#RomancingSeptember Day 15 A Fake Engagement A Real Wedding by Felicia Myers

Welcome to Day 15 of #RomancingSeptember

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Today our guest is Felicia Myers and her book A Fake Engagement A Real Wedding

A Fake Engagement

Where is your home town?

I grew up in a small town located in Gujarat – India, right between the sea and the desert. My heart feels at home in my current city of residence – the wonderful city of Harbour Bridge & Opera House, Sydney, Australia.

How long have you been writing romance?

My first attempt at writing romance was at the age of 13, about a young girl who falls in love with a spy. My friends at school lapped it up and I started writing romance for their pleasure!

What is your favourite sub-genre of romance?

Contemporary Romance.

Where is your book set?

Two cities – London, England and New Delhi, India

Can you introduce readers to ASR

Going through various adult emotions early on in his life have moulded ASR and made him into the man he is today – a ruthless businessman and a total playboy. He is single and plans to remain that way. He has always loved a challenge, and Khushi Gupta presents a challenge to his senses like none other. He has tried and failed at discarding thoughts of her from his head. Every time they come together, sparks fly. He bedded her once but that is not enough. Every time he looks at her, something inside him yearns for more. He is not sure what “more” entails, but it looks like a dangerous territory. Dare he enter?

When did ASR first meet Khushi?

ASR met Khushi at an office meeting. She worked as an Administration Assistant in one of his company divisions.

How hot will the romance be in this book?

Their chemistry make the pages sizzle!

You are writing this book in an unusual way, tell us about it.

With the vast spread of the Internet globally, many readers prefer to buy e-books from online websites or even download them free of cost rather than pay for costly paperbacks. However, publishing online is a tricky business, especially when you’re an amateur writer and you wish to earn money from your amateur publications. The idea behind writing and promoting my stories through my blog is – find out how people like your story and test the waters. I believe, my readership following and the constructive comments and criticism of my readers will help me to become a good writer before putting my book/s in the market for purchase.

Does the reader feedback you get help guide the direction of your book?

Reader feedback is the back office server of my motivational drive. It helps me in finding out if I am able to read the pulse of the readers correctly, to know if their imagination flies in sync with mine while they are reading my stories. Constructive comments help me think better while encouraging comments motivate me to write more and write better.

Where can readers find out more about you?

Felicity Myers

You can follow me on Twitter at smelling_salts or add me on Facebook as “TEJAL CHOPRA”

BOOK LINK: https://serialanalyst.wordpress.com/category/fan-fictionshort-storiesoriginal-series/a-fake-engagement-a-real-wedding/

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  1. I think writers are ‘born’ with the compulsion to write – don’t you? It just develops and gets stronger over the years until a fully formed novel ‘pops’ out. Your book sounds really interesting, Felicia.


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  3. How wonderful to meet you, Felicia. I find your attitude toward writing refreshing! You story sounds quite romantic, and I like the title. Will follow you on social media and pin your cover to my Author Spotlight.


  4. Oh wow! Thanks a lot for this interview. I feel like I have known Tejal for a longtime. Love this story and will be looking forward to read more. I love her writing style as well.


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