Yesterday’s News by Sam Cheever

Yesterday's News (Yesterday Paranormal Mysteries, #1)Yesterday’s News by Sam Cheever

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Yesterday’s News is a fun cosy mystery with a couple of great ghosts. Anna Yesterday owns an antique shop in small town Crocker Indiana. Two resident ghosts are linked with the shop and their dialogue is superb. Language from yester-year with a full glossary of words at the beginning make their colloquialisms amply fit their characters. For instance;

“The boy’s a grafter. He’ll hornswoggle ya faster’n I can spit tobacco into that pan over there”

The storyline follows the discovery of an old newspaper story, which has been covered up by the townsfolk and when Anna begins some sleuthing to find out the truth she upsets more than one local. It’s not just the ghosts that appealed to me, there is Pierce, an autistic young man and I was rather taken by Mrs Baker’s fierce family loyalty and hard working beliefs.

With the help of ex-cop Pratt Davies, Anna digs deep into Crocker’s past and exposes a dirty tale that many would rather forget. A well written story which left me smiling, sign me up for more.

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  1. Thanks so much for reviewing Yesterday’s News, Rosie! And a huge thanks to all you wonderful ladies who took the time to stop by and read Rosie’s amazing review. #:0) Happy Reading!


  2. What a great story and I have added to my ever-growing list of books to read. I love a good mystery and helpful ghosts make it even better. 🙂


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