HOW TO WRITE & SELL FICTION TO MAGAZINES by Douglas McPherson #NonFiction #WriterTips

How To Write And Sell Fiction To Magazines by [McPherson, Douglas]How To Write & Sell Fiction To Magazines is a non-fiction book offering lots of tips and advice to writers who want to get paid for their short stories. The book is split into easy to read chapters, each begins with a short piece of advice, with examples and ends with one of the author’s own stories for you to read.

Examples of the chapters are; Turning real life into stories, Tags for characters, updating a fairy tale and giving the market what it wants.

As the author says, women’s magazines offer a great market for paid writing, this book offers an inside look at writing for magazines and dealing with their editors. Research into current story styles is important as is checking the length of stories a particular magazine currently uses. Good advice is to stick to a three word catchy story title to grab the attention of the editor and then the readers.

Sound advice for anyone starting out down this road.

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