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Georgia has been reading The Flat On The 7th Floor by E.L. Barry.

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There is mystery after mystery in this Josie Jackson novel, the first, I believe, of a series. Who is the mysterious stranger in the lift? Why is estate agent Josie’s new client, Michael, so aloof? Why won’t her father talk to her direct?

Josie has a rather privileged life living rent-free in the flat her late mother left for her (although despite her good fortune – regarding the flat, not losing her mother –  she seems terrible with money). She has a good job, friendly work colleagues, Kim and Gareth, and doesn’t lack for male attention. Nicholas is his name, but even her relationship with him is full of questions.

Things really start to kick off when Josie, Kim and Gareth go to a conference and someone in the hotel is attacked.

There are some nice messages in this book about improving yourself and how you live and work and I found the details of the Money Characters at the back very interesting. There’s also a Q&A with Josie Jackson which leads well into the next book.

This is a novel for young adults (YA) which I’m not, but I enjoyed the story and will be keen to see what’s next for Josie.

4 stars

Desc 1

When Josie Jackson discovers her past is not all as it seems, her life is changed forever.
Being warned not to investigate photographs she was sent of her mother before Josie was born, Josie discovers more secrets in unexpected places.

At the same time Josie meets a handsome stranger who raises more questions than answers. How can she resist his charms when he is everything she has been looking for?

Josie’s colleague’s Kim and Gareth are caught in the danger. When they form a close bond, Josie is conflicted by her feelings. Will Josie discover the truth before anyone gets hurt?

Follow the twists and turns of life choices. family, work, money, relationships, and self-discovery in this Josie Jackson thriller, as she lives in The Flat on the 7th Floor.

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59054268. sy475