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The Cunning Woman's CupThe Cunning Woman’s Cup by Sue Hewitt

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The Cunning Woman’s Cup is a contemporary piece of fiction woven around ancient standing stones and family dramas. It is set in Duddo, Northumberland near the Scottish border.

There is an ancient stone circle at Duddo made of 5 megaliths. We are introduced to Mordwand of the Brigantes a healing woman burned at the stake. Her story threads throughout the book in a series of small flashbacks.

Alice McCleish lives with Nipper, her dog, close to the standing stones. The small community is close and supportive of each other and Alice is one of the backbones of village life. She meets Margaret Allerton whilst out walking and they begin a friendship which will give them both a new lease of life.

I loved the way the author built this story introducing new layers and new characters once I’d got a good picture and feel for the place. Alice employs Brian Rigden to help restore her garden to the splendour it once was when her husband Callum was alive. Callum was a man at one with the land and the spirits which watched over them, while Alice was a true believer in God and his church. They agreed to disagree on spiritual matters.

It’s Brian who discovers an ancient cup whilst digging in the garden and the rare find warrants a full archaeological dig. The cup’s discovery starts off a whole series of changing events, Violet Turnbull has not left the house for nearly 30 years. An Agrophobic until she talks to Maisie one of the young students from the dig. With help from Maisie’s Aunt, Violet takes her own destiny onto her hands.

There’s so much more I’d love to tell you about the book, but I’d give too much away. I thought it was an inspiring read, I was off baking my own bread and yearning to make some lemon curd, but more importantly I was researching more about Duddo stones and I’d never thought much about the new business which takes over Henge Farm, but now I’m mulling it over as a sensible option to our human needs.

This book left me with questions, got me thinking, sent shivers down my spine, had me laughing and crying and although I knew it must end, I really didn’t want it to, I’d found a new friend, now I’m just off for a spiritual walk to the stones and then I’ll settle down for coffee cake and tea with Alice and Nipper.

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21 thoughts on “The Cunning Woman’s Cup by Susan Hewitt #bookreview #DuddoStones @sue9631

  1. I read EL Lindley’s review of this book and she said it was equally brilliant – I didn’t think it was my cup of tea, BUT!! Two reviews of this strength have made me put it on my to-read list, and I look forward to being pleasantly surprised. Your review has highlighted the historical aspect which appeals, of course!

    Great review, Rosie! x


  2. This is a great review, I have to agree with Terry in that it doesn’t sound like it’s one for me but a review like this has me intrigued so it will go on my list – thanks Rosie.


  3. Just popped in to see Rosie’s review on here. Good morning everyone. I’d like to thank Rosie and EL for reviewing The Cunning Woman’s Cup. I’m flattered by their comments. I’ll keep popping back during the day, so if anyone has any questions, do post them here and I’ll get back to you.


  4. It sounds fantastic. It’s not my usual reading subject but these days I’m becoming more and more intrigued by it. I’ll go visit your site, Sue.


  5. That, Rosie, is a pretty phenomenal review. Given everything I’ve been learning about these stones from Sue Vincent, I definitely have to read this book!


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