants and the two camera operators forced to leap out of an aeroplane with no parachute training into a remote part of Africa. Dropped with two bags of supplies they must survive or die. They’ve got three days before the main show team return and the real contest begins.

With a $1 million prize, the show has drawn contestants from a diverse background all with their reasons for being there. Forced to depart immediately for the show, most of the contestants arrive unsuitably dressed, but they have all been allowed to pack one survival item each and a few other personal essentials. The idea behind the show is that it will be a six week reality game.

Lexie is shocked when she recognises a haunting face from her past, one she has yet to get over and his leering eyes bring back a past full of horrors. The team pull together from their respective strengths to make a shelter and find food and water. It’s not long before sinister events occur and the team begin to be picked off one by one.

There are a lot of characters in the game and they are all introduced at the start which I found hard to keep track of. For me the early scenes with setting up the camp slow the suspense pacing of the book, the contents of the rucksacks may have worked better drip fed into the storyline. This is a light read and readers of romance will enjoy the HEA ending.

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