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While I Was WaitingWhile I Was Waiting by Georgia Hill
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While I Was Waiting is a Harper Impulse read, which mixes light romance with historical fiction. It is written using the “time-slip” style. The book opens with a prologue set in 1963. seventy year old Hetty is writing a memoir, she lives in Clematis Cottage, Stoke St. Mary, Herefordshire.

April 2000 and Rachel Makepeace, an illustrator is making a move away from London to the countryside. She has just bought Clematis cottage, a little run-down it hasn’t been lived in for a while. Gabe Llewellyn, a local builder arrives to give a repair quote and see she’s settled. In the attic he discovers an old tin full of papers, photos and a book, they belong to Mrs H Lewis.

As the book progresses Rachel dips into the tin to discover the life-story of Hetty, from 1903 when her natural scientific father left her with Aunts Hester and Leonora while he travelled the world. Hetty lived with two distant cousins, also staying with the Aunts. Richard and Edward were destined to be a part of Hetty’s future. Hetty’s memoir reached the years of The Great War of 1914, a marriage for Hetty and her volunteering at the local school. But there are intriguing gaps in the memoir which Rachel becomes obsessed with finding answers to.

In her own life, Rachel gets the house sorted, has Gabe and his father doing repairs and makes a friend of Stan who comes and helps out in the garden. Stan is full of local knowledge which fill in some gaps to Hetty’s life. Rachel feels the ghost of Hetty at the cottage as she finds out more about her.

There is a fun romance between Gabe and Rachel and when it falls apart help in the form of a bundle of puppy called Piglet helps Rachel become a more tolerant less controlling person, but is it too late for Gabe?

This is a light read and touches on much from Hetty’s era as well as Rachel’s time in Herefordshire without going into too much depth or exploration.

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Genre: Historical/time-slip romance

Release Date: 2/7/15 (e-pub) 10/9/15 (print)

Publisher: Harper Impulse

Tired of her life in London, freelance illustrator Rachel buys the beautiful but dilapidated Clematis Cottage and sets about creating the home of her dreams. But tucked away behind the water tank in the attic and left to gather dust for decades, is an old biscuit tin containing letters, postcards and a diary. So much more than old scraps of paper, these are precious memories that tell the story of Henrietta Trenchard-Lewis, a love lost in the Great War and the girl who was left behind.






2014-10-14 12.22.20

I used to live in London, where I worked in the theatre. Then I got the bizarre job of teaching road safety to the U.S. navy – in Marble Arch!

A few years ago, I did an ‘Escape to the Country’. I now live in a tiny Herefordshire village, where I scandalise the neighbours by not keeping ‘country hours’ and being unable to make a decent pot of plum jam. Home is a converted Oast house (Old agricultural building used for drying hops), which I share with my two beloved spaniels, husband (also beloved) and a ghost called Zoe.

I’ve been lucky enough to travel widely, though prefer to set my novels closer to home. Perhaps more research is needed? I’ve always wanted to base a book in the Caribbean!

I am addicted to Belgian chocolate, Jane Austen and, most of all, Strictly Come Dancing.








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#RomancingSeptember Day 28 The Vintage Cinema Club by @janelinfoot #books

Welcome to Day 28 of #RomancingSeptember

2015 cover

Our guest today is Jane Linfoot and her book The Vintage Cinema Club

The Vintage Cinema Club

Where is your home town?

Matlock Bath, Derbyshire, England

How long have you been writing romance?

I began to write romance five years ago.

What is your favourite sub-genre of romance?

I enjoy writing rom coms and chicklit

Where is your book set?

The Vintage Cinema Club is set in Derbyshire and France. Cue lots of country scenes, and summer heat.

Tell us what the Vintage Cinema Club is.

The Vintage Cinema Club centres on three friends, Izzy, Luce and Dida who share a wonderful retro shop in an old vintage cinema. We join them at the start of what should be a fabulous summer, as they celebrate the third birthday of their emporium, Vintage at the Cinema. But as fast as they’re popping the champers, everything they’ve worked for is unraveling, and suddenly three women are facing a full on fight to save what they love. And they call themselves The Vintage Cinema Club.

Introduce us to the characters.

My previous books have all focussed on “couple” relationships. With The Vintage Cinema Club I’ve had great fun broadening that view to explore the lives of a group of close friends instead.


Izzy, Luce and Dida, stars of The Vintage Cinema Club, are three very different characters, who run a vintage business together.

When we meet them they have been firm friends for years, and like a lot of friends, circumstances threw them together initially. Izzy and Luce became besties when Izzy came down in the world, left her private school, and landed at the local sixth form. Luce took pity on a traumatised Izzy, who she saw as under privileged, because she was so short of streetwise experience.

They teamed up with Dida at art college, where Luce and Izzy were working towards career qualifications. At the time Dida, as a first time mum, was saving her sanity with an art course. Luce and Dida’s friendship was cemented when they met again at antenatal classes. Like so many mums, their daughters growing up together made their bond strong, despite their different situations. Dida is loaded, and Luce struggles to make ends meet. Luce is a single mum with a tiny flat, whereas Dida is married – albeit to the husband from hell – and lives in a huge house. And Izzy is hooked on being a surrogate mum to her three twenty-something brothers.

Having been friends for so long means they know each other so well they sometimes feel they know what’s best for each other. In friendship there’s a fine line between interference and support, and it was great to explore the dynamics of that for Izzy, Luce and Dida. Sometimes friendly interference leads to big trouble, but the very best friends will always hang around to make good.

In real life people are often drawn to friends who complement their own qualities. Quiet girls hang out with extroverts, wild women will have a sensible friend to keep them grounded. The contrasts between the characters in this book were a great way of shining a spotlight on each of the individual women and their different lives. Izzy’s feisty side is tempered by Luce’s calm, but when it comes to business, Luce wishes she had a share of Izzy’s courage. And what will it take to crack Dida’s hard shell?

There are struggles, there are crises, happy times and heartfelt ones, and these all spark different reactions in each of the characters. And as the women push and pull each other through the book, they inevitably grow and change as a result of their experiences.

Give us a hint about the romance in this book.

All three women are bound together in their struggle to keep the wonderful business that means so much to all of them, but as they move through the book, despite their determination to remain independent, each woman travels on her own romantic journey, and finds her life has changed by the end. And the friends are all there to help, advise and interfere along the way.

What was your favourite part of this book?

I love the different qualities of each of the women in the book. I like writing about strong women, and I especially enjoyed writing about their interaction, as the women both clash and collide, sometimes ganging up on each other, but always working together. Their combined strength is an awesome power. I found the different combinations of three women in the scenes, and the progress of their relationships in pairs, singly, and all together, developed in a fascinating way, as the story played out. Often it felt as if they were acting completely independently, and I was simply the one recording what they did.

Having said that, I also love the way the book ends. I enjoyed writing all the characters, but I especially love Izzy’s story.

Tell us what you are working on at the moment.

I’m planning my next Derbyshire based romance

Where can readers find out more about you?

Jane Linfoot

Author Page Facebook

Personal Page Facebook Happy to have friends

Twitter @janelinfoot

Pinterest Lots of Vintage Cinema Club character pages on Pinterest

Website: http://www.janelinfoot.co.uk

Buy Links:

HarperImpulse (all buy links)

Amazon UK

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To find out more about Jane and all our guests go to Stephanie’s blog where she’ll be posting a second piece about Pamela later today http://stephanie-hurt.com/

Romancing September #RomancingSeptember – Day 27


Welcome to Day 27 of Romancing September Across The World Tour. Today our guest is Romy Sommer. Catch up with more from Romy in a few hours with the second part of our tour when Stephanie chats to her.

To catch a star new

Where is your home town?

I live in sunny Johannesburg, South Africa where the weather is warm, the lifestyle is outdoorsy and the people are always on the go.

How long have you been writing romance?

I started writing about eight years ago, not planning to write romance (which I’d hardly read before that point!) until another writer friend told me I “had a voice for romance”. I bought a pile of romance novels from a second hand bookshop, and so began my love affair with romance.

What is your favourite sub-genre of romance?

I enjoy historicals set in unusual periods, and YA or paranormal with some romantic elements, but my favourite sub-genre is definitely contemporary romance. Flirty, modern, relatable stories.

How do Christian and Teresa meet?

The meeting between Christian and Teresa was inspired by a scene from Singin’ in the Rain. I showed the movie to my daughters and as I was watching I thought “that could so happen today!” and so I have Christian running away from his too-adoring fans and jumping into Teresa’s car to escape. She assumes he’s trying to hijack her – as I probably would if a complete stranger jumped into my moving car!

What or who are Westerwald?

Westerwald is the fictional European country I created. It lies roughly where the Rhine River lies in reality, along the border between Germany and France. It’s a country of castles and vineyards, with a river running through it, and still ruled by an Arch Duke. Teresa lives in the tiny nation’s only city of Neustadt (New Town) and Christian is a movie star there to film his latest adventure film.

Why must Teresa apply to be Christian’s PA?

After their first, not very auspicious meeting, Teresa would be happy to never lay eyes on Christian again. But her father arranges her a job as Christian’s PA with a secret ulterior mission: to find out how he came into possession of a national treasure that disappeared from Westerwald about thirty five years earlier. It turns out she makes a pretty good PA, but does she find the answer to her secret mission? You’ll need to read the book to find out!

What is the National treasure?

The national treasure is a very ancient ring, a silver dragon curled around a blue lapis lazuli stone. There are only three in existence, and they are the rings of the heirs of Westerwald, passed on to the sons of the Arch Dukes. So how did one go missing and finally end up with a Hollywood actor?

Although this is book 3 of The Westerwald series can it be easily read as a stand-alone book?

There are a few references to characters from earlier books, and the missing ring question is raised in the previous book, The Trouble with Mojitos, but yes, To Catch a Star can definitely be read as a stand-alone.

Tell us what you are working on at the moment.

At the moment (as I answer these questions) I’m working on a fun short story project for my publisher, Harper Impulse. They invited readers to write an opening first paragraph on a Christmas theme, chose one winner, and then fifteen Harper Impulse authors have been tasked to each write a short story starting with that same paragraph. All fifteen stories with be published together in an anthology for Christmas. I’m very excited to see how different each of the stories will be!

Where can readers find out more about you?

Romy 2014

I have a blog, and am on Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter. I’m also on Goodreads but I have to admit I don’t hang out there much!

Website/Blog: www.romysommer.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Romy-Sommer/581103771909039?fref=ts

Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/romysommer/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/romy_s

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/6603454.Romy_Sommer

Buying links

To Catch a Star is published by Harper Impulse, a division of Harper Collins, and is available from the following online retailers:

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