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Liz chose to read and review Scotch On The Rocks by Lizzie Lamb.

Scotch On The Rocks

Scotch on the Rocks by Lizzie Lamb


From the first few lines of Scotch on the Rocks we know exactly the kind of character we are meeting in heroine Ishabel Stuart. Brave and intelligent, her single minded determination could achieve anything but she may well antagonise anyone who crosses her path. Returning to her home island in the Scottish Highlands she is seeking peace and a new life after the break down of her engagement.


But first she must arrange her father’s funeral and she is not best pleased to find her Aunt Esme’s B and B brimming with guests. The guests depart, sadly taking Esme with them but Issie still has to deal with the unwanted presence of a tall, handsome, charming American. Why is she so rude to him and what is he hiding?


On the face of it, we have the recipe for a sweet romance as conflict gives way to love but Lizzie Lamb’s books offer far more than just that. Mystery builds up as to why Brodie has come all the way from Kentucky to stay for the entire summer. Parallel to this we wonder why Issie’s father and Aunt Esme had been estranged for so many years. The more we learn, the more it appears that any relationship between Brodie and Ishabel is doomed.


And then there is Lindy, or Lola as she is calling herself that week, a zany, madcap young lady who helps out at the Guest House. Lindy longs to escape Cormorant Island and she sees Brodie as her passport to Las Vegas. Adding to the hilarious household is Pershing the Parrot, a cantankerous, vociferous bird who makes helpful remarks such as, “You silly tart!”


The beauty of the island landscape and the colourful characters living there make this novel a pleasure to read. There are several incredibly funny scenes involving “ladies of the parish,” or Issie’s mother, an “Italian” Diva (well Dumbarton actually!). The blunt description of Ishabel’s cheating ex-fiancé are refreshing to read and this is very much a contemporary story even though set in an idyllic location.


The love and passion experienced by more than one couple is intense and explicit and no-one would doubt the inevitable matching. But in addition, a 50 year old wrong is righted and mysteries solved in a very unexpected conclusion. There is something for everyone in Scotch on the Rocks, including the bottle of Scotch!

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  2. Many thanks to Rosie and Liz for reading and reviewing SCOTCH ON THE ROCKS. I’ve never had such a ‘different’ take on any of my books and I love it. Its always difficult to leave a set of characters behind and forge a relationship with new ones as I write my next novel, but I think I’m about ready. As for that naughty parrot, Pershing, I have one at home who is slightly better behaved. But only slightly. Thank you so very much.


    • This is my favourite, somehow!
      Although I’m looking forward to Lizzie’s next novel, Cormorant Island will remain forever in my heart. 🙂


      • Thanks you so much Isabella. I hope you won;t be disappointed as my next one features a castle in the middle of a loch !!


    • Hi Diane, the feedback I’ve been getting is very positive. Mind you, most readers have fallen in love with the parrot !!


    • Olga, I have a miniature macaw called Jasper and most of the parrot’s actions in the novel are based on what he says and does. I’ve had him almost 20 years now and I love him to bits.


  3. A wonderful review! First became acquainted with Scotch on the Rocks during the Romancing September tour. Lizzie’s story does sound like it has something for everyone. Cheers! 🙂


    • Noelle, just wondering what I can use in the next one. Its set in Scotland, in the middle of a loch, so maybe a water horse?


  4. Sorry for the late replies. Our microwaves died on me this lunch time and we had to shoot out to John Lewis and buy a replacement. Couldn’t live without one over the festive period. Well, I could but . .. I’m a writer and allowed to be over dramatic. Thank you to everyone who retweeted this blog post today, I really appreciate it.


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