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The Taken and the Free (The Kyrennei, #3)The Taken and the Free by Arie Farnam
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The Taken And The Free is book three of the brilliant #YA thriller series called The Kyrennei. It is about a minority community of people from around the world who have been oppressed by a greedy powerful group called the Addin who mind control their followers.

The Kyrennei have a powerful weapon with which they can fight back but it is in the form of small dis-formed child like creatures. The key to their hope of freedom lies with one young girl called Aranka. In book one she discovered her powers and escaped from a high security medical testing centre, in book two she set off across wilderness to escape being hunted and found by the Addin. In this book she has once more been captured and her followers believe she is dead and lost to their cause.

However the leader of a devious Addin faction, faked her death for his own use. She is taken to a secret base on Kosova to be brain-washed, but she refuses to give in, and later discovers a new power which can be used against the Addin.

These books are compelling reads and are about fighting for freedom, each one step forward is a win against oppression. The theme is very topical with the mass migrations of people in the world today as they flee war and power struggles and search for peace and the ability to freely live their lives.

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  1. The series sounds amazing…and timely. Thanks for reviewing, Rosie. Added all three books to my Wish List; pinned and shared your post. 🙂


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