The #RBRT Reviewer Profiles – Crystin Goodwin @CrystinLGoodwin

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Reviewers on the #RBRT are very busy hard working people who give their time freely, so I thought it was about time readers had the chance to meet them and find out a bit more about them.

Crystin Goodwin


Crystin Goodwin lives in Austin, Texas.

Crystin posts book reviews here:

Also follow her here; @CrystinLGoodwin (Twitter) Crystin Goodwin (Facebook author page)

Crystin enjoys reading: Most types of fiction, but my favorites are fantasy, romance (especially historical), paranormal, and young adult.

She prefers books for the review team in: Mobi or Amazon gift

Hobbies, interests, and any pets? Writing, reading, playing video games (specifically World of Warcraft), drawing, watching anime … I have too many hobbies. I’m a huge Disney fan. I also own a cat and a husband.

Reading Soft edge

I asked, “What new genres have you tried from the review team list?”

A dark historical novel, dark humor/satire, steampunk fantasy, and contemporary romance with LBGT scenes. So far I’ve hit a 50/50 success rate with new stuff.

“What genres make you step out of your comfort zone?”

Westerns – I just don’t find the whole cowboy/old West setting very interesting, though I do like stuff with Native Americans. I also don’t care for LBGT romances with explicit sex scenes because they just don’t do it for me. (Yes, I do occasionally read erotica … don’t judge me!) Also, very realistic horror stuff scares the crap out of me. I tried reading this book about a psychiatrist that hypnotizes his patients into forgetting the horrible things he would do to them with a trigger word that could be said over the phone … I flipped out and had to stop reading halfway through because I was terrified to answer my phone!

“What do you look for in a book?”

Entertainment. If the story is interesting, the characters are interesting, and there are minimal typos, I’m happy. Now, if the characters are fully developed, and the story has unexpected twists and turns with excellent pacing? Then I’m ecstatic!

“Book Styles you don’t enjoy?”

I’m not too fond of poetry – but that’s it,mostly. Well, and I really don’t care for stories written in present tense: I can force myself to read them, but you’ll lose brownie points.

“Do you read & review Non-Fiction?”

Only when I have to – and if it is a subject I’m interested in. I do enjoy the occasional writing craft book, and I’m into certain areas of history, like the Greeks and Romans and Egyptians. Also old Japanese history and folklore, or old England stuff … Actually, it might be best to just ask if I’d be interested. 🙂

9 thoughts on “The #RBRT Reviewer Profiles – Crystin Goodwin @CrystinLGoodwin

  1. Nice to ‘meet’ you, Crystin! This is an interesting one – I must read something you write, some time, I liked the way you’ve written this, alot :). Talking video games, I don’t usually play them but am obsessed with Plague Inc, have you tried it????

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  2. Lovely to meet you Crystin and I’ve just realised I should have added poetry to my list of styles I don’t enjoy too much as well. You’ve certainly tried a wide range of new genre through RBRT too – excellent! 🙂

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  4. Wonderful to meet you, Crystin! I admire you guys so much for agreeing to do this for indie writers, most people don’t give us poor souls a chance 🙂 Let us know what you write also. I’d be very interested.

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  5. *blush* Wow. Nice to meet all of you, too! Olganm – the scary book was called False Memory by Dean Koontz. Warning – it got really graphic in spots. *shudder* Terry, no I haven’t tried Plague – is it a role playing game? A facebook game?
    And for anyone curious, I write YA/NA fantasy.
    Looking forward to reading some great new books with everyone!


  6. Thanks, Crystin. I’ve been wondering why I’ve never read a book by Dean Koontz yet (I attended a webinar where they recommended his book on writing). Now I know which one I should try to get!


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