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Today’s second team review is from Steve.

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Steve has been reading Bob by Tegon Maus


Bob by Tegon Maus


Bob is a modern day SciFi story. Set in contemporary Arizona, the plot delivers both dramatic alien and human encounters against the backdrop of a truth-seeking reporter who discovers more than just a good story.


Bob is great, when you meet him you will simultaneously want to run away from him and use him as a shield to ward off evil. I believe everyone should have a Bob in their lives, especially any intrepid reporters who will relentlessly pursue a story against the odds. You are drawn into the action in the same way as Bob drives his 1987 Lincoln and I would recommend buckling up before reading this book.

If you have watched the X-Files you will quickly grasp the references to aliens and ‘greys’ but this book, unlike the TV series, is much more conclusive in revealing the conspiracy. The pace of the book is fast, keeping the reader fully involved in uncovering the mystery and at times you wonder if Peter Anderson has time to draw a breath before the next onslaught.

Sprinkled throughout the book are some great, throwaway, humorous references such as the AC/DC track playing during Peter’s first car journey with Bob and jokes about mistrusting the Government from Thorpe. As the story develops and characters are introduced, the pressure builds on Mr Anderson to quit and although you know he is struggling, you are willing him to keep on chasing the truth.

Even though I came to expect the silent request for money communicated via a hand gesture, I enjoyed the banter of the relationship between Peter and Bob. They save each other’s lives and develop a mutual respect. Their relationship is the soul of this book – the author left me wanting to know more about Bob (and his numerous cousins).


4 out of 5 stars

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