Rosie’s Book Review Challenge – Belinda reviewed Jaded by Kristy Feltenberger-Gillespi

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Belinda chose to read “Jaded” By Kristy Feltenberger-Gillespi

Jaded - Kristy Feltenberger - Gillespi

Jaded – Kristy Feltenberger – Gillespi

Here is her review.

July, 2014


“Jaded,” a young adult novel, by Kristy Feltenberger takes place in a commune-like enclosure, Nirvana, in rural Virginia. The town is controlled by a group of elitists that have been in control since the late 1860s and although their technology is primitive and they are unscathed by the Outside, their lives are not the paradise that the name of the town implies. The people follow a strict socio-economic class system, not unlike Orwell’s   “1984”, but instead of using animals, people are classed by the color of their eyes.


“Jaded,” revolves around a young girl, Jade, quickly approaching her 17th birthday, at which point she will be forced to make her life choices She has to deal with the death of her beloved grandmother and the developing feelings for her “best friend”, Ty. They embark to find out the secrets they learn after the death of Jade’s grandmother, Rose and the relationship between Nirvana and the Outside. There are just too many secrets to be left buried and Jade and Ty set out to uncover them.


The author, Kristy Feltenberger, begins the book with a list of characters and an explanation of eye-color. At first, I was not sure of the necessity of this list, and then I started reading. Very clever. Ms. Feltenberger embraces her main character’s personality and the many changes and decisions that she has to make. Hard enough for an adult, let alone a teenager. This all speaks to the YA Market and the decisions that they must make as they embark on adulthood. She uses language and that flows well and definitely readable for the age group. The subject matter is enjoyable and appealing. All in all, a good read.

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