Euphonics For Writers: Professional Techniques for Fiction Authors (Writer's Craft Book 15)Euphonics For Writers: Professional Techniques for Fiction Authors by Rayne Hall
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Another winning book from Rayne Hall’s Writer’s Craft series. As Rayne explains this book is about learning how to touch your reader’s subconscious with subtle tricks. There are sounds which effect our psyche and choosing which words you write can influence how a reader feels. This can then enhance the reading experience and may lead to a positive review of your book.

Set in two parts, part 1 deals with the different feelings and sounds letters of the alphabet make to our subconscious. For instance words with “m” are warm and motherly and make us feel cosy, roll these words over in your head; Mother, warm, comfy, welcome, how did they make you feel?

Part 2 deals with sound placement and writing rhythm. Rayne discussed alliteration, consonance & assonance, sentence lengths, starter words, the use of repetition of words, asyndeton & polysyndeton (how to make a piece of writing fast or slow paced)

Even though I am not writing a book at the moment, I am excited to try out some of these techniques in simple everyday pieces I write.

Book description

Learn how to touch your readers’ subconscious with subtle tricks.

Certain sounds have certain effects on the psyche. By using words which include those sounds, you influence how the reader feels.

Euphonic techniques are popular in poetry, but seldom used in prose. This guide shows how you can apply them to make your prose fiction sparkle.

For the purpose of this book, I define euphonics as the use of sound devices for prose writing. Poets, musicians and special effects engineers have their own definitions.

I’ll show you which sounds to apply to manipulate your reader’s psyche the way you want. You’ll learn how to impress your readers with power, how make their hearts race with urgency, how to creep them out and how let them linger in a sensual scene.

Part 1 is a thesaurus of sound effects where you can look up the best sounds to enhance the mood of your scene.

In Part 2, you’ll learn how and when to apply the sounds and how to combine them with rhythm for best effect.

This book isn’t meant as a definitive scholarly tome for academics. but a practical kit for working authors who want to refine their voice. I’ll avoid literary theory and grammatical jargon. Instead, I’ll give you useful tools.

Novice writers can have inspiring fun playing with euphonics. In the hands of skilled writers – for whom this guide is intended – euphonics are power tools.

Euphonics can’t replace basic fiction crafting skills, but they can add impact and polish to a well-written piece.

In print, the effects are very subtle, serving only to enhance what’s already there, and need to be combined with other techniques. But if you plan to perform author readings or release an audiobook, the euphonics will hold listeners enthralled with poetic power.

I’m writing in British English. Some spellings, grammatical rules and word choices differ from American English, but the euphonic effects are the same.

Now open your manuscript draft to give it that special polish.

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The Word-Loss Diet by Rayne Hall

The Word-Loss DietThe Word-Loss Diet by Rayne Hall

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

So you’ve written a book and you are either ready to self-publish or you’re thinking about sending it off to publishers. This book could just save you from rejections letters, save you from poor reviews and save you from floundering amongst the billions of mediocre books on the market.

Rayne offers to help you strip layers of “fat” from your writing and expose your unique author voice. She uses easy step by step instructions with examples of “Obese” writing and alternative “Slim” possibilities.

Editors will spot a novice writer a mile off. Rayne gives a list of common words all first time writers innocently use and shows you how to remove over-used words that water your writing, create barriers with the reader and how you can tighten your plot.

At just a few £’s/$’s this is a good investment for authors entering a market place which is reaching saturation point. Another good book from the Writer’s Craft series.

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Book description

Tighten and tone your writing style, and use simple revision tricks to slim down your manuscript. Shed thousands of words without changing the plot.

Strip away the word fat and reveal the muscle of your unique author voice.

This book is short, but potent.

It is perfect for
– self-editing before you submit your book to agents and publishers, or before self-publishing
– understanding why your stories get rejected, or why so few readers buy your book after downloading the sample chapters
– taking your writing craft skills to the next level
– polishing your writing style for the move from amateur to professional

The book is based on Rayne Hall’s popular class of the same title which has helped many writers shed word weight and develop a leaner, stronger writing style. Some authors say the class was the best investment they ever made. Now you can study the techniques in book form at your own pace.

Why Does My Book Not Sell? By Rayne Hall

23163869Why Does My Book Not Sell? 20 Simple Fixes by Rayne Hall My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This book is most suitable for published Indie writers, people who are out there trying all they can to sell the books they have worked so hard to write. People who want to boost their marketing ideas and inject a fresh approach to connecting to their readers who are overloaded with choice.

Rayne’s book is split into 20 chapters which talk about the blocks that hinder your book sales. They range from your book cover, the book blurb, your promotions and the way you meet your readers. Is your current marketing plan intrusive or permissive?

What do readers find if they read the free first 10% of your book? Do they get straight into the story or do they find pages of off-putting dedications, thank-you messages and other people’s reviews?

Is your Twitter feed filled with tweets which say “Buy my Book” or “Must-read”, empty tweets which get passed over? Instead you need to learn to engage with your readers and show them you are human too.

Rayne writes down to earth no-nonsense writer’s craft books from her own experience and she happily admits her own mistakes along the way. Well worth a few pounds spent and a little time reading.

Book description


Does your book sell as well as it deserves?

If it doesn’t, one of twenty blocks may hinder its sales—blocks you can easily remove once you’re aware of them. Sell more books!

Many authors who’ve used this guide for a few weeks already report a significant increase in sales.

Each chapter reveals one area where indie authors are sabotaging their books’ success, and shows how you can free yourself from that trap. Whether you want to sell 100,000 copies or would be happy with just 100, this guide helps you raise your book above the hundreds of thousands of titles competing for attention. All strategies are proven and ethical – no cheating, no aggressive methods, no hype.

Rayne Hall is the author of over 60 books published under several pen names, in several genres, in several languages, by several publishers … and all the recent ones are indie-published. As a trained publisher with thirty years experience, she knows the business. In this book she reveals the strategies that worked for her, and the mistakes she made and learnt from along the way.

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