Threads Of Yesterday by Sam Cheever @samcheever #Paranormal #Mystery

Threads of YesterdayThreads of Yesterday by Sam Cheever
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Threads of Yesterday is book two in the Yesterday’s Paranormal series. Yesterday’s is an antique shop in Crocker, Indiana and is owned by Anna. This is such a fun series, each book has a glossary at the beginning full of words from yester-year which are spoken by the two resident ghosts of Anna’s business. Joss and Bess are linked to the shop from America’s past and help solve local mysteries.

In 1859 Lissie Nelson travelled to Crocker to be with her new husband, but Lissie disappeared once the stagecoach reached the town along with her family jewels. When Ellie Nelson visits Anna’s shop she warns Anna that she is in danger.

In Crocker everyone is preparing for the Apple Blossom Festival, the local museum is donating a painting and has also sold some vintage dresses to Anna. But suddenly everyone has an interest in the dresses, but when the museum curator is attacked things become very series.

I loved the ghostly characters and the descriptions of different types of ghosts, looking forward to the next book in the series.

The is review is based on a free copy of the book given to me by the author.

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  1. I just love the ghostly figures I came across them in the first book called Yesterday’s News and loved the colloquialism that they bring to this small town set of mysteries.


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