Rosie Amber #RBRT Book Awards Are Open

Plain Golden Rose

To Vote go to this link

The books ~ how they were chosen
The books are taken only from those that have been submitted to the Rosie Amber book reviewing team #RBRT for reviewing, so it is not a far reaching selection, though we still had a few hundred to choose from.  I divided all the books that have been submitted up to the cut off point in 2015 into five general categories, and the review team members (around 30 members) each nominated up to three out of each category.  There are six in each category ~ these are the books that you, the reading public, may vote forYou may vote for up to two per category.

Please only vote for a book that you believe deserves an award.  We value everyone’s contribution and you are not required to vote in each category; it may be that you will vote for just one book if there is only one that you a) have read and b) deem worthy of the accolade of the virtual

 Golden or Silver Rose!  

Obviously, authors are asked not to vote for their own books.

Winners and runners -up will be announced on December 15th.

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    Will O’ the Wisp was nominated for an award, along with some other pretty stiff competition. Voting is open to everyone, and I’d appreciate any support you might offer.

    While you’re there, this is a vetted list produced by some prominent book reviewers. It would make a great place to shop for your next book.


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