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The Legend of the Solstice (Modern Mythos, #1)The Legend of the Solstice by Lauren Evers
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

3.5 stars

The Legend Of The Solstice is a new adult urban fantasy that mixes modern times with those of the Greek gods.

Young people who share a birthday on the winter solstice begin to develop strange abilities; they feel a pull of energy, and gather together across the globe. Some are followed by tragedy while others are attacked by powerful beings. They are awakening, and believe that they are connected to the Olympians of old. However, it seems that the Titans want a long awaited revenge.

This is the first book in the Modern Mythos series and there are quite a lot of characters to introduce, plus recaps of mythology to present to the reader. I thought that the author did well writing memorable characteristics to provide the reader with a picture of each of the twelve Olympians.

Much of the story took place in America, but I also appreciated the parts set elsewhere in the world; particularly Norway. I also liked the different forms of transport used.

On the whole the writing style was good, although the author tried an unusual method of linking the actions of the different characters. More than once the writer shifted the point of view between characters mid-chapter and occasionally mid-paragraph trying to show a connection (what is known as ‘head-hopping’), which didn’t work for me. It was jarring, and confusing. I would prefer an obvious break or new chapter.

The Greek storyline kept me interested and there is obviously a lot more to come in future books in this series, as this book only just touched on the battles and adventures to come.

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