7 Items Which Have Got Me Through Lockdown #MondayBlogs

The latest Uk lockdown has been really hard and at times I have had to dig deep to find the will to keep going. Here are 7 items which have saved me when times have been tough.

First my Superpower T-shirt. When I’ve needed motivation to keep going I put this on, after all we all need a superpower!

I bought mine from Amazon

My second item was a bargain that I came across when I needed to top up my online shopping to reach the free delivery spend. Water Jasmine Eau de Toilette 30ml. Just because a girl likes to smell lovely!

This was only £5 from M&S and is light and refreshing, it also comes in 6 other flavours

Third on my list is one square a day of 90% cocoa, dark chocolate. It is my dark secret indulgence.

The fourth is one many of you will have in the back of your cupboard and this one literally does a rescue job when panic sets in and it feels like all your cards have fallen down.

Bach Rescue Remedy.

My Fifth item was a treat for my very dry skin. Dream Cream from Lush. With a light perfume and soothing ingredients it is well worth the investment.

Find it here.

Sixth on my list goes to some Pukka herbal teas, particularity Night time Organic Tea which has helped me to drift off to sleep.

Lastly this Sweet Sleep Magnesium Butter from The Sweet Bee Organics company. This was ideal for my menopausal twitchy legs, a little smoothed onto the feet and calves each night and my fidgety legs have gone.

Shop for it here.

So that’s my list, what items have got you through the Lockdown period?


27 thoughts on “7 Items Which Have Got Me Through Lockdown #MondayBlogs

  1. This could be the start of a string of posts on what has got us through this last year, Rosie. Have sourced the Sweet Sleep Magnesium Butter – much needed! And one of my contributions would be ‘walking’.

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  2. Walking, as Judith says, has always helped me, although living in a city sometimes it becomes a bit of an obstacle race to try to find places where one can walk without bumping into lots of people. Reading has helped as well, although sometimes I’ve had to try and find something that wouldn’t be too taxing. Love the T-shirt and must check the lush cream as well. Thanks for the great suggestions, Rosie!

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  3. I have a good supply of Pukks teas. I like the night time one, the elderberry and echinacea, the three ginger…I could go on. I also have a pot of the magnesium butter which I haven’t tried yet. You reckon the Bach remedies work then? I might try those too. Great post, Rosie

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  4. What a great post, Rosie and I love the tee shirt. For me, getting out either in the woods or by the sea is a lifesaver. The magnesium butter sounds good – going to get some. If I can’t sleep, even with the help of Pukka tea, I find Good-Nite valerian capsules help.

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