Goblin Door Prompt by Rosie Amber

Goblin Door Prompt by Rosie Amber.

Here a little piece I wrote today for a writing prompt on the Community Story Board blog. Any one can join in and it has lots of fun prompts and ideas for writers.


After falling and falling for ever Alice reached the ground with a bump, she’d landed on a pile of moss, dried leaves and dandelion fluff. It had eased her landing a little, but not much. She sat up rubbing her legs and adjusting her eyes to the gloomy darkness.

“Where had the Goblin disappeared to?” She thought. He was a funny looking Goblin, not that she really had much experience with Goblins. This one had white pointy ears and she swore he had a white fluffy tale appearing from under the tweed jacket that he was wearing. “What was that he had been muttering? Something about being late!”

Alice peered down the long corridor, there was a dim light flickering at the far end, way, way off. She got up and brushed down her clothes. Mother would be cross, her clothes were covered in dust and dirt. She looked above her head, back up to the surface at the top of the hole she’d fallen through. The sky was pale blue with cotton wool clouds, but there was no way she could climb back out.

She returned her attention to the tunnel. The Goblin had gone down here, there must be a way out. She cautiously set off taking in the damp earthy smell of the tunnel and running her hand over the walls of hard packed soil. As she made her way slowly along, she could just make out doors off to the left and the right, they were all different sizes, some were tiny, big enough for a mouse or a rabbit. There was no order to the doors and no names on them, or any indication to where they might lead. “Just where had the Goblin gone?”

Alice decided to started trying to open doors which looked large enough for her to go through, but each one she tried was locked tight and there was no sign of a key. Just as Alice was beginning to think she would never get out of the tunnel and return home she came across a door whose handle rattle with hope as she tried to twist it. She twisted to the left, but nothing happened and she nearly gave up when she decided to try turning the handle the opposite way. She heard the latch click and she gently pushed the door. She thought caution her best option, after all she didn’t know what was on the other side, and she wasn’t sure if Goblins were friendly. She had to bend over and almost crawl on hands and knees if she was going to get through the small space. Just then she heard a voice which made her hesitate….

” I refuse to play one more game of croquet with that Woman. Queen of Hearts? More like Queen of Clubs. I’ve more bruises on my legs than I’ve had hot cups of tea! Where’s that Goblin anyway? He’s always late!” Said a man who had his back to Alice. He was wearing a large hat and he’s sounded pretty mad with the Queen. Alice peeked out of the door once more, she couldn’t see anyone else that the man could be talking to, there was a large cat who was sat on top of a high cupboard, “Surely he wasn’t talking to the cat?” Alice glanced at the cat to reassure herself and gasped, did he really just wink at her? She looked at the cat again whose face broke into a huge grin which took up the whole of his face.

Just then there was a loud “Thunk” sound from beyond the room, then silence followed by a booming woman’s deep voice which shouted “Off with his head!” Alice shuddered and withdrew back through the door, perhaps she’d try another door instead!

Community Storyboard Prompt

There is a prompt over at the community storyboard to write a piece about an object in the room.

Here is my piece;

There’s an Angel in the room with me everyday. Some days I need my Angel and other days whizz by without a thought.

My Angel reaches out to me and offers advice from within, words of wisdom and comfort. I’m very young in the world of Angels, with much to learn, mistakes to make and my own path to take. My Angel is a picture on the box of a pack of cards. Inside are shinny glossy cards to shuffle and hold, to ponder and read. Given to me by a friend they are to use as I wish to accept or reject as the whim takes me.

I love to feel the cards and pretend they call to me. I close my eyes and choose a card, sometimes more than one and I delight in turning them over and reading their advice. I keep it simple, I yearn to feel the light and just enjoy the moment.

Let’s play the game; I’ll shuffle the cards and you think of me, I’ll draw out a card for us to share today…..

The card we’ve chosen is so very apt;

“Imagination” – it says “Thoughts are the building bricks of life, for everything begins with a thought. Add creativity to thoughts and you have imagination!” (Pocket Angel Cards by Diana Cooper)

Go forth and be creative!

Are you a believer?

Are you a believer?.

This post is dedicated to Diane, a neighbour of mine who died a few years ago after a struggle with breast cancer, I used to pop in and keep her company, cook some of her meals and do a bit of washing. On occasions I even took her to the doctors and one weekend spent several hours with her at hospital. One line I left out of the story was this message ” I didn’t die of the cancer, it was my heart that gave up” she said.

I’m glad she beat the cancer it’s a cruel disease.

Good Evening, Ladies and Gentlemen, thank-you for coming this evening….” The man on stage began his introductions. I’d been having a one sided conversation for days with an ex-neighbour, about coming to this show.

“A lady came to see me earlier, whilst I was in my dressing room, I don’t usually allow this, but she was very pleasant, she asked if I’d enjoyed my recent holiday. She recalled her last holiday where she had sadly fallen ill. We chatted for a while before I ushered her away, saying that I needed to prepare for the show. I felt she never left, she hovered close by.

I’d like to introduce you to this lady now, her name is Diane. She’s come this evening to see a friend, not a relative but a neighbour. Is there anyone in the audience called Rose? No sorry Rosie who would know this lady?”

Goosebumps ran up and down my neck and I felt myself pushed from behind. Strange when I sat on the back row. I slowly raised my hand and a camera on the stage swung to me. I saw myself pictured on the stage screen. A microphone was passed.

“Do you know a Lady called Diane?”

“Yes!” I stammered. My friend stood next to me in support, the attention was making me tremble.

“Your neighbour?”

“Yes” I confirmed

Back and forth went questions.

“Max Bygraves, she loved Max Bygraves”

“I don’t know, possibly” I couldn’t remember, Diane had only been my neighbour for 5 years and Max was a little in the past.

“Toothbrushes! A pink and a blue one, in fact you and your friend, just look at you, you’re wearing blue and your friend is in pink” This made the audience laugh and the tension eased, I remember choosing to wear the blue jumper earlier, a coincidence?

My friend said she had been buying toothbrushes in the shop where Diane used to work earlier that day and arguing with her husband over the pink and blue ones. I didn’t understand a connection with toothbrushes. I shook my head.

“It’s ok, it will come to you later perhaps, let’s thank this lady for being a part of the show” The audience applauded and we sat down, I was a bit shocked.

I had such strong feeling from the show that it kept playing over and over in my mind. I needed to phone a friend, but broaching this subject with an Irish Catholic on a Sunday wasn’t ideal, I left it until Monday.

The phone call went like this…

“Hi Margaret…. I saw a show with a spiritual medium on Saturday and I think Diane came through.”

“I’ll just top up my Gin love and then you can carry on….” she said.

“Right then, I’m sitting down now, do you know, Diane and I always wanted to go to one of those shows, she was a real believer. What happened?”

I told her about Diane’s spirit approaching the medium in his dressing room. She hooted with laughter, “That would be her alright, always one to be at the front of any queue we were in. “Coming through, it’s my birthday!” She’d announce, that women had more birthdays than anyone else!”

“Diane mention Max Bygraves and toothbrushes, does that mean anything to you?”

“Ha ha ha! Oh my life! It was her. She loved Max Bygraves! When our kids were young and later when we’d had a few Gins we’d sing that song by him;

“You’re a pink toothbrush, I’m a blue toothbrush, have we met somewhere before?”

We talked some more, I was left with a glowing feeling of happiness. Putting the experience down on paper doesn’t do it justice. YOU JUST HAD TO BE THERE!