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Breaking All The RulesBreaking All The Rules by Rachael Richey
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Breaking All The Rules is a romantic comedy set in Devon, England. Twenty six year old Kate is soon to be married, when Sam returns from eight years of travelling and throws her life into turmoil. Sam the best friend with whom she was supposed to go travelling, who took off to escape from a situation for which he blamed himself.

In just four weeks Kate is due to marry Richard; safe, dependable and boring Richard. Surrounded by stifling wedding plans and an over-bearing mother, Kate finds herself agreeing to meet Sam for a drink. Neglecting to tell him that the hen night she’s going to on Friday is her own, Kate thrills at the escape from wedding preparations and yearns for the carefree opportunity Sam’s recent world travel offers. Convincing herself that seeing Sam is just wedding nerves and a last chance of freedom before she settles down, Kate continues to meet up with him. He opens her eyes to her relationship with Richard, yet she is deeply confused by her sense of duty to her family and the need to follow her own dreams.

Just how well does Kate know Richard? What secrets are they both keeping from each other and is Kate really the blushing bride to be? Can she transform from the petulant, down-trodden girl stuck in a temporary job, to a confident women who knows her own worth?

Recommended for those who enjoy #RomCom and the satisfying story ending you know you’ll get with this genre.

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Book Description

Kate is getting married in a month. Richard, her fiancé, is a lawyer: rich, successful, and very good-looking. She’s definitely in love with him. 
No doubt about that. So when Sam, a good friend and her high school crush, returns after eight years of travelling, she doesn’t care. After all, he never actually asked her out, and then he went travelling without her, contrary to their plans. 
She only agrees to go to dinner with him in order to hear all his news, so why doesn’t she tell him she’s getting married? And is he still bothered by the tragedy eight years ago? 
Sometimes life just gets too complicated, and Kate finds she keeps having Very Bad Ideas, which lead to even more complications. Just three days before her wedding, she finds herself in a situation that demands the biggest decision of her life.

About the author

Rachael Richey

I live in Cornwall with my husband and son and I write Women’s Fiction. I love walking, horses, Earl Grey tea, chocolate, pizza and Pinot Grigio. And I love reading.

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