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The Physically Fit Messiah: Wellness Wisdom Past and Present by Cal Samra
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The Physically Fit Messiah is non-fiction and highlights the current unhealthy state which much of western society, particularly America finds themselves in. Since the last World War there has been a burst of food consumption, a massive explosion of sugar intake and a huge rise in life threatening diseases such as cancer and heart disease. Facts are available to show that many Americans are literally eating themselves to an early death.

Fast food, convenience food bursting with preservatives and additives, a society encouraged to sit and watch TV or sit at computers or play computer based games, a loss of the local family network and a reduction in physical work are all adding to the list of ingredients linked to increases in health issues.

This book is written very much for an American reader but can also be appreciated by others. It looks deeply at the lessons from the bible where healthy fresh food and a healthy lifestyle were encouraged. Where the church played a role in teaching healthy lifestyles and in healing. Today many churches are suffering from diminishing congregations and the author of this book suggests that they perhaps need to re-think what they are preaching and how they are preaching. People are attracted to those who are fun and have a sunny disposition, people who share and help others.

The book continues with chapters about humour playing a huge part in healing with an example of clowns who go into hospitals to help patients heal. The book also discusses the healing power of prayer, the usefulness of fasting periods to help the body detox and it encourages readers to follow a Mediterranean style diet full of healthy fresh fruit and vegetables.

There are fun cartoons, many quotes and even jokes to make you chuckle, here is a quote from the section on gluttony;

” The best place for your bathroom scale is on front of your refrigerator” Jim Reed.

I wasn’t sure if I would enjoy this book it is heavy on the religious side, but I could see its point once I got deeper into the book and it does stick true to its themes, endlessly quoting points from a Joyful Newsletter series of publications. In places there were repetitions of people and their work / life to emphasise points which made the reading a little clumsy. However there were parts which inspired me and I shall take away to introduce them into my own life.

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  1. Wow, being an American, I couldn’t agree more! I’m on a restricted sodium diet, and it’s a daily struggle. Sugar consumption is one problem–but the sodium added to ALL of our foods is another and is often “overlooked.” I can’t eat out anymore, and shopping and cooking are a major challenge.

    Thanks for reviewing, Rosie. The religious slant might turn some readers off, but the author makes many valid, sound points. Pinned and shared. 🙂


  2. This sounds great. I’m completely convinced that if we all went back to eating natural foods rather than processed, we’d all be better off healthwise. 🙂


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