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Scotch on the Rocks: A contemporary romance set in the highlands of ScotlandScotch on the Rocks: A contemporary romance set in the highlands of Scotland by Lizzie Lamb
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Scotch on the Rocks is a wonderful romance set on a small Scottish island. Pull up a chair by a cosy fire and dive into this tale of love lost and found.

It opens with a daring dash across a tidal causeway by Ishabel Stuart to the island of Eilean na Sgairbh or Cormorant Isand. With her father strapped safely in the back seat she has just minutes to make it before the sea engulfs the only access to the island for another few hours.

Gunning the engine and with the water lapping at the wheels Issy is desperate to make it to the safety of the island and the waiting arms of her Aunt Esme, where she can lick her wounds and hide from the world. But much to her dismay Esme has a full house and is herself just off to one of her activist protests. Issy is left still full of her woes and on top of that there is a paying guest to accommodate.

For Issy the island has been a family safe haven, here the family once owned Stuart’s Twa Burns whisky distillery and Issy wants to give back something to the island and its inhabitants. She’s given up her job, and intends setting up artist workshops.

Stuck with Brodie, the American guest, she finds him annoying and intriguing, what is it he’s not telling her? And why does he have a tattoo of the McIntosh clan?

Lizzie writes with great passion and her characters feel like your best friends, from Lindy, Issy’s best friend who tries to win Brodie’s heart, to Pershing the talking parrot whose choice of words add so much to the tale. I also had a real soft spot for Aunt Esme, who, although “off set” for much of the storyline was there in so many other ways.

Feel good romance in a wonderful Scottish setting with Gaelic charm and a dram or two of whisky.

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Scotch On The Rocks has been shortlisted for the Exeter Novel prize.

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  1. Super review Rosie, I too loved Scotch on the Rocks, great story, lovely characters and a fabulous setting … and the intrigue had me guessing all the way. Loved Esme, she’s a novel waiting to happen don’t you think? (Hint, hint Lizzie)


    • Thank you Georgia. My New Year’s Resolution is to read and review more books and I’m buying myself a new kindle this week to make that happen. Mine is old and not back lit so reading on it is a strain.


  2. Good morning Rosie and Happy New Year. What a great way to start the week – a review on your fabulous blog. Thank you so much for taking the trouble to read and review SOTR. Interestingly, I’ve had quite a bit of feedback from readers who say they have liked a ‘young’ love story and a ‘mature’ love story running side by side. Something for everyone perhaps – and certainly something I will take on board as I write #4.


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    Many thanks to Rosie Amber for this fabulous review of Scotch on the Rocks, If you don;t already follow her blog, give it serious consideration. She’ll be your gateway to many new authors.


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  5. Lovely review, Rosie. I’ve enjoyed all of Lizzie’s books, but this really is a smashing read. I loved everything about it – setting, characters, ’60s history, humour.


  6. Fantastic review! I’ve got this in my TBR, but I just Have so many books before it that I need to read. Looking forward to winding my way down to SCOTCH ON THE ROCKS.


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